Finance and Support Services

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Finance and Support Services

    Finance and Support Services 4

    Facilities 4

Security and Post room 4

    Cleaning and Caretaking 5

    Facilities Team 5

Facilities Manager Leazes Road, Elvet and Bailey 5

    St Hild and St Bede College 5

    School of Education 5

    St Cuthberts Society 5

    University College 5

    Palace Green Library 5

    Theology 5

Facilities Manager Hill Colleges 6

    St Mary’s College 6

    Van Mildert 6

    Collingwood College 6

    Grey College 6

    Trevelyan College 6

    Botanic Gardens 6

Facilities Manager Central Teaching Space 6

    Lecture Theatre 6

    Appleby Theatre W103 6

    Education ED101 7

    ER1 Departmental Space

Facilities Manager Science Site 7

    Physics Department 7

    Geography Department New Extension 7

    Chemistry Department 7

    Earth Science Building (part of Egg Building) 7

    Egg Building (General) 7

    Science Site 8

    Sport 8

    Health and Safety 8

University Property Services 8



Queen’s Campus 8

    Ebsworth Building 8

    Wolfson Research Institute 8

    Holliday Building 8

    John Snow College 8

    Grounds/Car Parks 8

    Queens Campus Security 9

    Environmental Issues, Queens Campus 9

    Health and Safety 9

Botanic Gardens 9

Grounds and Gardens 9

Projects 9

Science Site Lecture Theatre Complex 9

    Institute for Hazard and Risk Research (Geography West Extension) 10

    Mountjoy Relocation of Central Services Department 10

    Estates Strategy Anthropology Re-Location 10

    Centre for Sporting Excellence 10

    Synthetic (Rubber Crumb) Rugby Pitch Maiden Castle 10

    Biological Sciences Chemical Genetics 11

    Grey College Jubilee Project 11

    St Mary‟s Williamson Block Refurbishment 11

    LSSU Development Environmental Improvement Works 11

    Engineering Services 12

Palace Green Decentralisation 12

    SRIF 3 Infrastructure Science Site 12

    Palace Green Library, Smoke Detection System 12

    Palatine House Alterations and Improvements 12

    Chemistry Department Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Chemistry 12

    Queens Campus Provision of Student Social and Sporting Facilities 12


Estates and Buildings draft budget for 2007-2008 is now fully completed and has been

    submitted to UEC for consideration as part of the Finance and Estates Division Plans.

The project to upgrade the Atrium Management Information System from Version 7 to

    Version 8i is underway. The critical path of this project has a number of very tight deadlines

    to both pass and receive information to and from Atrium (the software supplier). A

    considerable amount of staff time is currently being taken up with completing an import

    template and validating and updating information to consolidate four separate data libraries

    into a single comprehensive databank.

This will involve creating a new property structure within the upgraded version of Atrium, that

    is far more user friendly and intuitive than the current set up. This information can then be

    used for reference by staff and students from all parts of the University.

Work is commencing on the quarter three financial closedown to ensure all budgets and

    recharges are as up to date as possible throughout the whole organisation.

Security and Post Room thPlanning of the Summer Congregation and various 175 Anniversary events which are

    planned to take place at various locations around the University is taking place.

Support has been given to the „Waste Mountain‟ project on Palace Green to the Environment

    and Sustainability Advisory Group.

Working with the Project Manager to address security issues relating to the Dawson Building

    Refurbishment project.

A further eight members of the university Security team received first aid training.

Security Monthly Incident Report Statistics

     Theft/ Criminal Anti-Social Disorderly Assault Alarms Breach Attempted Car Other Burglary Damage Behaviour Conduct of Theft Parking Security April 2006 1 2 7 - 21 6 2 May 2006 4 3 6 4 12 7 3 June 2006 - 3 25 - 24 5 3 July 2006 1 - 1 1 20 6 9 August 2006 1 1 1 - 33 2 4 September 2006 2 - 2 - 9 4 1 October 2006 10 1 29 - 29 3 4 November 2006 2 4 16 8 3 42 12 4 December 2006 5 3 7 1 - 32 13 2 4 January 2007 1 - 7 - - 25 8 - 7 February 2007 - 3 7 1 - 17 2 6 March 2007 3 3 9 - 1 38 7 - 1 4


Cleaning and Caretaking

    Staff have prepared accommodation for the return of the students after the Easter break.

The newly purchased battery burnisher for the corridors in Chemistry has resulted in a vastly

    improved finish to the ground floor corridor. It is more ergonomically sound than the old

    fashioned side to side floor buffers and has increased the productivity due to speed of


Sickness absence has increased slightly this month. Long term sickness absence has

    increased from 20 to 22 days. Medium term sickness absence has increased from 72 days

    to 93 days and short term sickness absence has increased from 50 days to 58 days.

    Facilities Team

Facilities Manager Leazes Road, Elvet and Bailey

St Hild and St Bede College

    The Cloisters toilet repairs and servicing of windows, which include the sky light replacement,

    was carried out in March 2007. UPS are working on a revised quotation for the installation

    of fly screens and ventilation grills to prevent wasps gaining access into the area. The

    quotation will be forwarded to College for approval.

The Chapel render work will be fully completed by 23 April 2007. The Facilities Manager is

    looking at costs for the external repairs to the grounds work and an external light which is

    also required.

    School of Education The re-sanding and varnishing of West Gym Floor is fully completed with the flooring

    contractor achieving an excellent finish.

The Facilities Manager has arranged for two fire escapes at the rear of the property to be

    cleaned and painted with anti-slip paint.

    St Cuthbert’s Society A scope of works has been sent to UPS for a quotation to carry out a small alteration to the

    bar area, upgrading lighting, replacement of doors and ceiling tiles etc.

University College

    The Facilities Manager has been asked to provide a quotation to remove and re-hang the

    existing paintings and hang a further nine additional paintings after internal decoration work

    has been carried out in the Great Hall (proposed work for Christmas 2007). A meeting will

    be arranged with all concerned to look at the project, due to the timeframe and work involved.

Palace Green Library

    The Facilities Manager is working with the Library and flooring contractor to carry out a patch

    repair to the carpet outside Room 2. Work has been programmed for 10 April 2007.


    The Facilities Manager has received the quotation for the upgrade of the basement kitchen.

    The work has been programmed for 18 April 2007.

    Facilities Manager Hill Colleges

    St Mary’s College


    The College will complete a project case study for a proposed refurbishment to upgrade existing bathrooms to showers in Fergusson block.

Van Mildert College

    The College has been provided with a quote for the provision of a doorway in an existing bedroom to form an additional office space.

Collingwood College

    Alterations to existing handrails on a fire exit have been requested. Proposed alterations to create an in-house laundry, need to be re-addressed following advice regarding the location of load-bearing walls in the area.

Grey College

    Signs have been ordered to identify a one-way system around the College grounds. Quotes have been requested to re-surface the Elvet block junction roof.

    Costs are being identified for the improvement and re-surfacing of various paths and walkways around the site.

Trevelyan College

    Details of the CORGI registered LPG appliance service engineer have been passed to the College.

Botanic Gardens

    A site visit has been arranged to inspect and recommend appropriate replacement surfaces to the paths around the gardens leading from the Visitors Centre. Costs for internal improvements to the Gardens and Grounds depot have now been received.

Facilities Manager Central Teaching Space

Lecture Theatres

    Various areas throughout the Durham Estate have been inspected to see if any space is available which could be utilised for teaching purposes.

Appleby Theatre W103

    Following a site visit from Johnston Paints Colour Consultant, options for a new colour scheme have been provided.

    The installation of new light units and decoration will be completed, ready for the start of the new term.


    Saville Audio Visual inspected the chalkboard on 7 March 2007 and diagnosed the board failure which is linked to the electronic switching mechanism. The required switches will be replaced on 2 May 2007.

Education ED101

    To assist with flexible teaching, a new mobile whiteboard and visualiser has been installed during the Easter vacation.

ER1 Departmental Space

    During April a feasibility study was carried out to identify the options for upgrading two rooms currently controlled by Modern Languages.

Facilities Manager Science Site


Physics Department

    An area in the Ogden Centre known as the dark room in the basement has been upgraded

    to receive the new equipment.

Estimates are being obtained for new flooring; decoration and services alterations for rooms

    in the Ogden Centre.

Geography Department - New Extension

    The extension is now well underway with the excavation now being filled with concrete and

    steel to form the new building; the temporary road system is now working successfully.

    Please access the following website to view progress:

Chemistry Department

    The main department meeting room, “Musgrave room”, is being upgraded, works include

    new colour scheme, carpets, curtains and furniture together with an AV system to provide

    the staff and students with a more modern and comfortable meeting area.

Earth Science Building (part of Egg Building)

    Estimates are being obtained for alterations to services in one laboratory area for the

    proposed installation of new equipment. Due to the power requirements a full evaluation of

    the existing supplies has been arranged.

EGG Building (General)

    Investigations have been carried out to identify the cause of a problem with the door locking


Science Site

    Major works are continuing on the site to construct the new Lecture Theatre and

    pedestrianise the area in the centre of the site. All Departments have been kept informed

    and maps and details have been displayed in all Departments around the site.


    Estimates are being obtained to carryout a full refurbishment of the male toilets on the

    ground floor.

    Health and Safety

Asbestos issues investigated at Castle Bar, Van Mildert, Engineering Department and West

    Building. Suspected asbestos insulation was urgently sealed in the duct outside West

    Building to enable installation of new cables, analytical tests confirmed that material was not


Discussions were held with building surveyors (D&K) to provide electronic data of all

    asbestos surveys and removals.

Continued with the inspection of properties with the University Fire Officer to implement

    recommendations, following inspections by Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Brigade.

Various stage preparations and inspections at the Assembly Rooms theatre and Caedmon

    Hall were carried out during the month.


University Property Services

    Total monthly works orders in March 2007 were 573 and the orders received since 1 August 2006 amount to 5708. All figures are taken from 1 March 2007 to 31 March 2007, for report purposes.

    The installation of extensive boat-racking and storage systems at Elvet Riverside, following on from the relaying and levelling of paving in the area adjacent to the car parks, is ongoing.

    Planned gutter cleaning works have already commenced and will continue over the next few months, weather and access permitting.

    A programme of repairs at the North East extension of Hild and Bede College had been agreed and continued throughout the month of March.

    Queens Campus

Ebsworth Building

    Power supplies have been installed for new security shutters in the common room.

Wolfson Research Institute

    There have been problems with the fire detection system, with the Vesda unit giving several false alarms. One of the constant temperature pumps failed.

    Several problems with the BMS control of engineering plant have been rectified.

Holliday Building

    Repairs have been carried out on the fume extraction system.

John Snow College

    A condition survey has been undertaken of all College buildings.

Grounds/Car Parks

    Car parks have been patrolled and warnings issued to vehicles found to be in breach of parking regulations.

    A commemorative tree was planted in Queen‟s grounds to mark the retirement of the Vice Chancellor.

Queen’s Campus Security

    Four members of our security team successfully completed a first aid course.

Environmental Issues, Queen’s Campus

    Many items of electrical equipment were disposed of under the WEEE regulations.

Health and Safety

    Following two recent failures of the Campus telephone exchange a “stand alone” BT line

    was installed in the Holliday security office. Fire alarms etc. are on BT Red Care.

Botanic Gardens

    The part-time Kiosk Attendant has been appointed and commenced work at Easter.

Further works to new woodland/meadow areas are progressing.


The Horticultural Manager has had discussions with „Which Gardening magazine regarding

    trialling of herbaceous perennials at the Botanic Garden, 4 groups of plants are now planted in trial beds and are being monitored.

    The new entrance kiosk has been shortlisted for a County Durham Environmental Award.

Grounds and Gardens

Planting/landscaping at St Cuthbert‟s Society, Fonteyn Court is now complete.

Interviews for a replacement Refuse Operative have been arranged.

    Plant removal and tree works to assist with work commencing on Dawson Building have been undertaken.

Science Site Lecture Theatre Complex

    In their report for March the Contractors reported an 8 week delay against the original programme. Actual progress on site has been satisfactory with good progress being made with the Mechanical and Electrical Services installation, and with internal walls and partitions. Some zinc rain screen cladding has been completed to stair A and the roof covering is complete.

    Work to the external areas is due to commence mid April and the contractor‟s site offices will be relocated to accommodate this work.

    The delay to the programme continues to be the main focus of the project team. Whilst the intention is to reduce the delay as much as possible, the Project Team will ensure that quality is in no way compromised as a result. The contractor has produced a revised programme which more accurately reflects the current progress on site, and this programme shows completion delayed by 3 weeks beyond the contractual completion date of 11 June 2007.

    Some proposed changes to accommodation on level 4 are being developed with the contractor.

    Institute for Hazard and Risk Research (Geography West Extension)

    The construction works commenced on 22 January 2007 as planned. The build is

    programmed to take 40 weeks with completion expected on 2 November 2007. Work is currently proceeding on programme with no issues to report.

    Mountjoy - Relocation of Central Services Department and new Student Services


    The initial programme for this project indicates that the move to Mountjoy would be in 2009 and the move to the new Student Services Building would be in 2010.


The designs for Mountjoy Blocks 1-3 continue to be amended to reflect these changes and

    will be discussed by the Project Team, Section Heads and Design Team in the near future.

The procurement route for the appointment of the SSB Design Team was agreed at the first

    Programme Board held 26 February 2007.

A series of workshops have now been arranged to review the services that are to be

    provided from the SSB and form the Development Brief.

    Estates Strategy - Anthropology Re-Location

    The contract for these works was awarded to Laing O‟Rourke Construction North Ltd.

Works commenced on site on 9 April 2007 and are programmed for completion in October


    Centre for Sporting Excellence

    The design for the project has now been developed in consultation with the Director of Sport

    and relevant coaches. A draft Stage D report has been prepared and is being reviewed by

    the Project Manager and the Director of Sport prior to issue of a planning application.

A cost plan prepared by Cost Consultants, Turner and Townsend, estimates that the project

    is currently under the ?6m capped budget.

A meeting with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) was recently held to run through the

    proposal where it was agreed that justification for the project would need to be documented

    and submitted as part of the planning application. A further meeting is therefore to be

    arranged with the LPA to discuss the justification and the design aspects.

    Synthetic [Rubber Crumb] Rugby Pitch Maiden Castle

    This project involves the provision of a third generation synthetic full sized floodlit rugby pitch to Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle for the development and improvement of sporting

    facilities. It is proposed that the pitch shall be located alongside the existing water based hockey pitch.

The Business Case and estimated costs were approved by UEC on 16 January 2007 and by

    Finance & General Purposes Committee on 28 February 2007.

A planning application is being prepared.

    Biological Sciences Chemical Genetics

    Following a meeting in January 2007, the scope of work to be included within the Biological

    Sciences Department SRIF 3 Business Case was agreed.

There are to be four separate projects under the submission of a joint Business Case paper

    for Chemical Genetics with the elements being Stem Cell Biology and Research Facility,

    Chemical Genetics Laboratory, Environmental Growth Facility and a departmental office


The project was approved by UEC on the 20 February 2007 and Finance & General

    Purposes Committee on the 28 February 2007. The stage D report was delivered to the

    Department on 23 March 2007 for appraisal.

The project is programmed to start on site in August 2007 with completion planned for

    February 2008.


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