Finance for the Social Economy in Northern Ireland

By Shane Perry,2014-05-16 07:51
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Finance for the Social Economy in Northern Ireland

    Proposed Third Sector Village Pro-Forma Information Sheet

    [Note, completing this form does not commit your organisation to anything, but it will

    help us to gauge the volume and the nature of demand for space and particular


    Name Of Organisation

    Current Address

    Is current accommodation rented or owned? Current Staff Nos.

    Current Floor Area (approximately

    2in M)

    Current Annual Rental ? (to show savings)

    Is there a break point in your lease? When?

    How many staff would you envisage providing for in the new Centre Are you able to reclaim VAT on your accommodation costs?

    Can you express your requirement 2 in Mof private office

    accommodation? (ie, the space

    your organization would use, as

    distinct from any shared resources)

    Essential to Nice to Have Which of the following shared

    Have resources would you require? (tick

    all that apply)

     Ground Floor Conference


     Other Features?

     Board Room facility (write in size

    required, no of seats)

     Training/seminar facility (to accommodate how many


     Break out rooms

    (number & size)

     Networking & Association space

     Resource centre

     Café type facility

     Car parking nearby

     Dedicated Car Parking

     Shared reception facility

     Shared phone no.

     Shared office equipment (copier,


     Shared computer network

     Other shared resources (please


     Any other thoughts or comments?

    Your Name: __________________________________________

    Your Phone no.________________________________________

    Your email address:-____________________________________

    Please return to Colin Stutt by email to by 23 June 2008

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