Are young people abandoning our own culture

By Stephen Bryant,2014-11-21 17:31
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Are young people abandoning our own culture

    Are young people abandoning our own culture?

    Nowadays, young people would prefer to follow the trend in western countries. They like to celebrate Christmas more than New Years Day, like ballet more than folk dance, like opera more

    than beijing opera. It seems that these young people like weatern culture more than chinese culture, but can we consider that these young people are abandoning our own culture according to this phenomenon? Of course not, on the contrary, on matter how much they like western culture, it is just a short time trend. In their heart, they still put the chinese culture in the first place, they try their best to comprehend chinese culture and propagate chinese culture to the whole world.

    These young people also willing to make great efforts to comprehend and learn chinese culture. With the change of young peoples view, they realize that chinese culture is the core and

    essence of the chinese history, so they pay more attention to our own culture. Not long ago, an beijing opera named The Peony Pavilion was renewed and opened, it attracts a lot of young people to watch and was favorably reviewed. We can learn from this point that young people is interested in contacting our own culture. The more they know about chinese culture, the more they like it.

    On the other hand, the young people try best to propagate chinese culture to the world instead of abandon it. During learning chinese culture, they were entranced with chinese culture, they want to share their enjoyment with the other people. The national one is the world is their belief.

    The volunteers of international activities are the deputies of the young people who propagate our

    culture to the world. We all know that Expo 2010 was held in Shanghai China, and there are lots of young volunteers do a important jobintroduce our culture to foreigners. From the news, we

    can learn that they take this task as their responsibilities and do a very good job. They prove their love for our culture by their actions.

    However the time changes,there is one thing will never change, that is, our yong people will not abandon our own culture and they will make our culture perpetuative. Although the young people sometimes follow the trend in western countries in their daily life, they still hold a great interests in our own culture. They clearly know that western culture ia just a spice in their life, our own culture is the strut of spirit worlds.

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