Better to go back to hometown than big cities upon graduation

By Allen Perez,2014-11-21 17:33
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Better to go back to hometown than big cities upon graduation

    Better to go back to hometown than big cities upon graduation

    Every year, millions of graduates face the choiceto go back to

    hometown or to go to big cities. Some of graduates like to go to big cities to seek their fortune because city life is thought as the only source of comforts and a promise of success. Graduates have more chances to find a job that cater for their majors and interests. However, as rural students, we prefer to go back to hometown because it is a better choice both for us and our families.

    Going to hometown is good for us. Firstly, going back to hometown is a short way to success for our family and friends can help us to find a good job with their relations or at least provide more useful information about good positions for us. However, it is difficult to get a job in big cities under the circumstance of more and more graduates pour into cities, and you have to strive for a position with more people than that in your hometown. Secondly, on account of fewer contests in hometown, we work with less pressure. Under this circumstance, we can live a happier and easier life. As we all know that big cities are filled with competitions and we have to work harder and harder to keep away from being fired all the time. Living in a depressive mood for a long term will result in mental weakens. Thirdly, it is easier for us to buy a house in hometown than in big cities, because the price of rural area house is lower and you can

    purchase one just after working a few years with parents support. There

    are a large number of people who still rent rooms after working several years in big cities.

    Going back to hometown upon graduation is also good for our families. First of all, staying in hometown is convenient for us to look after our parents. When we grow up, our parents become elder. Maybe there are some difficulties for them to take good care of themselves. If we stay nearby, this problem will not exist. If we are in big cities, it is too far away from our parents so that we cant performance of our duties well,

    and our parents will feel lonely especially in a single children family. In addition, when our family members are in troubles, we can stand by them both in psychic and physical if we are in hometown. It may be beyond the reach of our powers if we are in big cities. we can only worry about them, but cant do something useful.

    Taking into account all the analyses above, we may confidently come to conclusion that going back to hometown is a better choice, no matter for yourself or for your family.

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