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    Check appropriate blank for Office use only which this opening applies. FEDERATION OF BUSINESS DISCIPLINES ________________ _X__ Accounting PLACEMENT CENTER Please order

    O___ Economics copies by this KLAHOMA CITY 2009

     number ___ Finance ___Information Systems THIS FORM FOR APPLICANTS USE ONLY & Decision Sciences

    INSTRUCTIONS: ___ Management Please complete all sections of this form including the blocked area at the right. Please type or print in (all fields) black ink. A resume (limited to three 8 ?” x 11” one-sided pages) may be submitted with this form for ___ Marketing the Placement Center to copy and give to prospective employers. These specifications must be followed

    for use by the Placement Center. February 6, 2009, is the deadline for submitting these documents. ___ Other Please return this completed form and resume to: (please specify)

     Ms. Gaye Trivitt

     FBD Placement __________________ th 5118 W. 4 Avenue Or you may email it to:

     Stillwater, OK 74074

Forms may also be turned in to the Placement Center during the meeting. To facilitate communication between employers and

    applicants, please come by the Placement Center in Oklahoma City and complete a locator card.

    Name: Randy M. Reed

    Mailing address: PO Box 1102 Lone Star, Texas 75668

     (Street or P. O. Box) (City, State Zip)

    Telephone: ( 903) 215-0108 (318 ) 357-6982

     (Cell) (Office)

Country of citizenship: US If foreign citizen (check one) __ Student visa __ Permanent visa


    DEGREE NAME OF COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY YEAR EARNED MAJOR BACHELOR‟S University of North Texas 1972 BS MASTER‟S Texas A&M University - Texarkana 1989 MBA DOCTORATE Louisiana Tech University 1998 DBA - Accounting

TEACHING INTERESTS: Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Financial (Intermediate/Advanced)_

    RESEARCH INTERESTS: Auditing/Systems

WORK EXPERIENCE: NSU-OK (4yrs), Texas A&M Commerce (3yrs) Prairie View A&M (4yrs) University of Houston (1yr visiting),

    Northwestern State University (2yrs-financial exigency)

    PAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS: Mini vita attached.

_X__I will attend the meeting in Oklahoma City and will complete a locator card upon arrival.

    ___I will not be attending the meeting in Oklahoma City. Prospective employers should contact me at the above address.


    Published or Accepted for Publication:

    How to Spell Accountant with a G.” Published in New Accountant, Issue #728, November 2008.

     Working Out at the Taxpayers‟ Expense: Megachurches and the „Faith-based Fitness‟ Phenomena.” Published in Journal of Business, Industry and Economics, Volume 7, Spring 2006.

    “Enhancing Consulting Revenues with Disaster Recovery Planning,” Published in New Accountant, Issue #714, April 2006.

    “Mending the Hole in SOX: Making Section 404 Easy.” Published in Internal Auditing, Volume 1, Number 21, January/February 2006.

Detecting Fraud in Financial Statements: The Use of Digital Analysis as an Analytical Review Procedure.”

    Published in Journal of Forensic Accounting, Volume VI, Number 1, January -June, 2005.

“An Evaluation Strategy for the Expert System” Published in Communications of the International Information

    Management Association, Volume 3, Issue 3, October 2003.

Manuscripts under Submission:

    “International Accounting Curriculum: IFRS Now, IEG11 Later?” Submitted to International Journal of Global Management Studies, Fall 2008.

Financial Meltdown 2008” Currently under re-write.

    An Ill Wind Blows Big Numbers to Big Oil: The Case Against a Windfall Profit Tax. Submitted to Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly, Fall 2008.

    Are You Technologically Ready to Work as a New Accountant?” Submitted to New Accountant., Fall 2008.


students in small groups and using monopoly hotels to let them “see” beginning inventories and units in cost of

    goods sold.

     Successful teaching is all about creating a “learning environment.” One of the most successful modes of

    learning is the active participatory learning style. In this mode, students are active participants in the learning

    process: both asking and answering questions. In effect, the students become the teacher. When this style is

    successful, it is a beautiful sight to behold

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