Test L1-20

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Test L1-20

     3L1 Lesson1-20 Catherine 15807148642

    Test Lesson 1-20


    1. -Is this your pencil? -___ 9.______cap is very cool.

    A.Yes, it is. B.Yes, I am. C.Yes, she is. A. Tom’s B. Tom C. Tom is

    2. This ____ Sue’s class. 10.______pen is in the box? A .am B. is. C. are B. Whoes C. What A. Sues

    3. _____ is this apple? 11.Who is the woman _____ blue? A. What B. Whose C. Who’s A.with B. on C. in

    4.-Whose is this car? –It’s _____ car. 12.-_____is this ball? Its Sues.

    A. Billy B. Billy’s C. a A.What B. Which C. Whose

    5.Is she his mother? No,______not. 13.She is ____.She wants to eat _____ apple.

    A.thirsty/one B. hungry/a C. hungry/an A.she’s B. he’s C. it’s

    6.-I’m sorry.-______ 14. -Whos that? -___

    A.Ok. B. It’s all right. C. That’s all right. A.This is Lily. B. He is Lily. C.Its Lily.

    7. Look at _____.I am handsome. 15. It is _____ old schoolbag. A.I B. me C. him A.a B. /

    8.The grey desk _____ Sandy’s. B. are C. is


    1. This____Sandy and this ____Sue. Sue is a _____ girl. Mr Crisp is a ______. Miss Williams _____ a teacher too.

    Sue is _______ Mr Crisps class. Her pen _____ red. Sandy is in Miss Williamss ______. His cap is _____ the desk. Sandy is very_____ now. He is eating ____ egg.

2. My _____ is Cathy. I am a ____woman. I am ___English teacher. There are 10 students in my _____. They are

    5____and 5_____.


    1. is, that, whose, bicycle ____________________________________________________

    2. an, this, apple, is_________________________________________________________


     3L1 Lesson1-20 Catherine 15807148642

    3. Allans, is, black, book____________________________________________________ 4. my, name, brothers, is Tom________________________________________________ 5. basket, his, yellow, is_____________________________________________________ 6. tired, is, she, very________________________________________________________ 7. is, it, a, chair, grey________________________________________________________ 8. tall, actress, is, she, a_____________________________________________________


    1. This is Sues rubber. (对划线部分提问)_____ _____ is this?

    2. She is Cathy. (对划线部分提问)_____ _____the woman?

    3. Its an umbrella. (对划线部分提问)_____ ____this?

    4. He is a good schoolboy.(变成否定句)


    5. Sues book is white and blue. (变成一般疑问句,并作否定回答)


    6. She is Toms mum. (变成一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)


    7. Billy is a fat boy. (变成否定句)_________________________

    8. My ruler is very long. (变成一般疑问句,并作否定回答)



    1. 看看她的鞋子。_____________________________________________________ 2. 他是一位老人。_____________________________________________________ 3. 我的小狗非常聪明。_________________________________________________ 4. 她是一名漂亮的女演员吗;____________________________________________

    5. 你的包真重,里面有什么;____________________________________________

    6. 那个男孩是我的弟弟。________________________________________________


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