Saving money or using tomorrow

By Lucille Stevens,2014-11-21 17:33
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Saving money or using tomorrow

    Saving money or using tomorrows money

    Saving money or using tomorrows money, its a question. More and

    more people prefer to use tomorrows money with the influence of

    western thoughts. But in my opinion, the first option is a better one.

    Several years ago, there was a famous story about this question. A story about the different life styles between an American old lady and a Chinese old lady. The American old lady uses tomorrows money to buy a

    house and pay back the loan in her whole life. The Chinese old lady saves money and buys a house before her death. This story is often used to show the benefits of using tomorrows money. Nevertheless, taking this

    story as an example is a little extreme. Using tomorrows money needs

    the following conditions;a steady job, a good wage and a light burden. Fifty percent of people dont own these conditions, using tomorrows

    money may put them into trouble. For instance, if they can’t pay back the

    loan, the bank will take their houses and cars back.

    Although saving money is slow and hard, it is safer for us to hold our property. Furthermore, according to Chinese traditional custom, saving money is more acceptable.

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