The Digital Age

By Justin Rivera,2014-11-24 12:35
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The Digital Age...

    The Digital Age

     With more and more digital products coming into use, we are entering the digital age. We have computers to process处理

    documents at office, we watch digital TV programs at home, and we listen to MP3 players when we are traveling on buses or trains. It seems that whatever we do we use one digital product or another.

     Digital products have fundamentally 根本地transformed our

    way of work, education and life. To start with, the last decades have witnessed immense巨大的 changes in the workplace

    owing to因为 the advent到来 of computers. The jobs of

    book-keepers, typists, copy-machine operators have been vaporized 蒸发by digital computers and at the same time, computer-related jobs have grown in dramatically large numbers,

    according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics劳工统计局. Whats

    more, new digital technologies have made possible a learning

    revolution in education. It is no surprise to see students sit in multi-media classrooms watching lectures without a lecturer standing on the platform讲台. One of the most fundamental

    changes that have taken place is how our leisure time is spent.

    We listen to the radio and MP3 music on our way, watch TV programs the next day through MSN, an online chatting

    software. When we travel, we take a digital camera with us. It is hard to imagine a life without digital products now.

     Admit it or not, just as advances in biotechnologies生物技术

    changed the way we farm, digital products have altered改变

    our daily life entirely.

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