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model test8

    Test 8

    Part III

    Section A

    11A)She accepts it. B)She rejects it.

    C)She tells him to decide for himself. D)She will think about it.

    12A)Catch a bus. B)Demand a telephone number.. C)Cash a check D)Make a phone call

    13A)his relation with the woman comes to an end. B)He is going to take a air trip. C)He is expressing his gratefulness. D)She feels ashamed to ask for excuse

    14A)She thinks its too far from her home B)she likes new working environment

     C)she doesnt like the company she is working with D)She wants to save money for a journey

    15A)$1.00 B)$5.00 C)$0.75 D)$3.25

    16A)It is appropriate B)It is too informal C)It is normal D)It is too formal

17A)Roses new husband is a writer B)The man shouldnt believe everything he read

     C)Appearances are often deceiving D)She likes Roses new husbands book

    18A)She saw an ad. In the newspaper B)She learned about it from a friend C)She heard about it during a television interview D)She saw it on a list of job opening

    19A)In a hotel B)In a restaurant C)In a hospital D)In a shop

20A)Shampoo B)Bath-foam C)Shower hat D)comb

    21A)remove it B)Replace it C)It is normal D)Not mentioned

    22A)A book B)A remote controller C)A mini-bar D)A pencil

    23A)In a hotel BIn a restaurant C)In a hospital D)In a shop

    24A)Because her friend asked her to buy one B)Because she wanted to buy one C)Because she wanted to give it as a gift to her friend

    D)Because she wanted to apologize to her friend

25A)$60.00 B)$40.00 C)$48.00 D)$54.00

    Section B

    26A)110,000 B)1.2 million C)One billion D)Over a thousand

    27A)Heart disease and lung cancer B) Heart disease and increased blood pressure

     1 5

    C)Increased blood pressure and lung cancer D) Increased heart rate and lung cancer

    28A)It is a powerful and fast-acting drug B)It causes the familiar yellow and brown stain C)Increased heart rate, and blood disease D)Increased heart rate, and blood pressure

29A)A barber and businessman B)A broadcaster

    C) a businessman and broadcaster D) A barber and broadcaster

    30A)He sent her to the University of Tennessee B)He got her job as a broadcaster. C)He gave her the discipline she needed D)He taught her speech and performing arts

    31A)She was Americas first African-American broadcaster B)Ordinary people loved her C)She dealt with very personal issues in a frank and honest way

    D)She was a star in the film The Color Purple

    32A)Make long load or rail tunnels safer B) Make long load or rail tunnels easier C) Make long load or rail tunnels quicker D) Make long load or rail tunnels more efficient

33A)41 B)410 C)14 D)214

    34A)It runs on a monorail B)It can move on a monorail suspended from the roof of the tunnel C)It is in position in the middle of the tunnel D)It can take quick action

    35A)Detect the smoke quickly B)Take quick action C)Close the tunnel D)Install a Robogat Section C

     Language is an amazing phenomenon. Speech-the(36)_______of sounds to convey meaning-is a kind of human action. Like any other(37)____repeated actions, speaking has no be learned. But it once learned, it becomes a generally(38)_____and apparently automatic process.

     As far as we can (39)________,human beings do not need to be forced to speak. Most babies seem to(40)________ a sort of instinctive drive to produce(41)_________noises. How to speak and what to say are another matter(42)_________.These actions are learned form a society form

    the people around us speech is patterned activity (44)_____.

    Into a few orderly patterns, accepted as meaningful by the people around him (45)____. However, a child born into a society with a pattern of language is encouraged to make a small selection of sounds.(46)_____.

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Part III Listening Comprehension

    Section A

    11. M: Next time you invite me to dinner, shall I bring a bottle of wine?

    W: That's all right with me, but you know it is not the custom to bring alcohol to people's homes in this


    Q: What does the woman think about the man's offer? C

    12. M: Operator, I've been trying to make a call for over an hour and I keep getting a busy signal! W: Give me the number and I'll try it for you.

    Q: What's the man trying to do? D

    13. M: All good things must come to an end, they say. So if you will excuse me, I will be leaving. W: It's

    a shame that you have to leave so early. But you have an early flight tomorrow.

    Q: What do you learn about the man? B

    14. M: Then why did you apply for this job?

    W: That's because of the journey. It takes me about two hours to get to work. Your firm is within

    walking distance.

    Q: Why does the woman want to change her job? A

    15. M: That's $3.25 on the meter, and $1.00 extra for the suitcases.

    W: Okay. Here is $5.00. Keep the change. Q: How much was the driver's tip? C

    16. M: What do you think of this suit for tonight? W:

    Well, the invitation said informal dress.

     D Q: What does the woman think of the man's suit?

    17. M: Rose's new husband doesn't look like an artist to me. W:

    You can't judge a book by its cover.

    Q: What is the woman trying to tell the man? C

     18. M: How did you find your new job? Was it advertised in the paper?

    W: I looked and looked for months without finding anything. Then a friend told me about this job. So I

    applied and got it.

     B Q: How did the woman learn about the job opportunity?

    Conversation One

    Rachel: What enormous twin beds! And look at those huge pillows on them! Let me try the beds. Oh,

    the mattress feels too soft for my liking!

    Lin: Look at the toiletries in the bathroom shampoo, bath-foam, even a shower hat!

    Rachel: Look at that small device on the wall of the bathroom. What's that?

    Lin: Oh, it must be a hair drier. I wonder how it works. Oh, it starts when you remove it! Rachel: You'd better put it back.

    Lin: I guess so.

    Rachel: Let's go and see the room again. Look, there's a balcony with some chairs on it. Wow! Look, what a

    wonderful view!

    Lin: Yes, look at that huge container ship! It must be heading for the harbor. And look at that beautiful

    cruise ship down there, alongside the quay!

    Rachel: What's that in the distance, just behind the container ship? Is it the mainland? Lin: No, that's an island. The mainland is on the other side of the island, to the north. Rachel: To have a balcony connected to your room is great. I say, Lin, there's a mini-bar under the TV.

    Shall we have a drink on the balcony and watch the sunset?

     3 5

Lin: I don't think we should touch the mini-bar just look at the prices! Let's freshen up, and then go

    down to the Rainbow Bar and use our vouchers!

    Rachel: Good idea! Lin: Let's go!

    Question 19: Where does the conversation most probably take place? A

    Question 20: All of the following are mentioned among the toiletries in the bathroom EXCEPT which

    one? D

    Question 21 : How does the hair drier work? A

    Question 22: What is there under the TV? C

    Conversation Two

    Lin: Excuse me. May I look at that blouse?

    Salesman: Certainly!

    Lin: (Examining it) Mmm!

    Salesman: I can see that you have very good taste, ma'am! It really suits you!

    Lin: Yes, but it's not for me. It's for a friend. She asked me to buy one for her. What are you asking for


    ! Salesman: Well, madam, you're very lucky because we have a special offer on, for this week onlySo that

    blouse is normally $60.00, but we are offering a 10% discount!

    Lin: Oh dear! That's still more than $50.00, and she asked me to spend only 40. Salesman: I see. Well, ma'am, but just look at the quality of the silk!

    Lin: It's very nice, but I think your prices generally seem very high. I can get a blouse like this at half the

    price through the Internet!

    Salesman: But not of this quality, madam!

    Lin: I tell you what, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so why don't we split the difference? You're asking for $54.00, and my friend's price is 40. Let's settle on 47!

    Salesman: 47? At that price I'm losing money! Look, I like you. I'd like to help you. So let's call it 50! Lin: 50? Well.. .Oh look. There's a button missing!

    Salesman: (Checking) Are you sure? Okay! Let's make it 48!

    Question 23: Where does the conversation most probably take place? D

    Question 24: Why does the woman want to buy a new blouse? A

    Question 25: How much money does the woman's friend give her to buy a new blouse? B

    Section B

    Passage One

    Smoking is the most important cause of disease and death in the UK. The Health Education Authority states that, in England alone, there are 110,000 deaths caused by smoking every year. The main causes of death are lung cancer, and heart disease.

    The main harmful ingredients in cigarettes are as follows: First of all tar, which is used in road-making: once inhaled, smoke condenses into liquid. And about 70 percent of the tar in a cigarette is deposited in a smoker's lungs. Tar is a sticky brown substance which can stain smokers' fingers and teeth that familiar yellow-brown color.

    Next, nicotine: nicotine is a powerful and fast-acting drug, and is the substance in tobacco which causes addiction among smokers. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream. The immediate effects include increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Question 26: How many deaths are caused by smoking in England each year? A

    Question 27: What are the main causes of death? A

     4 5

Question 28: What happens when nicotine is absorbed into a person's blood stream? D

    Passage Two

    Her father, Vernon Winfrey, was a barber, and a businessman, and he provided his daughter with the discipline that she so badly needed. Under his influence, she applied herself to study and work. At the age of 19 she got her first broadcasting job on a local radio station. She also enrolled at Tennessee State University to study speech and performing arts. In 1972 she became America's first African-American news anchor, but it was not until 1978 that she was hired to host a talk show. Within eight years she became well-established, and she moved to Chicago. Her talk show became famous for her willingness to talk honestly about very personal issues and to reveal aspects of her own personal experience in a

    very frank and honest way: ordinary people felt that she was sincere, genuine, and they loved her for these qualities. In 1986 the Oprah Winfrey Show became a program that was broadcast nationwide. At this time, she also won the award for Best Supporting Actress in the film The Color Purple, which came out in 1985.

    Question 29: What was Oprah Winfrey 's father? A

    Question 30: In what way did Vernon Winfrey help his daughter? C

    Question 3 1 : Why was her talk show so popular? C

    Passage Three

    A design for a remotely-controlled fire engine could make long road or rail tunnels safer. It is the brainchild of an Italian fire safety engineer, who claims that his invention dubbed Robogat could

    have cut the death toll in the disastrous Mont Blanc tunnel fire in March 1999, which killed 41 people. Most of the people died within 15 minutes of smoke first being detected. Quick action is needed when fire breaks out in a tunnel. Robogat can travel at about 50 kilometers per hour. The Mont Blanc fire was five kilometers from the French end of the tunnel, so a machine could have got there in about 6 minutes.

    The robot has been designed and patented by Domenico Piatti of the Naples fire department. It runs on a monorail suspended from the roof of the tunnel. When the Robogat reaches a fire, it plugs into a water pipe running along the tunnel, and directs its hoses at the base of the fire. It is capable of pumping 3,000 liters of high-pressure water per minuteabout the same rate as that from an airport

    fire tender. Normal fire engines deliver 500 liters per minute.

    Question 32: What is the main function of Robogat? A

    Question 33: How many people died in the Mont Blanc tunnel disaster? A

    Question 34: Why can the Robogat quickly get through to the scene of a fire? B

    Question 35: What is the most important thing to do when fire breaks out in a tunnel? B

    Section C

    36. uttering 37. constantly 38. unconscious 39. determine

    40. possess 41. speech-like 42. altogether 43. behaviour

    44.The disorganized uttering and chatter of a young child are eventually channeled by imitation 45. The sounds that a child can make are more varied and numerous than the sounds that any particular language utilizes.

    46. He keeps making these few sounds over and over again until it is natural for him to make these and other sounds.

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