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Engineering Manager. ? Directed new Product Development and Sustaining Engineering. ? Directed the Development of the following products

    2412 Cedar Elm Lane

    Antony E. Brinlee Plano, TX 75075



I am seeking a challenging position with a growing company that will utilize my

    broad range of leadership skills in management and project execution, and

    technical skills in Electronic Packaging, Hardware, and Software design.

    Summary of Skills

Electrical: Power Supply Design (Switcher and Linear), FPGA/CPLD design

    (Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattice) Schematic and VHDL, Micro controller/Processor

    and DSP’s (8051 and derivatives, 68HC05, 68HC11, 68HC12, ST72F323

    8086/8088/80186/80386, PIC 16/17/18Cxx, MSP320, AT89, ADSP21xx), Analog,

    Digital, RF, Industrial Control Automation.

    Mechanical: Extrusions, sheet metal, plastic, milled parts, motor control, 2D

    and 3D modeling using AutoCAD, production test equipment (functional and

    automated test).

    Software Languages: Assembler for the 8051, 68HC11, PIC 16/17/18Cxx Microchip Line of Controllers, Kiel C for the 8051, IAR C for the 68HC12,

    Microsoft Visual C++, Pascal, Delphi, Java (Sun and Microsoft), and Visual Basic,

    VHDL, embedded or PC application code, Microsoft Access, DB2, Paradox


    Certification Process/Guideline: UL/CSA/VDE, FCC, DO-160, DO-1000, IPC-782,


    Employment History

4/2003-Present Flextronics International Contact: Paul Garrity

     Power Systems VP Eng.

     640 Shiloh Rd.

     Plano, TX 75075


     469-229-3003 fax

    Sr. Member of the Technical Staff.

    Technical liaison between the customer and engineering (Dell and HP),

    System Architect for Printer and Adapter Platforms


    ? System Architect, Dell E-Series (65, 90, and 130W ) Adapters

? System Architect, Dell D-Series (65 and 90W ) Adapters

    ? HP Printing Adapter Architect (Amber, Diamond, Quartz, Agate, Amethyst, Silver Diamond,

    Silver Emerald)

    ? Apple A89 LLC Architect

    ? (team member) Force 10, 1.2KW Datacom 1U PSU, Voltage drrop current share with FET


    ? Lexmark High Voltage Power Supply Section

    3 output DC/DC +24V to: 0 to -750Vdc, 0 to -1827Vdc, -1350 to +2650Vdc

    0.3%Linearity and Accuracy when using a 8-bit PWM input. Flyback/Forward

    Topology with Voltage doubler or Quadrupler follower. Accurate current-sense +8uA

    +/- 0.2uA flatness over a -450Vdc to +2650 range.

    ? Microsoft XBOX 150W forward Converter This was through my company AEB, Inc.

    as a subcontractor.

    ? AFC BBU Complete Lead ACID charger/Battery Backup unit for the AFC Fiber to

    The Premises Project. This included the development of a highly accurate battery

    capacitance algorithm for wide temperature range applications.

    ? 72W (98W peak) Forward Notebook Adapter 90% efficient at low line

    ? 108W (150W peak) Forward Notebook Adapter. 90% efficient low line

    ? Transitioned the Erickson CDMA Base station from development in Boulder to the

    Flextronics Plant in Nanjing China. This was through my company AEB, Inc. as a


    ? 1200W 48V to 48V DC/DC converter. Current Fed push-pull.

    Topologies Involved:

    ? Flyback (CCM, DCM, TM, QR, Active Clamp, Resonant Active Clamp,

    Half Bridge Resonant Flyback)

    ? Forward with Coupled Inductor

    ? Current-Fed Push-Pull

    ? Series/Parallel Resonant Inverter

    ? Half-Bridge

    ? Half Bridge LLC

    ? Full Bridge Phase shifted

    ? CCM PFC

    ? TM/DCM PFC

    ? Shunt Regulated DC/DC

    ? Self-Oscillating Flyback for a high Voltage DC Supply

    ? Royer High voltage SIN wave inverter

    ? High Voltage, Voltage Doubler/Quadrupler circuits

    10/2001-4/2003 AEB, Inc. Contact: Antony E. Brinlee

     10503 Forrest Lane #140

    Dallas, TX 75423


     972-705-9208 fax


    AEB, Inc. is an electronic packaging, hardware and software consulting firm.


    ? 500W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast

    This is a dual 250W Metal Halide Ballast. 92% Efficient.

    ? Low Cost EL Display Driver

    This design needed to generate a 200Vdc bus voltage from a coin-cell battery to

    power a 2 segment EL patch for the advertising industry.

    ? IR Based Mall Traffic Counter

    4/2000-10/2001 Enfora, Inc. Contact: Phillip Raymond th661 E. 18 Street Dir. Mobile


    Plano, TX 75074


    Product Specialist

    ? Lead Hardware Engineer

    Worked with Sales, Marketing, Executive Management and other

    engineering teams to define concept, features, and footprint of new

    products. Directed a team of engineers (software, hardware, and

    mechanical) and technicians to design and test product based on the

    above guidelines and required time tables. Successfully completed

    the following programs:

    Skyview Embedded GPS module

    Pocket Spider Compact Flash CDPD modem, Production Test

    Equipment for high volume runs

    Habanero Portfolio IR based CDPD modem

    Jalapeno Modular IR platform for the CDPD/GPRS RF modems.

    ? Technologies involved:

    DC/DC converter design (10 watts)

    Battery Chargers for Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries

    FPGA Design for the CDPD Modem and Compact Flash interface

    IR transceiver

    Power management (quiescent supply current of 17 ?A)

    Low Power consumption Battery Operated Equipment design

    Micro-power analog design

9/1998-4/2000 Media Recovery, Inc. Contact: Clint


     804 Loving Highway Engineering Manager

     Graham, TX 75450


Engineering Manager

    ? Directed new Product Development and Sustaining Engineering

    ? Directed the Development of the following products

    Shockswitch RF -- 450MHz remote controlled Forklift Controller

    Shockswitch ID 8051 Based Forklift Controller with Ibutton ?

    access and control

    Shockswitch IDRF Shockswitch ID ? unit with RF telemetry

    access (spread spectrum 900MHz).

    Temp-Alert Thermocron Ibutton based shelf life calculation

    product. Patent pending.

    ? Technologies involved:

    DC/DC converter design, high voltage transient suppression, tri-axial

    accelerometer, 8051 FPGA based in-circuit re-programmability,

    Dallas semiconductor Ibutton integration, Production Test fixture

    (functional test).

    ? Produced complete documentation including users manuals.

    9/1996-9/1998 Flextronics International Contact: Steve Wisner

    1300 Glenville Engineering Manager

    Richardson, TX


Lead Design Engineer

    ? Projection TV controller. New technology using a prism mounted to an LCD display

    with a high intensity light

     source to do the projection.

    ? Irrigation controller for golf courses

    ? ADSL lighting controller for Electronic signs. Half mile, 20MHz bandwidth

    differential mode, 2500 Watts per sign panel. Each panel individually addressable

    with 16 gray scale codes for full motion video. PCI Bus based.

    ? HVAC Analyzer for residential and small businesses. Used integral RTD self heating

    to measure air flow. Was about 10x more accurate than conventional hot-wire

    technologies. Patent awarded.

    ? Mechanical design for each of these.

    12/1988-9/1996 AEB, Inc. Contact:Antony E. Brinlee

     10362 Miller Rd. Owner

    Dallas, TX 75150



    AEB, Inc. is an electronic packaging, hardware and software consulting firm. Some of the projects


    ? Pitch to MIDI converter 8051 based. Patent awarded.

    ? Antenna positioning system for a defense company.

    ? Electronic navigation system for a helicopter.

    ? Electronic module to replace the flight engineer in the Boeing 727.

    ? Multiple down-hole tools for the oil industry.

    ? Personal Security device. Spread Spectrum, 13-mile range. 2.4Ghz. Base station

    and personal device design.

6/85-9/1988 Precision Circuit Technology Contact:

     Louis Serino

    No address available Out of Business


    Operations Manager

    ? In charge of scheduling, PCB design, photo-plotting services, engineering services

    ? Gerber Aperture and laser based photo-plotters, AutoCAD, Calay workstations

Educational History

    1981-1985 University Of Tulsa

    Petroleum Engineering


Available on request.

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