By Carol Miller,2014-05-21 14:33
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    What we can not afford to lose

     There is an old saying in china says that sometimes

    you win, and sometimes you dont. Besides, when we are at

    a young age, we are educated like that you are supposed not

    to be proud as you win and not to be discouraged as you fail.

    Moreover, if someone is spotted losing tamper or bursting into tears after his or her failure, he or she will be described as a sore loser, who can not afford to lose in any competition. And which is also a bad word such as coward. In modern times competition is becoming much more common and far more fierce. Winning or losing is turning into a common affair as well. But from where I stand , no matter what competition we took part in, there is something that we can not afford to lose.

    The first place belongs to conscience. Living with conscience makes you noble. On the contrary , being a human without conscience can be a shame thing, especially someone who can have a big influence on others, such as celebrity , businessman or someone else. Celebrities who lacks conscience can make wrong remarks, misleading their teenage fans, businessman who lacks conscience will produce illegal products, bringing a number of tragedies to plentiful families and the


     The second place belongs to dignity. Dignity means mutual respect. Being respected is one of human beings basic desires. If you lose it , you just live a life ,not your own life . and you just live like an animal , and you dont have the access to

    the true meaning of life.

    The next one that we can not afford to lose is hope. No matter how big or small the hope is , you should keep one. Hope can give you the power to step forward , to being optimistic towards life, to defeat the obstacles . a poet had said in order to look at the sun, I came to this world. In my

    eyes , the sun is the hope of the poet.

    There are still many factors that we can not afford to lose, supporting us on the long life road. Money will come and go. we can earn it ,and we can lose it. But some qualities ,once being lost, will be very hard to get it back . they are the true meaning life ,and the ones that we can not afford to lose.

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