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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Unit 9


    ( ) 1. What does your mother do? _______.

     A. She does some housework B. She is a doctor

     C. She works very hard

    ( ) 2. is your uncle? He is an engineer(工程师).

    A. What B. Where C. Who

    ( ) 3. The students want to see Mr Wang. He is in ______ now.

     A. hospital B. the hospital C. a hospital ( ) 4. If you the exam, you can work here a bank clerk.

     A. pass; for B. will pass, as C. pass; as ( ) 5. Do you want to work us?

     A. to B. for C. from

    ( ) 6. Our school is children 12-16 years old.

     A. in; for B. for; in C. for; of

    ( ) 7. I think its ______ interesting _______. Do you think so, Rose?

     A. an; work B. an; job C. /; job ( ) 8. We hear _______ good news and we’re all very happy.

     A. a B. the C. any

    ( ) 9. My brothers work is interesting _______ kind of dangerous.

     A. but B. and C. with ( ) 10. Im working hard ________ people eat lunch or dinner.

    A. how B. why C. when


    I have a happy family. There are three people 11 my family. They are my father, my mother and I. My father is a 12 . He works in a bank. He thinks its a(n) 13 job. He

    wants 14 a reporter. My mother is a teacher. She 15 English in a middle school. My

    job is 16 and I like it, she says. She works hard 17 she often works late at night. In her free(空闲的) time, she likes 18 stories for a 19 . I study at a middle school. I like 20 . I want to be a singer when I grow up.

    ( ) 11. A. of B. for C. in ( ) 12. A. waiter B. clerk C. reporter ( ) 13. A. boring B. interesting C. exciting ( ) 14. A. be B. being C. to be ( ) 15. A. learns B. speaks C. teaches ( ) 16. A. dangerous B. difficult C. interesting ( ) 17. A. also B. and C. or ( ) 18. A. telling B. reading C. writing ( ) 19. A. magazine B. hotel C. library ( ) 20. A. dancing B. singing C. working


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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源


    New Century Computer Center ABC Taxi Company

    Wang Ping Manger Sun Liang Driver

    Address: 32 Heping Road, Jinan, 610342 Address: 97 Hayuan Road, Jinan, 610732

    Tel: 0531-85834233 Tel: 0531-85349561

    Mobile: 13085723341 Fax: 0531-87349503

    E-mail: E-mail:

    Mingren Hospital Tiancheng Hotel

    Li Jian Doctor Chen Tiancheng Manger

    Address: 51Jiefang Road, Jinan, 610021 Address: 26 Tiancheng Road, Jinan, 610073

    Tel: 0531-86570599 Tel: 0531-87854132

    E-mail: E-mail:


    ( ) 21. ________ works in a hotel.

    A. Cheng Tiancheng B. Li Jian C. Sun Liang ( ) 22. If you want to ask a ________ to come, you may call 0531-85349561.

    A. driver B. doctor C. manager ( ) 23. If someone is ill, he should call ________.

    A. 13085723341 B. 0531-87854132 C. 0531-86570599 ( ) 24. Tiancheng Hotel is on ________.

    A. 32 HepingRoad, Jinan, 610342 B. 26 Tiancheng Road, Jinan, 610073

    C. 97 Hayuan Road, Jinan, 610732

    ( ) 25. If your computer doesn’t work, you can write an E-mail to _______ for help.

    A. B. C.


    Do you like playing games, boys and girls? Mr Green asks.

    all the students answer. Yes, we do,

    What do your parents always say at work? You can write them on the paper and others can

    guess(猜测) their jobs.

    Here are the students answers:

    Lilys mother always says, Dont worry. Youll get well soon. Take some medicine().

    Jacks father always says, Stop! Dont move. Hands up!

    Kates mother always says, We have all kinds of clothes at good prices.

    Bens father always says, What would you like to eat, sir?

    Jennys mother always says, Good morning, class!


     Workplace(工作地点) Person Job

     Lilys mother 26. 27.

     Jacks father 28. 29.

    Kates mother 30. 31.

     Bens father 32. 33.

     Jennys mother 34. 35.

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    学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源 ?.词汇练习,10分:

    A) 根据汉语提示填入恰当的单词。,5分:

    36. Her mother works in a _________(医院).

    37. Does your father like reading ___________(报纸)?

    38. Linda, how many _________(杂志) do you have?

    39. I have no _________() with me. Can you lend() me some? 40. She wants to be a ________(警察). She thinks its exciting.

B) 根据句意及首字母提示填入正确的单词。,5分:

    41. How h they are working!

    42. Children like to go swimming in s .

    43. Playing soccer in the streets is very d_________.

    44. My uncle is a doctor. He w ________ a white uniform when he works.

    45. That man works at the TV s________. He is a reporter.


    W: Hello. Is that Mr Green?

    M: Yes. 46___________________

    W: This is Mary. I read your ad in Times. 47___________________ M: Yes. But do you like to write stories? W: Yes. I really like writing stories. M: 48_______________________

    W: I work in a school.

    M: 49_______________________

    W: Yes. I work as a Chinese teacher. M: Then why do you want to be a reporter? W: Its interesting. I like to talk with people. I feel teaching is boring, so I want to change() my


    M: Oh. 50___________________

    W: I don't mind that.

    A. But a reporter can be very busy.

    B. So you are a teacher.

    C. Whats your job now?

    D. You say you need a reporter.

    E. Who is that?


    51. My cousin works in that restaurant.,对画线部分提问:

     ________ ________ your cousin work? 52. Frank, what does your brother do?,改为同义句:

     Frank, whats your ________ ________?

    53. His friend wants to be a newspaper reporter.,改为否定句:

     His friend ________ ________ to be a newspaper reporter.

    54. I want to be a bank clerk.,对画线部分提问:

     3 5

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

     you want to be?

    55. There is a woman doctor in the hospital.,改为复数句子:

    There are in the hospital.


    eat, sometimes, home, day, before, or, newspaper, breakfast, after, walk

    My father is very busy. He usually works five 56 a week from Monday to Friday. 57_____ he works on Saturdays 58 Sundays. He often gets up early in the morning. He cooks 59_____ for my family. He goes to work at 7:10. He 60

    lunch at his workplace. He comes back 61_____ at about 6:30. My mother cooks dinner. 62 dinner he does the washing. Then he goes out and takes a 63 in the little garden. 64 he goes to bed, he often reads some 65 or watches TV. He goes to sleep very late.




    提示词~early, late, help students go across, the lost people, find, fight with(打击), thieves,

    safe(安全的), busy, dangerous

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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源


    ?.1-5 BAACB 6-10 CBBAC

    ?.11-15 CBACC 16-20 CBCAB

    ?.A) 21-25 AACBA

    B) 26. doctor 27. hospital 28. policeman 29. police station 30. shop assistant 31. shop

    32. waiter 33. restaurant 34. teacher 35. school

    ?.A) 36. hospital 37. newspapers 38. magazines 39. money 40. policewoman

    B) 41. hard 42. summer 43. dangerous 44. wears 45. station

    ?.46-50 EDCBA

    ?.51. Where does 52. brothers job 53. doesnt want 54. What do 55. women doctors

    ?.56. days 57. Sometimes 58. or 59. breakfast 60. eats 61. home 62. After 63. walk

    64. Before 65. newspapers

    ?. One possible version:

    My uncle is a policeman. He goes to work early and comes back very late every day. Sometimes he helps students go across the streets. Sometimes he helps the lost people find their homes. And at other times, he fights with thieves to keep families and people safe. His job is busy and dangerous, but its good for people. My uncle is great. I like him very much.

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