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    Unit 2 Hotel or B&BPart I Getting readyA.

    B. Keys:

     1 : 35%, 60%

     2 : 45%, 20%

     3 : 60%, 80%

     4 : 30%, 15%

     5 : 50%, 70%

     6 : 30%, 20%

    C. Keys:


     1 : ;30/single; ;60/double, children under 12

     2 : ;29/full board

     3 : ;28/double+bath, excluded


     1 : hot food, fried egg

     2 : coffee, tea, jam, cooked

     3 : dinner, bed and breakfast

     4 : the room plus all meals

     5 : Value Added Tax

    Part II A touch of homeOutline

     I : bed and breakfast, 15 000, advantages over big hotels

     II : meeting different people

     III : features, 1883, guests

     IV : B&Bs not suitable for some people

    Part III Renting a car

    A. Keys:

     1 : three 2 : Mon. July 10th 3 : station wagon 4 : $79.95

     5 : $59.95 6 : 4 p.m. 7 : 10 a.m. 8 : ' free

     9 : 12 cents 10 : $10 11 : 8% 12 : '$100

    B. Keys:

     a compact car/a station wagon/ automatic transmission/ current models/ pick up/return the car/special weekend rate/regular rate/ unlimited mileage/ insurance/ sales tax/ a full

    tank of gas/ deposit/ lowest rates.Part IV More about the topic: What Type of Room Do You Want?

    A. Keys:

     1: 5 2: 2 3: 6 4: 4 5: 3 6: 1

    B. Keys:

     1 : ;40, all grades

     2 : ;55, Sales

     3 : ;150, Managerial, entertaining private guest, the lake

     4: ;220, privacy, country-side, kitchen

    Part V Do you know…?A. Keys:

     (France)Italy, (2)3, (3)2, (4)8

     (Loudon,UK)Paris,France, (8)4

    B. Keys:

     1 : F 2 : T 3 : F 4 : F 5 : T

Tape script

    Part I Getting ready



    A: Good morning. I'd like some information about tourist figures, please. First, about

    accommodation. What proportion of tourists stay in hotels?

    B: Well, in an average year 60% of tourists stay in hotels, but this year 35% are staying in


    A: What proportion of tourists stay in holiday camps?

    B: Well, in an average year 20% of tourists stay in holiday camps, but this year 45% are

    staying in holiday camps.

    A: Now, about places visited. What proportion of tourists visit Europe?

    B: Well, in an average year 80% of tourists visit Europe, but this year 60% are visiting


    A: And what proportion of tourists visit the U.S.A.?

    B: Well, in an average year 15% of tourists visit the U.S.A., but this year 30% are visiting

    the U.S.A..

    A: Now, about methods of transport. What proportion of tourists go by plane?B: Well, in an average year about 70% of tourists go by plane, but this year about 50% are

    going by plane.

    A: What proportion of tourists take their own car?

    B: Well, in an average year about 20% of tourists take their own car, but this year about

    30% are taking their own car.

    A: Thank you very much for your help.


    C:so here's a brochure with the hotels in Midford. It gives you all the rates …T:I'm sorry, my English isn't so good. Can you explain this to me?

    C:Yes, of course. First of all we have the Castle Inn … here … it's the cheapest. It will cost you

    only ;12 for a single room and ;15 for a double. The price includes continental breakfast.

    If you want a full English breakfast you'll have to pay extra …

    T:What is this "English breakfast"?

    C:Oh, you know, hot food: fried egg, fried bacon, porridge … whereas the continental breakfast

    is coffee, tea, rolls, jam and honey — nothing cooked, you see.

    T:I think I would prefer the continental breakfast.

    C:Well, yes, that's included. And then we have the Dalton Hotel, more expensive, but very nice,

    a bathroom attached to every room. The Dalton charges ;30 for a single room and ;60 for

    a double. But there is no charge for children under 12 who stay in the same room as their


    T:I won't have my children with me. But maybe my husband will come a little later …C:Well, the Park Hotel is very reasonably priced. ;16 per person. Every room has a bath.

    There's a special rate of ;25 which includes dinner, bed and breakfast — what we call half

    board. Or you can have full board, that's the room plus all meals for ;29 per person per


T:We would only want breakfast.

    C:I see. Mm … you could try the fourth hotel here, the Phoenix. It will cost you ;28 for a

    double room with bath. Breakfast is ;5 per person.

    T:Yes. But what about the extra money, what do you call it in English, the service...C:All these rates include a service charge of 10%. They also include VAT - that's Value Added


    T:If we come later in the year will it be cheaper?

    C:Yes. These are the rates for June to September. You would pay less at other times of the year.T:I'll talk about it with my husband. Thank you for explaining everything to me.C:You're very welcome.

    Part II A touch of home

     Bev Rose is a very good hostess. She tells the guests in her home there are sodas in the refrigerator, snacks in the kitchen, and videos next to the TV.

     But Rose's guests aren't out-of-town family or friends. Her guests are from all over the world. Rose's house is like a small hotel. It is called a bed and breakfast or B&B for short. The name of Rose's B&B is Suits Us.

     Rose and her husband have joined a growing number of people who are operating B&Bs in their homes. B&Bs offer the charm, comfort, and hospitality that is often missing in big hotels. That's why there are many people who would rather stay at a B&B than a hotel when they travel.

     There are about 15 000 B&Bs across the U.S. Each year they welcome millions of visitors. And the number is increasing. "I think guests are looking for the personal touch," said Pat Hardy, the director of the American Bed and Breakfast Association. "In a B&B, you don't have a room number. The owner knows who you are and helps you enjoy your trip," Hardy said. Travelers often want more than just a place to sleep. They like B&Bs because the owner takes a personal interest in them.

     Rose said one of the best things about owning a B&B is meeting all the different people. She loves watching the guests meet each other for the first time at breakfast. "It's really fun to stand in the kitchen and talk with my guests. Even though most of them have just met for the first time, the conversations at the breakfast table are really interesting and lively."

     Many B&Bs are older homes with interesting histories. Suits Us was built in 1883. The rooms are filled with antiques and 19th-century decorations. The Roses rent three of the upstairs bedrooms to guests. Every room at Suits Us has its own personality. The Roses have named several of the rooms for previous guests. For example, one of the rooms is named the Woodrow Wilson Room because the former U.S. President stayed there. Another room is called the Annie Oakley Room because the famous cowgirl was once a guest there.

     Bed and breakfasts aren't for everyone. Some people aren't comfortable staying in someone else's home. And other people don't care for the personal interaction. But for a quiet, romantic place to stay, many people are checking into bed and breakfasts instead of hotels. Once people have stayed in a B&B, they often find it hard to go back to hotels.

    Part III Renting a car

    A:Good afternoon. U-Drive-It rentals. May I help you?

    C:Hi, yeah. I'm interested in, uh, renting a car for the weekend, and I'm wondering if you

    have a special weekend rate?

    A:Yes, we do. [Mm-hmm.] Uh … what sort of car were you interested in?

    C:Well, we're a family of three and we have camping equipment. Now, I'm used to driving a

    small car, but I might need something a little larger because of the family and, uh … all

    the equipment that we have.

    A:Well, um … I could suggest a compact car for/to you. [Mm-hmm.] Some of our compacts

    have … have large trunks, [OK.] or, uh … Oh, better yet, why not a small station wagon?

    [Oh, good.] Um … all our cars are current models and, uh, have automatic transmission.C:Oh, well, I'm used to driving a standard, but I guess there's no problem with automatic


    A:No, no. If you can drive a standard you can drive an automatic. [Mh-hmm.] Uh, now,

    listen, when were you … uh … interested in … in renting this?

    C:Uh, well, we'll be leaving on a Friday, that's the … let's see, that's Friday, July 7th, and

    then returning on the Monday. That would be the tenth.

    A:Mm-hmm. Well, let's see … uh … we have … uh … Oh! We have a Pinto station wagon

    for those dates. [Mm-hmm. Good.] Um … yeah, I think … I think that's your best bet. C:OK. Uh … well, then when would we have to pick up the car and when would we have to

    return the car to get that special weekend rate?

    A:Well, for the weekend rate you have to pick up the car after four o'clock on Friday

    afternoon [Uh-huh.] and then return it by ten o'clock on Monday morning.C:After four on Friday and returning by ten o'clock on Monday morning. [Mm-hmm.] OK.

    What … uh … uh, what would be the price for that?

    A:OK, now, our … our regular rate is seventy-nine ninety-five. [Ooh!] but the special

    weekend rate w… you can get that for fifty-nine ninety-five. [Oh, Great.] Um … now the

    first three hundred miles are free, [Mm-hmm…] after that it's twelve cents per mile.C:Oh, so it's twelve cents a mile extra after the first three hundred miles?A:That's right.

    C:OK. Uh … do you have any … um … rentals with unlimited mileage?

    A:Well, we do, but you can't get that special weekend rate.

    C:Uh-huh. OK. Well, then does the fifty-nine ninety-five - that was the rate, right? [Mm-

    hmm.] — does that include insurance?

    A:No … um … the insurance is ten dollars more, but I really recommend it.C:Yeah.

    A:OK, now there's a … there's a sales tax of eight percent, [Mm-hmm…] and … um … you

    have to return the car with a full tank of gas. [Uh-huh.] Also, we require a deposit of a

    hundred dollars.

    C:Oh boy. It sure adds up!

    A:Well, our rates are still the lowest in town.

    C:Uh-huh. OK. Well, I tell you what. I'd like to think about it, if that's right, and then I'll call

    you back…uh…

    A:Sure, that's fine. Uh, listen, when you … when you do call back, ask for Doug. That's me.C:OK. Well, thanks a lot. Doug. Goodbye.

    A:Take care.

    Part IV More about the topic: What Type of Room Do You Want?

    S: If the terms are favorable, we could come to an arrangement for regular accommodation.

    Now, I wanted to discuss the types of room with you, and rates for their use.M:Certainly. The rates I’ll quote to you first of all are what we call "rack rates" , that is the

    normal rates quoted to the public. But obviously we would discuss a discount rate for you.

    Now, as regards the rooms, they are all of a very high standard. All our rooms have central

    heating. Most of them are with bathroom, and they all have a washbasin and a toilet.S:That sounds fine. Can you tell me about your single rooms?

    M:Yes. Our single rooms are very comfortable, and the rates are very reasonable. I think

    you'd find them suitable for visiting staff of all grades. The rack rate is ;40 a night.

    S: ;40 a night …

    M:Yes. Or for real economy, let's suppose you have a sales conference. You could double up

    your sales staff and put them into twin rooms. That would work out very cheaply. The

    normal rate is ;55 per twin or double room per night.

    S: Well, we might consider that possibility. But we also have some quite important visitors

    sometimes. Have you any really special accommodation we can offer them?

    M: Well, suppose you have visiting managerial staff. For something more luxurious, we can

    offer our Delphos Suite. It's delightful, and convenient for entertaining private guests. It

    has its own private terrace where guests can sit outside and enjoy the view over the lake


    S: That sounds most attractive …

    M: The normal rate is ;150 per night …

    S: ;150.

    M: but for total luxury, the finest accommodation of any hotel in this area, I can

    recommend our Bella Vista Penthouse. From the balcony, there's a magnificent view over

    the whole countryside.

    S: Oh, lovely.

    M: It has a bedroom connecting to a large sitting room, with a separate study, a bathroom, and

    a fully-fitted kitchen. It combines total luxury with total privacy. For example, if your

    Company Director and his wife wanted to stay for a few days it would be ideal.S: And the rate?

    M: The normal rate would be ;220 a night.

    Part V Do you know…?

     Five U.S. hotels were voted among the world's top ten, with the Halekulani in Honolulu ranking first, a survey of Gourmet magazine readers released last Friday said.

     Coming in second was the Oriental, in Bangkok, Thailand, followed by Villa d'Este, Cernobbio, Italy; The Regent Hong Kong, and Hotel Ritz, Paris.

     The Greenbriar, in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia ranked No. 8. The 10th-ranked hotel was the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, in Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies.

     More than 150 hotels, resorts and inns in 27 countries and regions were ranked in general and specific categories that rated such things as dining, bars, pools, workout centers and romantic atmosphere. This is the third year that Gourmet, which has more than 5 million readers, has conducted the survey.

     Another U.S. hotel, the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, topped the list for restaurant dining, beating out the Connaught in London, Italy's Villa d'Este and Bangkok's the Oriental. The Four Seasons in Philadelphia was No. 5.

     In the specific category of best business hotels, the Regent Hong Kong ranked first as it has for the past three years. In other categories, Paris' Hotel Ritz with its Roman thermal baths was voted to have the best pools and The Green- briar in West Virginia was found to have the best workout center, golf and tennis.

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