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Adjunct Instructor, Department of World Language Education, University of. South Florida, 1999- present. Elementary and Intermediate Spanish: provided


    1200 Country Club Dr. Apt. 3205

    Largo, FL 33771

    Home: (727) 501-9039



    Ph.D. in Spanish, Florida State University, 1998. Major: Golden Age.

    Minor: 19th and 20th Century Peninsular Literature.

    Dissertation: "El papel estético-moral de los cosméticos en la literatura del Siglo

    de Oro."

     M.A. in Spanish, University of South Florida, 1987.

    Thesis: "Visión de la mujer en Jardín de nobles doncellas, Instrucción de la

    mujer cristiana y La perfecta casada."

     Foreign Language Teaching, University of Central Florida, 1983.

     B.A. in Business Administration, University of Puerto Rico, 1973.


     Adjunct Instructor, Department of World Language Education, University of

     South Florida, 1999- present.

    Elementary and Intermediate Spanish: provided repertoire of teaching practices

    and strategies to promote in the students the learning of the target language.

    Spanish III, Spanish IV, Conversation I, Conversation II, and Business Spanish

    courses. emphasized the target language input and made it available

     to students by activating schemata relevant to the situation to promote the

    communicative modes of listening and speaking within cultural contexts, the

    reading of authentic materials, and the writing of short compositions in order to

    enable students to function at a survival level within the culture. I am also in

    charge of the Spanish On Line courses in St. Petersburg Campus.

    Eric Alvarez

    Curriculum Vitae 2


     Adjunct Instructor, Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of

     Tampa, 1999 Present.

    Elementary Spanish I and II, and Spanish Grammar Review: initiated the use of

    student’s oral presentations as a regular activity throughout the semester, devised

    criteria sheet for the evaluation of oral exams; use teaching strategies that

    recognize the individualities of students and the importance of small-group work

    to stimulate a higher level of cognitive activity among larger numbers of students;

    utilize a flexible, eclectic teaching approach based on second-language acquisition

    research to create an intrinsically rewarding learning environment for students;

    prepare materials (syllabus, exams, assignments, power point presentations);

    incorporate state of the art Foreign Language methods including the use of

    multimedia and multi-modality instructional activities.

    Visiting Professor, Department of History and Foreign Languages, Jacksonville

    State University, 1998 1999.

    Culture and Civilization courses: strengthened effective communicative modes

    within cultural contexts in the target language.

    Golden Age Drama: analyzed and discussed ten of the best known plays of the

    most representative Spanish dramatists of the Golden Age, presented cultural,

    social and political dimensions of the plays, their theatrical techniques, their

    characters and situations and the notions of “ honor,” “lealtad.” “nobleza,” and

    “amor cortés.”

    Survey of Spanish Literature: analyzed and discussed representative literary

    works (poetry, drama, novel, short story) of XIX and XX Century Spain. Literary

    currents included Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism,, the Generation of 1898, the

    Spanish avant-garde, the Generation of 1927, 1936 and 1956, New Realism and

    Feminism literature. Themes included social realism, social self-consciousness,

    demystification, existentialism, exile and expatriation, gender portrayal and

    feminist issues.

     Business Spanish: provided the students with a solid foundation of the vocabulary

     and discourse used in banking, manufacturing, farming, real state, insurance,

     employment agencies and other businesses. Developed students’ skills in oral

    presentations, writing business letters and translating and interpreting business


    Academic Service

    Judge for the Foreign Language Competition of Calhoun County Schools.

    Foreign Language Library Committee: served as faculty liaison on this

    departmental committee.

    Academic Advisor for language major students: advised students on course


Eric Alvarez

    Curriculum Vitae 3

     Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Modern Languages and

     Linguistics, Florida State University, 1994-1998.

    Intensive Elementary and Intermediate Spanish courses: planned and taught

    lessons based on standard language learning goals in terms of the five Cs

    (Communication, Cultures, Connections to/and other disciplines, Comparison of

    language and culture, and Communities), incorporated multimedia activities and

    computer-assisted language learning material, produced video of students oral

    presentations, karaoke and group skits and devised internet cultural activities.

     Spanish for Native Speakers

     Spanish Culture and Civilization courses

     Member of the textbook selection committee

    Video Director and Video Producer: produced several didactic videos: Amadis de

    Gaula, El corbacho and plays presented by graduate students of Spanish in thContemporary Spanish and 20 Century Spanish-American Drama courses.

    Teaching Proctor: aided course supervisor with preparation of syllabus, materials,

    exams, and oral examinations.

     Lecturer in cultural events (Hispanic Month and Spanish Table).

     Judge for Cultural, Literature and Poetry Contests in Bainbridge College in


     Instructor, Center for Professional Development, Florida State University, 1997.

     Language and Culture Coordinator: organized Hispanic cultural events, field

     trips, and lectured on Historical and Hispanic Issues.

    Teaching Graduate Assistant and Adjunct Instructor, Division of Languages

    and Linguistics, University of South Florida, 1983-94.

    Elementary and Intermediate Spanish, Intensive Elementary and Intermediate

    courses, Intermediate Conversation: promoted communicative-based activities

    within cultural contexts.

    Member of the textbook selection committee

    Proctor of the Foreign Language Competency Exam.

    Participated in the Study Abroad Program to Spain.


     Director, Spanish Language Institute, Tampa, 1987-1991.

     Translator of medical, business, and government documents.

     Spanish Official Translator for Bush Garden.

     Spanish Interpreter.

     Instructor for the Foreign Language Competency Exam course.

Eric Alvarez

    Curriculum Vitae 4


     "El perfil sicológico de los protagonistas de El médico de su honra."

     (research in progress) (to be submitted, Bulletin of the Comediantes).

     “Cosmetics in Medieval and Renaissance Spain," in The Feminist Encyclopedia of

     Spanish Literature, eds.Janet Pérez and Maureen Ihrie, (Westport: Greenwood

     Press, 2002), 153- 155.

     "El uso de los afeites en la literatura precelestinesca." Southeast Conference on

     Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Central Florida, Orlando,

     Florida, March 2 - 4, 2000.

     "La belleza femenina y el uso de los afeites en la Celestina." Second Biennial

     Florida International University Conference on Iberian/Iberian American

     Literatures, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, October 28-30,


     "El uso de los afeites y otros cosméticos en la literatura precervantina." XIII

     International Symposium on Spanish, University of Texas-Pan American,

     Edinburgh, Texas, April 14-16, 1999.


     "Three One-Act Plays: La guerra como consecuencia, El callejón y

     El censo." Presented by FSU. Department of Modern Languages and

     Linguistics as part of SPW- 5497 20th Century Spanish-American Drama,

     April 1997.

    Amadís de Gaula, by Eric Alvarez. A video presentation for SPW-5404

     Literatura española de la Edad Media, Junio 1996.

    El corbacho,” by Eric Alvarez. A video presentation for SPW-5404 Literatura

    española de la Edad Media, Junio 1996.

     Visit”, by Argentinean Ricardo Monti. Presented by FSU School of Theater and

    The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics. November 1995.

     "Tres obras en un acto: La maestra, Entremés del juez de los divorcios y

     Consumiendo, consumo." Presented by FSU - Department of Modern

     Languages & Linguistics as part of SPW-5325 Contemporary Spanish Drama,

     April 1995.

Eric Alvarez

    Curriculum Vitae 5

LANGUAGES: Spanish: native fluency, English: fluent. Reading knowledge in

     Portuguese, Italian and French.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Front Page, and Blackboard.


     Dr. Carlos J. Cano, Director of Spanish Department

     World Language Education CPR-407

     University of South Florida

     Tampa, FL 33620-5550

     (813) 974-2077


     Dr. Ernest Redher

     Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

     Florida State University

     304 Diffenbaugh Building

     Tallahassee, FL 32306-1540

     (850) 644-8187


     Dr. David Darst.

     Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

     Florida State University

     304 Diffenbaugh Building

     Tallahassee, FL 32306-1540

     (850) 644-8185


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