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    My Thoughts After Watching The Movie

     The Gods Must Be Crazy is quite a wonderful and

    amusing film. Although the plots are simple, the inner world it unfolds is rich. And I have many thoughts after watching the movie.

    At the beginning, people in the Kalahari Desert live happily and they share everything until a bottle from the sky break the silence . They begin to find the use of the bottle day by day, a thing once did not exist becomes a necessity and everyone wants to own it . Consequently, quarrels and fights come into being. It is absurd that when people own nothing ,they are friendly and helpful ,however , selfishness ,hostility emerge as peoples desire expand with the development of the civilization .

    What impresses me most is the plot that the aborigine and A help the patrol search for the injured lion. When the lion suddenly come out , the reactions of the three people are quite different. The patrol get on the bus and left without A and the aborigine.A and the aborigine had to clime trees to avoid the lion. Unfortunately ,the tree A climed curved and a was at danger. Seeing that ,the

    aborigine came down ignoring himself and threated the lion away.The selfishness of the so-called Christian is

    contrasted with the aborigineunselfishness .and this

    plot gives me quite a strong impression.I admired the aborigine so much and I also learn that despite we are insignificant ,kindness can give us courage.

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