Translation machine can not take the place of foreign language study

By Samantha Lewis,2014-11-21 17:34
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Translation machine can not take the place of foreign language study

    Translation machine can not take the place of foreign language study

    With the development of modern technology, more and more advanced translation machines are invented. Some people hold a point of view that it is not necessary for children to learn foreign language as the translation machine is highly developed in today society. Although advanced

    translation machines are put into use, it cant take the place of foreign language study for

    translation machine still has some disadvantages and foreign language learning could give children more benefits.

    Translation machine cant do a job as well as human being. No matter how highly the

    translation machine develops, it can not take the place of humans work in terms of translation. On

    the one hand, it is human who creat the translation machine and the level of machine is based on humans ability about foreign language. The higher ability we have, the better machine can be created, so it is necessary for children to learn foreign language. On the other hand, what machines can do now is to translate the material word for word with little consideration of its context, if you key in a paragraph and run the translation machine for the chinese, what you can get is just a combination of each words meaning and it is useless. Therefore, we cant rely on the translation

    machine totally. Translation machine is not a replacement for foreign language study, at least not in the near future.

    Secondly, even a perfect translation machine is invented, children ought to learn foreign language for the benefits of other aspects. it is obviously that translation machine cant instead of

    foreign language learning for studying foreign language is a good way to broaden their horizon and improve themselves. Learning language is also a process of learning foreign countys culture,

    they can get lots from foreign language study. Besides, foreign language study not only includes the translation, but also involves the ability to speak, write and listen. The translation machine cant give all of them to us, it is just a tool. Furthermore, language learning can cultivate childs

    intelligence, according to a research, child who learns two kinds of languages is more brightness than child who only learns his mother language.

    It is necessary for children to study a foreign language for the translation machines limitation

    and the advantages of foreign language study. Just as children still need to learn arithmetic despite the long existence of calculators, they can not give up foreign language learning despite the use of translation machines.

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