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     Welcome to The Lord of Zone




     Welcome to The Lord of Zone


    ; Market Feasibility Analysis


    ; Service Description


    ; Marketing Strategy


; Basis For Payoff



     Welcome to The Lord of Zone


    SupermanBatmanSpider-manCinderellaSnow White

    ZorroMickey MouseJordan, and Angle. Maybe they make up

    of the idols of ours. Whether you wanna be one of them some day and meanwhile meet your own prince and princess. But reality is always reality. Though God gives us the chance to transmigrate, we only can act as one role at a time. “I have a dream……”Have no such great dream as Martin Luther King had, but it is really so sweet to have a dream of our own. OK! That’s it! Come to join us! Let’s purse our dreams! Nobody cares what you

    wear, where you’re from, and who you are. Are you ready to cry get up! Yeah! Welcome to masquerade.

; Market Feasibility Analysis

1 Market Environment Analysis

    In 2003, the average expenditures of entertainment and education of inhabitant family in Beijing is 1964.2. Compared with last year, it has

    increased by 8.6%. While compared with 1997, it has increased by 20%. Averagely, it has increased by 14% each year, higher than consuming expenditures of 4.8%. The expenditure of entertainment is 411.3,

    which increases by 60.7%, averagely increases by 8.2% each year. From the data, we can find that the consumption on entertainment is increasing


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

    steadily and strongly.

    Some report shows that: the youth in China are not restrained in consumption. Among the college students who are interviewed, 36% always buy non-necessaries. Except for tuition fee, 60% students have more than 500 alimony, 30% have more than 700 and 10% have

    100. So, this young group will become the main group of consumption. Meanwhile, 80% students agree with the saying that Its best to do

    follow your own opinion. They are the delegates of Chinese colleges’

    students: they always go their own ways, yearn for fashion, enjoy different life, and get no interested in tired corporation environment; they are optimistic, self-confident, want to have life of their own and begin to think about them, wish to master their fate and prefer fashionable consumption.

    So, its time to set up masquerade. This plan fits the inhabitant in Beijing. Nowadays, the main entertainment places are KTVresorts and

    some simple programs. We are on the right time to fill up the market blank.

2 Market Segmentation

    1) Geographic segmentation

    Beijing is the capital of China. There are many colleges and

    universities. Also, there are lots of foreigners, especially the students

    abroad. The commerce is prevailing in Beijing and its easy to receive

    new things. There are many advantages to open a masquerade and we

    can get plenty of sources of customers.

    2) Demographic segmentation


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

    We divide people into three groups according to the age and the ability to receive new things:

    A. Easy to receive new things but lack money: 1~19 ages (pupils

    and middle school students)

    B. Easy to receive new things and have enough money: 20~35

    ages (college students and the youth having certain income)

    C. Hard to receive new things but have enough money: 36 ages~

    (the people succeeding in their careers but no more young in their

    minds and preferring leisure life)

    As far as the first group is concerned, the people of this group are in the step of growing. Although they are interested in new things, they can get little money from their parents. And because of the pressure of study, they dont have much time to enjoy life, the

    traveling during the holidays and the activities organized by school are enough for them.

    For the second group, persons of this group are during the best time of their life, just saying goodbye to the busy life of high schools and enjoying the leisure time in campus. During this period, they tend to find some places to let their energy out to show themselves. When they start to work, the pressures coming from society and themselves will all force them to find ways to relax. So firstly, people in this period need some ways to relax and vent themselves. Secondly, they are during the time to find their lovers. People who havent found their

    lovers want to meet the Mr. /Miss Right in some place. While people having had the other part of their life want to find some ways to enjoy their romantic life. Our plan is just for them-mysterious, romantic and


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

    popular. You may meet your prince charming or Cinderella. Because love is invaluable, high consumption is necessary. Thirdly, they have the own characteristics that people during the other periods of life dont have: they always go their own ways, yearn for fashion, enjoy different life, and get no interested in tired corporation environment; they are optimistic, self-confident, want to have life of their own and begin to think about them, wish to master their fate and prefer fashionable consumption. Fourthly, the most important factor is that theyve already own a certain quantity of wealth, so they can consume what they want. Lastly, they are Chinas echo boomers, and the

    number is large.

    Regarded to the third group, most of them are very successful in their careers and have their children. They dont just think of

    themselves any longer and like to do the risky things.

    3) Personality segmentation

    According to personality, we can divide people into four parts: compulsivegregariousauthoritarian and ambitious. Obviously, our

    target customers are the gregarious. This kind likes making friends in public places. And their consumption tendency is determined by this personality.

    4) Target market

    Based on the investigation and the segmentation to market, we decide our target market: gregarious Beijing inhabitants between 20~35 years old. This target market guarantees that we will have enough customers.


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

; Service Description

1 Brief Introduction

    Name: The Lord of Zone

    Major Business Item: Masquerade

    Our Tenet: Create the chance of dream coming true, for you and for us.

2 Operating Items and Mode of Service

    1) Arrangement

    The Lord of Zone is the first and only one entertainment ground

    that specially deal in masquerade in Beijing as yet. At the same time, it

    is also an zone gathering barballcostumes supply. The detailed

    arrangement is as follows:

    Underground Ground



    Rooms Ballroom Ballroom

    Costumes Circumrotatory Supply Staircase area Office

     Welcome to The Lord of Zone




    The first floor

    The Lord of Zone is built up three floors: One is underground

    and the other two are over. There is a parking lot in front of our gate. The underground one and the ground together constitute a large

    2ballroom which is 314m and 7m high. Underground there is a long

    corridor encircling the ballroom. On the side of it, there are 40 dressing rooms and optional costumes supply area. Every dressing room is independent and standing against the wall of the ballroom with its door facing the corridor. While opposite the dressing rooms, it is optional costumes supply area. Every costume is hanging against the wall of the hall. On the ground, the place encircling the ballroom is designed for the dancers to have a break. People can drink, chat with each other, look down and enjoy the dancing ladies and gentlemen. The handrails are European-style, while the whole ballroom is European castle-style. Once the customers come into our masquerade, they can choose to go downstairs along the staircase on the side of you and select a costume to dress yourself up, or go ahead and walk along the 4m wide big staircase to the palace of dream if you have dressed yourself up.

    On the first floor, there is a peace bar. It is a completely different place for the customers: elegant musicspecial bartenders and swing


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

    chairs. The wall facing outside is glass wall entire. People can enjoy drinking and the beautiful scene outside. And at the back of the room, that is the offices for our workers to work and have a rest. There are 4 circumrotatory staircases linking the first floor and the ground. The two in the front are for the customers and the other two behind are for our workers. So when the workers come and go from the ballroom to the offices, it is impossible to disturb the customers.

    2) Operating Items

     “The Lord of Zone” is a fantastic entertainment ground and a

    good place for class reunionclass partynet friends to meet at the

    first time and also a nice whither for office party. The detailed items are as follows:

     : There are two segments a day. The afternoon

    part keeps from 13:00 to 21:00, and the next part holds from 21:00 to 5:00. The price for the afternoon part is lower and fit for the students of colleges and universities. While the night part aims at the white-collar rank. All people coming our masquerade should be dressed up, but what role you want to act is totally up to you. Here no matter whom you are or what you wear, the most important thing is happiness. We DJ has a high level and can lead you into the bourns of quietgentlenesshigh-spiritheatbender. Around you there are

    filled with the flavor of fairy tale. Besides these, when the clock strikes 12 at midnight, we’ll vote the super high popular person, and

    the standard is totally stochastic, such as prince charmingpretty

    princessCinderellaqueen of ballroomthe most special costume

    the most energetic man. The judges are everyone present, and the


     Welcome to The Lord of Zone

    lucky person will get a secret gift from The Lord of Zone. And

    thing is during the masquerade, we provide self-help cookies and

    limited fruit salad.

     : One special feature of The Lord of Zone

    is to supply thousands of costumes and masks for the coming

    customers. You can optionally choose whatever you like from all of

    them and dress yourself up in the dressing room, where there are

    several mirrors from all aspects so that people can preen themselves

    very well. And it is up to you that what costume you wear and how

    many times you change. If you have your special demand, please

    inquire us before one week, and we can prepare it for you. Dont

    worry about taking the same costume by surprise, because in The

    Lord of Zone, there is single costume of one type.

     : The costumes of The Lord of Zone can be

    hired out. If supposed to hire some costumes, you can sign the

    agreement with us. Well charge according to the date.

     : The Lord of Zone can hold a

    party for you. Office partyclass partygraduation etc, all of them

    can be reserved before a week. We will arrange it for you; also the

    suitable ambience. For example, in birthday party, there will be the

    name of birthday host on each of the cookies and cakes, and well

    give him or her a surprise at 12:00. On the whole, well do our best to

    prepare the parties.

     gathering>: If

    on the festival such as ChristmasValentines dayAllhallownas

    nobody have a special reservation, well celebrate it with all of


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