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Unit 8 Customs

    Part 1

    ? Useful Expressions

    1. Take out your passport, please.

    2. Show me your passport, please.

    3. Anything particular to declare?

    4. Any prohibited goods with you?

    5. Any arms, munitions, living plants or animals?

    6. Anything else besides these?

    7. Would you show me whats in the bag?

    8. Please put them on the counter and open them.

    9. Cleared. Pass on, please.

    10. Youre through now.

    Dialogue One

     A: Good afternoon. Welcome to China. May I see your passport,

    customs and health declaration form?

     B: Yes, here you are.

     A: Thank you. Whats your occupation, Mr. Smith?

     B: Im the general of the Far-East Industry Corporation.

     A: You are here on business, arent you?

     B: Yes, I have been invited by the East Import&Export Corporation

     of China for business talks.

     A: I see. Do you have anything to declare?

     B: Yes, I have some foreign currency to declare.

     A: Would you please fill out this currency declaration form? Its a

    record of the foreign currency you have brought in.

     B: All right.

    Dialogue Two

     A: Have you got anything to declare, madam?

     B: No, I havent.

     A: Have you got any wine or spirits?

     B: No, I dont think.

     A: What about cigarettes or cigars?

     B: Ive got some cigars.

     A: How many, madam?

     B: Two small boxes.

    Dialogue Three

     A: Passport, please, madam.

     B: Just a minute, please. Its in my bag. Here it is.

     A: Thank you. Please fill out the Baggage Declaration Form.

     B: All right. Shall I enter all my belongings?

     A: No, only the articles listed on the Declaration. Part 2

    ? Useful Expressions

    1. Do I have to pay duty on the cigarettes?

    2. I dont know whats duty-free.

    3. Just a few personal belongings/effects.

    4. How much is the duty I have to pay?

    5. How much should I pay for the duty?

    6. What articles are allowed to be imported free of charge?

    7. All this luggage is mine.

    8. I have a small bottle of perfume.

    9. Is it allowed to import the watch?

    10. Where should I go through the customs?

    Dialogue One

     A: Good morning. Passport, please.

     B: Here you are.

     A: Ah, thank you. Please bring your luggage here for inspection.

     B: OK. But is there anything wrong?

     A: Its just a regular inspection. Do you have anything to declare?

     B: Ive got 6 packets of cigarettes and 2 bottles of champagne.

    Besides, I have two cameras, one is for my own use, and the other

    is a gift.

     A: Well, the cigarettes and the champagne are not in excess of the

    duty-free allowance. But according to our law, each passenger is

    allowed only one camera duty-free. Youll have to pay duty for

    the other one.

     B: OK. Where shall I pay duty for it?

     A: Please wait a minute. Ill make out the duty memoHere you are.

    Take this and pay to the woman over there.

     B: Ive pay for it. Here is the receipt.

     A: Very well. I hope youll enjoy your stay in America.

     B: Thank you.

    Dialogue Two

     A: Heres my passport. Im a visiting scholar.

     B: Do you have anything to declare?

     A: No, these are all my personal effects.

     B: Whats in the bag? Would you mind open the bag?

     A: Not at all. I dont know whats dutiable. Do I have to pay duty on

    things for my own use?

     B: No. You dont have to pay duty on personal belongings.

     A: Thank you.

    Dialogue Three

     A: Have you anything to declare?

     B: One bottle of perfume and a watch.

     A: Where did you buy it?

     B: In Boston.

     A: Do you travel a lot?

     B: OhI got to see my sister twice a year or so.

     A: Twice a year? How long has your sister lived in Boston?

     B: Nearly ten years.

     A: I see, thats a long time. How much was the watch?

     B: I cant remember, but Ive got the receipt somewhere. Would you

    like to see it?

     A: Yes. Id like to see the receipt. Oh! I see you bought the watch last


     B: Yes. Does that mean Ill have to pay duty on it?

     A: Im afraid you will. Altogether on the watch and the perfume you

    own me seven pounds.

     B: OK. Here you are. Is that all right now?

     A: Yes. Thats fine. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Boston?

     B: Yes, I did. I had a fine time.

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