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ISOs ON FDR Credit Policy Requirements Matrix CREDIUNQUALIFIED/UNACCEPTABLE BUSINESS HIGH RISK BUSINESS TO BUSINESS REGULAR (LOW OR T MOD RISK) REQUIREMENTS Definition Do Not Solicit as these accounts are outside of Credit Policy Guidelines. High Risk businesses with at least 21% or more in 80% Business to Business Sales 80% or more POS ? All Sexually Oriented or Pornographic merchants including: Advanced Sales or extended delivery of product/service and must be part of the Transactions defined ? Adult Book Stores or, High Risk Industries or Internet processing of approved BxB MCC Codes. If by Face to Face ? Adult Telephone Conversations or video text Bankcard transactions not applicable MCC then Transactions or Low to ? Companion/Escort Services/Dating Services account is not BxB and will fall Moderate risk ? Antiques ? Massage Parlors under another category. No industries. Includes ? Camera ? Topless bars/clubs exceptions. licensed professionals ? Charities/political organization (well know only- must ? Modeling agencies (Plumber, Doctor, etc). ? All BxB MCC's only. No be not for profit) ? Misc entertainment (not elsewhere classified) ? All Low and Exceptions ? Coin, Stamp, Collectable Dealers ? Aggregators (third party payment processors) Moderate SIC's ? Audio/video text ? Computer except those ? Airlines ? Electronics previously ? Cruise Lines ? Flea markets (Indoor and not defined as unacceptable) categorized ? Any Illegal products/services or any service or product providing peripheral ? Furniture support of illegal activities ? General Agents/Brokers ? Auction Houses ? Health Membership Clubs (Monthly) ? Bail Bondsmen ? Home Based Companies where Principal owns the ? Cellular Phone/Beepers (Services, not equipment) residence -(NOTE 1-this applies only to face to face ? Chain Letters ? Charities (other than well known) transactions, if non face to face, see MO/TO & ? Check Cashing Internet Requirements) (Note 2- this does not ? Collection agencies or firms involved in recovering/collection past due include professional and licensed professionals which receivables are considered Regular). ? Credit Repair ? Home Furnishings ? Credit Card Protection or Identity Theft Services ? Insurance Agents/Brokers ? Currency Exchanges ? Internet-(Over 1 year longevity) ? Drug Paraphernalia ? Lawyers/Law firms engaged principally in the practice of ? Extended Warranty Companies Bankruptcy Law ? Flea Markets (with no lease and phone availability) (Virtual terminal/Wireless consider High Risk) ? Limousines/Taxi (Multi-Vehicles only) ? Fortune Tellers ? Mail/Telephone Order (Over 1 Year business longevity) ? Merchants offering free gifts, prizes, sweepstakes or contests as an inducement ? Misc. Education to purchase a product/service ? Pawnbrokers/Pawn Shops (Multi Outlet chains or single ? Get Rich Quick Schemes outlets) ? Health Membership Clubs (Extended Memberships) ? Real Estate Agents/ Brokers ? Import/Export (Non Mag Stripe or MO/TO) ? Resort Reservations (no travel arrangements) ? Investment Programs/ Opportunities ? Internet pharmacies ? Sports membership Clubs (Golf, Tennis Country Clubs) ? Internet tobacco/cigarettes ? Subscription Services ? Lotteries, Gambling, internet Gambling, contests or sweepstakes ? Tanning Salons ? Sports forecasting or odds making ? Theatre ? Mortgage Reduction Services ? Used Car Dealers ? Taxi/Limousines (singletons) Virtual terminal/Wireless consider High Risk) ? Pseudo-pharmaceuticals (anti-aging, sex nutrients, etc.) ? Prepaid Cards/quasi cash ? Real Estate Seminars ? Shippers/forwarding Brokers ? Timeshare ? Travel Agents/Tour Operators/Travel Clubs ? Merchants engaged in Door to Door Sales ? Pyramid or multi-level marketing distribution ? Third party order fulfillment ? Merchants engaged in Outbound Telemarketing ? Infomercial merchants or other inbound telemarketers engaged in upsell ? Merchants offering rebates or special incentives


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    ISOs ON FDR Credit Policy Requirements Matrix CREDIT UNQUALIFIED/UNACCEPTABLE HIGH RISK BUSINESS TO BUSINESS REGULAR (LOW OR MOD REQUIREMENTS BUSINESS RISK) N/A Application must be signed by a minimum of 1 Application must be signed by a minimum Application must be signed Merchant

    Owner/Officer of 1 Owner/Officer by a minimum of 1 Application &

    Owner/Officer Agreement

    N/A Yes-Completed by Salesperson. Yes-Completed by Salesperson Yes-Completed by Visitation

    Salesperson. N/A Business Check or Typed letter on Bank Letterhead. Business Check or Typed letter on Bank Business Check or Typed Voided Check

    Letterhead letter on Bank Letterhead N/A Fed ID Required (Corp), SS# Required for Fed ID Required (Corp), SS# Required Fed ID Required (Corp), Federal ID#

    Partnership or Sole Owner for ALL Accounts. for Partnership or Sole Owner for ALL SS# Required for

    Accounts. Partnership or Sole Owner

    for ALL Accounts.

     Name, Address and SS# required for all principals. Name, Address and SS# required for all Name, Address and SS# Principal

    Not required for well known Not-for profits must principals. Not required for well known required for all principals. Information

    have at least 50 employees, public companies and Not-for profits must have at least 50 Not required for Not-for

    Government entities. employees, public companies and profit, public companies and

    Government entities. Government entities. N/A None Required, except MO/TO & Internet None required; except Card Not Present None Longevity

    merchants which have a 1 year longevity merchants which have a 1 year longevity

    requirement. requirement.

N/A Required a minimum of 2 industry Related Trades. Required a minimum of 2 industry Not Required, unless $2MM Trade Suppliers

    3 Trades Recommended Related Trades. 3 Trades Recommended or more in Bankcard Sales.

    If $2MM or Over in

    bankcard Sales, minimum of

    2 Industry related trades. 3

    recommended. N/A Required for ALL MO/TO & Internet. MO/TO & Required for merchants with less than 1+ Recommended, not required Personal

    Internet must have good credit. Highly years longevity. Required for all Card Guarantee

    Recommended, although not required for all other Not Present Merchants.


N/A Only required with $1MM or Over in Bankcard Required with $1MM or Over in Not Required, unless $2MM 2 year Financials

    Sales Bankcard Sales or more in Bankcard Sales. (Most Recent)

    N/A Required where 21% or more of Bankcard Sales are Marketing materials, product Description, Not Required. Brochures

    MO/TO or Internet. Website Address, marketing etc., required. Advertisements

    Material, brochures, etc. catalogs

    N/A Required for MO/TO and Internet (3) months Not Required Not Required Processing


    N/A Credit has option to require Credit has option to requireACH Delay Credit has option to require N/A Reserve upon Request from Credit Reserve upon Request from Credit Reserve upon Request from Reserve


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