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    The Safety of Food Despite the decline in the number of cases related to fake foods and foods of poor quality, problems remain serious in the market. Food born diseases remain responsible for high levels of sickness and mortality in the general population,particularly for at risk groups, such as infants, young children, and the elderly. The most notorious case involved low quality milk powder in Fuyang, in east China’s Anhui Province, which caused the death of a dozen babies. In my personal opinion, I think the responsibility goes for the most part to the food producers especially those who fail to meet safety standards. In order to sell more products, some food producers may even intentionally use various chemicals, such as pesticides, animal drugs etc. during manufacturing and processing just to make food look or taste good without taking people’s life into consideration. As we all know, food additives and contaminants can adversely affect health. In this regard, in order to reduce the incidence and economic consequences of food born diseases, the supervision of food production should be stepped up. What’s more, it is important to drastically increase penalties on those who neglect food safety statutes. After all, the Food Safety Department in our country should educate consumers about the risks presented in food and the safe food handling behaviors that can help minimize those risks. Nevertheless, it is our own awareness of good life style and hygiene habit that a healthy life relies on.

    It is universally acknowledged that the safety of food is closely related to our health. However,at the begining of the year 2008,the low-quality milk products by SANLU Company killed many babies.Therefore,it is high time that we paid attention to this grave issue.

     There are several reasons for this several problem.First and foremost,some products, to huge profits,make fake commodities or products of poor quality.In addition,the monitor

    role of laws and regulations has not been implemented in a strict way.Last but not least the public especially customers from poor families,are not alert enough to the safety of food.

     In view of the graveness of the problem,effective measures must be taken before things get worse.Firstly,it is imperative that relevant laws and regulation should be enforced in a stringent way.Secondly,the public should be trained to be alert to food quality. Only by taking these actions can the problem be tackled successfully in the nearest


    China's Ministry of Education and the State Food and Drug Administration have jointly launched an eight-month campaign to ensure food safety in school dining halls.

    The campaign will run from May to December and focus on food services certification, sanitation, workers' health, dish washing, food processing and food additives, according to a statement released Wednesday.

    Local schools have been ordered to check food-safety conditions in their dining halls and remedy any defects, to improve food standards and ensure the health of students, the statement said.

    In April, a milk company suspended production after its milk was blamed for the vomiting and stomachaches of about 200 middle and primary school students in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

    An investigation showed filling machines' valve shafts at the company's operations had corroded. The fault prevented the machines from completely sealing the dairy packages, which allowed the milk to go bad quickly.

    Food safety is Chinese people's No 1 concern, with 72 percent putting it ahead of 10 other issues including social security, and medical and marriage safety, according to a recent survey.

    The survey, jointly conducted by the Beijing-based Xiaokang Magazine and Tsinghua University in 12 cities in June, said Chinese people's concern over food safety was dramatically increased after the melamine scandal that haunted the whole milk industry in 2008.

    People’s confidence in food safety still remains low, with 40 percent confident about the safety of food bought at supermarkets, and only 20 percent trusting Chinese milk powder brands, according to the survey.

    A new food safety monitoring organization was founded to deal with this problem on Feb 9 this year, with three Chinese vice premiers as the heads.

    BEIJING - Up to 86.1 percent of rural residents in China considered food safety a

    major concern when shopping, according to a survey conducted by the Ministry of


    The figure is 28 percentage points higher than a year ago, and merely 11.1 percentage points lower than that of urban counterparts. The survey covered 9,305 residents in

    22 provincial areas.

    The ministry said 20.6 percent of the rural population would buy low-priced goods rather than those with famous brands, down from 36.4 percent in 2006. The ministry said rural residents often fall victim to low-priced, shoddy products, largely down to lower income and lax supervision.

    China has intensified quality control checks for urban manufacturers after scandals involving poisonous chemicals in export goods like pet food, toys and seafood.

    In the first 10 months of 2007, more than 2,800 food factories in China's rural areas

    were demolished for making fake and substandard products, according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

    More than 20,000 tonnes of substandard food products were taken off the shelves in

    rural markets and stores, the administration said.

    The survey found 86.6 percent of rural consumers and 83.3 percent of urban ones are satisfied with food safety.

    When you are buying food, what information on the package do you usually consider first?

    Does it concern you whether or not an eating establishment was approved by the Environmental Safety Division?

    What would you believe is the main reason for repeated occurrences of food safety issues? (mutiple choice)

    What would you believe is the main reason for repeated occurrences of food safety issues? (mutiple choice)

    A. Inadequate food safety lawsB. Not enough law enforcement

    supervision/punishment C. Food industry’s disregard for safety

    D. Lack of consumer awareness

    Which of the following concerns you the most? (Multiple Choice)

    Which department do you believe is the most responsible for food safety issues?(mutiple choice)

    Food and Drug Administration B. Health Sector C. Trade and Industry Bureau

    When you realize some type of food you bought has problems, what do you do? A. Seek a refund or compensation from the seller

    B. Complain to the authorities

    C. Live with it

    D. Dispose of it

    E. Eat it anyways

    Study on College Students Night Life

1. Introduction


    Unlike in high school, with fewer quantities of classes, homework and exams, students gain much more freedom in college, where they have to learn how to arrange for their leisure time. This study is focused on finding out college students’ living and

    study state by investigating the way they spend their evening time. And at the end of this report some helpful suggestions will be given in order to help improve students

    life quality in college.


     Three or Four years fly easily. Different achievements of graduates in this period of time are resulted from how they each manage the time here. Night life is no doubt a vital part of this period. Providing a student is able to take good advantage of the golden time, he will surely find himself well prepared for challenges from the extraordinarily fierce competition in our society in the future. Thus a survey on this topic is of great significance in reminding college students of cherish their time in college. In addition, it is universally acknowledged that college students’ night life is

    always greatly affected by schools’ policies. However, for the moment, schools

    seldom take account of students needs and feelings. If schools can take an attempt to

    assemble students’ views and complaints about their managements and then make

    some adjustments accordingly, not only can students make better use of their time, but also colleges will leave a reasonable and friendly image in students’ hearts.

2. Results/Findings

    What did we find out?

    a. Students have a colorful night life after class in the evening.

    b. Computers play an important role in their night life.

    c. Students night life doesnt have much bad impact on them.

    d. Generally, girls have more entertainments but study harder than boys.

    e. The school is considered to make an improvement on activities and reduce classes in the evening.

    Our Analyses

    a. When it comes to killing time in the evening, students usually surf the

    Internet, watch films, wash clothes, study and go shopping, etc. They spend

    about 3 hours on surfing the Internet, the same time as studying.62.5% of the

    students choose to surf the Internet,34.4% to study and only 12.5% to wash

    clothes. They are apt to spend their night life with their friends while only a

    small group of them, namely 9.4%, choose to spend with their boyfriends or


    b. When they stay up, a high percent of them prefer watching films and chatting

    on-line with their friends. They use computers both for fun and

    communication. Therefore, students attach much importance to computers.

    We could hardly imagine what life would be like without computers. c. Although in the neighborhood of 70% of the students go to bed after 23:00,

    most of them think they have enough sleep. As the statistics show us, 55%

    girls and 67% boys say they can get up on time the next morning after they

    have a long night life. Moreover, many students hold the opinion that the

    night life helps keep in touch with friends and broaden their horizons. So the

    night life has more advantages over disadvantages.

    d. It is showed in the questionnaires that girls play more and study harder than

    boys, which may sound a trifle strange and contradictory. The number of girls

    studying in the evening far overweighs that of boys. Girls account for 45%

    while boys 16.7%. At the meantime, girls put more time to enjoying their

    night life and have a stronger desire to have fun.60% of the girls have ever

    considered to improving their night life while only 25% of the boys have. e. The overwhelming majority of students are against having evening courses.

    Girls who complain about evening courses account for 70% of the total

    students who took part in the survey, which stands at a higher percentage than

    boys. As is often the case, they have to attend evening classes for six hours a

    week on average. Besides, the school is supposed to provide more wonderful

    activities to enrich their life, for example, balls, sports meetings and parties.

3. Conclusions and Recommendations

    Summary (of what you did and found out)

    We find that college students enjoy their night life very much .The computers are closely relevant to their night life .Girls are both more hardworking and active than boys.


    First, although we should enjoy and relax ourselves, do not forget to develop a good habit. We should work out regularly to keep fit.

     Second, for the sake of our eyes and skins, wed better cut down on the time we

    spend in front of computers. Also, doing eye-exercise is necessary after a long time posing before computers.

     Third, as the saying goes,Work comes the first.We ought to have enough

    sleep to be energetic in order to study efficiently.

     Forth, our school should take relevant measures to make a difference, for instance, reducing evening courses and holding sports meetings and parties for us.

    Fifth, remember not to disturb others, when you are enjoying your night life.

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