Movie Review

By Francis Rogers,2014-06-16 14:17
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Movie Review

     Movie Review.

Death at a Funeral. A comedy.

    Odine. (girl movie) Just a nice movie. But they speak with an Irish/Scottish accent.

    Troy. (boy movie) A true story about the fall of the city Troy.

    Tristan & Isolde. (boy/girl movie) A true story about old England.

    Boys Don’t Cry. (gay movie) A true story about a boy in a girls body.

*The Day the Earth Stood Still. (boy/girl movie) Science


    ****Ghost. (boy/girl movie) Comedy/Romance with a little bit scary.

    ****Kidnapped. (boy/girl movie) Documentary movie about the modern slave trade.

    ***The Flowers of War. (boy/girl movie) Chinese movie about the Nanking invasion.

    ***Public Enemy. (boy/girl movie) A movie about old American gangsters.

***The Haunting. (boy/girl movie) Scary movie.

***The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.(boy/girl

    movie) A strange movie.

    ***Cosmic Voyage. (boy/girl movie) Documentary about our universe and space. Great narrator. (speaker)

    ***Terminal. (boy/girl movie) true comedy story about being stuck in an Airport.

    ****Empire or the Sun. (boy/girl movie) About an English boy trapped in China during the war. (part true story)

***1990. (boy/girl movie)

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