China green packaging materials development strategy

By Lori Crawford,2014-05-15 15:25
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China green packaging materials development strategy

    China green packaging materials development


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    Abstract: facing the world environmental crisis, developing green packaging already in today's world is packaging development trends. In this challenge and opportunity was difficult and hope coexisted period, Chinese how should do? This paper is proposed in developing green packing material of four aspects strategy. Keywords: Environmental protection Green packing material Strategy

    To reduce, harmless and utilization as the main direction of development In guarantee packaging protection, convenient and promotion on the basis of such main function, efforts should be made to reduce packing materials dosage, limit excessive packing, develop appropriate packaging and strive to develop the lightweight, thin-wall high function of new materials. As to the beer bottle using disposable lighterand more thin glass products, in weight and reduce the transportation costs at the same time, still can avoid recycling beer bottles again after filling explosion maulings. Be like again, adopting new lightweight magnesium metal materials partly replace tinplate cans, making qualitative light, strong and elegant small BaoZhuangGuan to packaging coating and butter, etc.

    Harmlessness is green packaging materials must be the characteristics of avirulent and harmless, no change, degradable already is the green packaging materials, the direction in developing, but also the future of main development direction. Avirulent and harmless refers to the product (material) life cycle entire process, the choice of raw material, extraction of raw material, production processes, the product that production gives and waste disposal of such stages after all cannot of personal and environmental harm; No change refers to products in refrigeration and foaming process, do not use atmospheric ozone destruction of fluorine and chlorine substance; Biodegradable means packing after abandoning, waste can in the natural environment, the wrong by dispelling environment contamination.

    Recycling has two meanings, one is the development of green packaging materials should accord with our resources situation, tell me, is abundant, and is renewable resources. If you use our rich bamboo develop bamboo veneer tell packing case be packed in wooden cases, instead of plant fiber materials developed fast food packaging and cushion packaging material. 2 it is packing materials to easily recycled easily regenerate. Therefore, attention should be paid to the development packaging materials pollution-free recycling technology, especially the plastic packaging materials of recycling technology, make disk.the conclusion after can recycling waste material. In the current development new green packaging materials and development abandoned packaging materials recycling technology of the two more, we should pay attention to the latter.

    Develop green packaging basic materials at the same time, focus on the green packaging auxiliary material, composite materials development

    Basic material is packing material foundation, is very important, but the green packaging as a whole, also must want to have the green packaging auxiliary materials. Auxiliary materials consumption is the proportion of total amount of materials for packaging products is not big, but the green performance has quite an influential, such as organic solvent adhesive in manufacture, easily when volatile hydrocarbon gases emitted poisonous gas, especially benzene, xylene serious harm, and even cause cancer, so now to energetically develop water-based binder of solvent (or printing ink, paint), is still needs to enhance water-based ink, paint solvent-based adhesives, the drying speed, cohesiveness and glossiness.

    Composite materials for packaging material used very extensive, its biggest advantage is that has multiple functions, such as various barrier function, permeability function etc., its biggest weakness is recycled difficult, difficult in separation and recycling layered in composite materials such as when mixed single material, will make a single material recovery quality damage. Therefore composite materials recovery when only commonly as fuel and burned in the incinerator recycling heat. At present solve high functional composites and environmental performance of contradiction, its direction mainly has: (1) develop high-performance materials

    instead of a single compound material, 2 develop easier-to-maintain recycling green composite materials. Both developing difficulty are high.

    Research and development of green packing material of cleaner production technologies

    Packing materials from the whole life cycle of environmental performance evaluation. In fact, at present mainly use paper, plastic, metal, glass package in the production process the environmental pollution caused by far outweigh the hazards caused by environmental pollution, such as packaged in pulp and paper team-record out of liquid, plastic packaging materials in oil refining process of atmospheric pollution caused by, metal packaging in grinding side and coating process makes noise, dust give workers have the physical and mental pollution, glass package in smelting process of smoke and a team-record carbon dioxide, silica to the environment pollution caused by all is very serious. Therefore for packaging material in its life cycle entire process has "green" performance, it must carry on cleaner production. In "clean energy and raw materials", "clean production technology", "cleaning products" three factors, the most important is to develop clean production technology, clean production craft is "little waste" and "nothing waste" process, we should establish production BiGeJuan, make the production process of evaporation and precipitation or run risk a leakage of the loss of material, through recyclability as raw material to reuse, establish from raw materials into the waste recycling recycling closed production process, reduce external discharge the waste, do not only improves the resources utilization, and to eliminate the "three wastes" produce packaging industry production wrong environmental harm. China has since 2003, 1st, implementing the "clean production promotion," to the production process poisonous and harmful, environmental pollution enterprises should enforce cleaner production audits. Therefore, vigorously developing green packing material cleaning production technology of green packaging materials development is very important. Establish and perfect the green packaging materials of regulations The green packaging materials used and the development of green packaging development, no government and regulatory compulsory requirement is difficult to

    obtain the ideal effect. Because, the green packaging materials research and development need to spend considerable manpower and material resources forms green packaging and should possess the special technology, which inevitably leads to packaging materials and containers costs are rising. Currently manufacturers and users of environmental awareness is still weak, is not consciously with higher costs to the production and use of environmentally friendly packaging, so must pass legislation to manage the green packaging material production, use, in order to promote green packaging materials and the development of green package. With the legislation to enforce green packaging development is also world widely adopted effective method. Formulate effective rules and regulations, on one hand should absorb learn from experiences of developed countries, on the other hand it should be for packaging of environmental science research work, more attention should be must be combined with actual situation in China, give play to the masses of enthusiasm and the superiority of the socialist system.

    The green packaging materials of regulations contents should include green packing material of environmental standards, control emissions of the total amount of administrative regulations, and how to prevent and eliminate environmental pollutants discharged into the environment purification technical regulations, still should establish for used packaging waste recycling reuse system, and formulate 5 years, 10 years must reach the packing material recycling target. The green packaging materials regulations also can be brought into green packing regulations, such as "packaging waste XianZhiFa" or "packaging method" among.

    Formulate the green packaging materials development planning, unite and conquer difficulties

    The green packaging materials development involves many high technology and new technology, the development of green packaging materials work is not only the packaging industry, and required the industrial cooperation, Not only is industrial enterprise, but also need to research institutes, colleges and universities cooperation. Therefore we should exert social system superiority, formulate 5-10 years of green packing material development plan, put forward the main research and development

    projects and goals, such as high performance and low cost pulp moulding disposable tableware and packaging products, replace packed in wooden case of honeycomb carton and production equipment, plant fiber cushioning packaging products, complete biodegradable plastics, edible packing materials, high strength thin-walled lightweight bottle, discarded packages of high quality recycling waste plastics technology, especially the high quality of waste plastics recycling technology and ecological technology, more should focus on their organization capable team, in a planned way, carry out research collaboration with a goal, make China green packing material development work into the world.



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