By Eugene Rivera,2014-05-21 08:05
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how about you what about you all about you about you now pwc more about you think about you about you thinking about you for me about you mad about you


    歌手;Aaron Carter

    There's something that I've got to say, You're always with me even though, You're far away.

    Talk to you on my cell,

    Just the sound of your voice Makes my heart melt

    Oh, girl, well it's true.

I'm all about you,

    I'm all about us,

    No, baby,

    You never have to question my love. And every night,

    There's a new crowd.

    But it's always you I’m singing about,

    There's only one these words are going out to.

    Oh, girl, I'm all about you. I'm all about you.

    I know you were it's sometimes. Some other go on make me forget your mind.

    There is other adults in this world. That anyone couldn't take the place of my No.1 girl.

    It's true.

    And I close my eyes I can see you. It's like you right here.

    And its feelings only get stronger. You with me everywhere.

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