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Module 3 Unit 3 (2012-3-17)


    1. _____________ of coal ________ used in this plant every year.

    A. A plenty, was B. A large sum, was C. A large number, was D. A large amount; was 2. Hell have to ____________ every cent goes.

    A. account for where B. account for what C. account where D. account what 3. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and thats _________ I disagree.

    A. why B. how C. what D. where 4. After the earthquake, the citizens looked at __________was left of their houses. A. what B. that C. which D. all 5. The reason ____________she gave for not being present was __________ the heavy snow prevented her from coming.

    A. why, whether B. why, because C. that, that D. how, that 二,完成句子。

    1. 他们正准备下山?突然下起了倾盆大雨。

    They ______ _______ ______ get down the hill when suddenly it began to rain heavily. 2. 这儿到处都是垃圾?我真不知道该怎样处理。

    There is so much rubbish here that I really dont know how______ __________ _______ it.


    Gandhi, an Indian national hero, was honored (31) the father of the Indian nation. He

    has been respected and beloved (32) the Indians.

    He was born in India in 1869. Following the local custom, he got married (33) the

    age of 13. In 1888 he sailed to England, where he studied law for three years and became a lawyer. On his return to India, he was sent to South Africa to work on a law case.

    In South Africa he (34) _____ (surprise) to find the problem of racial discrimination was serious. There he formed an organization and started a magazine to fight (35) ___ the

    British government.

    Gandhi returned to India in 1915, (36) India was controlled by the British. He led

    the Indians to fight for an end to the British rule and (37) ________ (depend) for his

    country. In the political movement many Indians including Gandhi were put in prison.

    (38)___________, the struggles never stopped. The British government had to

    give (39) and India won its independence in 1947. (40) _________ (fortunate)

    Gandhi was shot by an Indian who opposed his views and died on January 30th, 1948.


    Bobby Moresco grew up in New York's Hell's Kitchen, a tough working-class neighborhood on Manhattan's West Side. But Hell's Kitchen lies right next door to Broadway, and the bright lights attracted Bobby from the time he was a teen. Being stage-struck was hardly what a street kid could admit to his partners. Fearing their ridicule, he told no one, not even his girlfriend, when he started taking acting lessons at age 17. If you were a kid from the neighborhood, you became a cop, construction worker, longshoreman;码头搬运工人?or criminal. Not an actor.


     Moresco struggled to make that long walk a few blocks east. He studied acting, turned out for all the cattle calls -- and during the decade of the 1970s made a total of $2,000. "I wasn't a good actor, but I had a driving need to do something different with my life," he says. He moved to Hollywood, where he drove a cab and worked as a bartender;调酒师?. "My father

    said, 'Stop this craziness and get a job; you have a wife and daughter.' “But Moresco kept working at his chosen craft.

     Then in 1983 his younger brother Thomas was murdered in a mob-linked killing. Moresco moved back to his old neighborhood and started writing as a way to explore the pain and the patrimony of Hell's Kitchen. Half-Deserted Streets, based on his brother's killing, opened at a small Off-Broadway theater in 1988. A Hollywood producer saw it and asked him to work on a screenplay.

     His reputation grew, and he got enough assignments to move back to Hollywood. By 2003, he was again out of work and out of cash when he got a call from Paul Haggis, a director who had befriended him. Haggis wanted help writing a film about the country after September 11. The two worked on the writing, but every studio in town turned it down. They kept pitching it. Studio executives, however, thought no one wanted to see a severe, honest vision of race and fear and lives in collision in modern America.

    Moresco believed so strongly in the script that he borrowed money, sold his house. He and Haggis kept pushing. At last the writers found an independent film producer who would take a chance, but the upfront money was too little, Moresco delayed his salary.

     Crash slipped into the theaters in May 2005, and quietly became both a hit and a critical success. It was nominated for six Academy Awards and won three -- Best Picture, Best Film Editing and Best Writing (Original Screenplay) by Paul Haggis and the kid from Hell's Kitchen.

     At age 54, Bobby Moresco became an overnight success. "If you have something you want to do in life, don't think about the problems," he says, "think about other ways to get it done." 60. Why Bobby Moresco did not tell anyone that he started taking lessons at age 17?

    A. He wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise.

    B. His girlfriend did not allow him to do this.

    C. He was afraid of being laughed at.

    D. He had no talent for acting.

    61. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?

    A. His father did not support his work as a bartender.

    B. Before he became an overnight success, his life experienced ups and downs.

    C. His brother’s death inspired his writing Half-Deserted Streets.

    D. Moresco grew up in New York's Hell's Kitchen which is a few blocks east of Broadway. 62. The Studio executives turned the script Crash down because ______________.

    A. they thought the script would not be popular.

    B. the script was not well written.

    C. they had no money to make the film based on the script.

    D. they thought Moresco was not famous.

    63. What’s the best title of the article?

    A. The Road to Success B. Try It a Different Way

    C. A Talented manMoresco D. Moresco’s Perseverance



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