Leap Year

By Steven Lawrence,2014-05-13 11:16
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Leap Year

    Leap Year

    It’s our common sense that we have leap year and common year, and usually it makes no difference to us. However, the film Leap Year tells us an amazing story.

    Having fallen in love with the cardiologist called Jeremy for four years, Anna hopes desperately to get married. To her disappointment, it seems that Jeremy has on intention at all. That’s why her father often scoffs at her by telling the story of Anna’s grandma Jane. One day, when Anna was trying on a new dress for their appointment, her friend came and brought her a surprising news. She saw Anna’s boyfriend with a well-designed box

    in his hand came out of a shop which is famous for rings. Anna was so delighted that she went to meet her father immediately. Announcing to her father that she would be engaged, she hurried off to have dinner with Jeremy. Hopefully and anxiously, she waited for his proposal. Then came the moment he took out that little box and put it before Anna. She carefully opened it only to find that a pair of earrings lying in it. At this moment, Jeremy received a message which ordered him to fly to Dublin for a meeting and he went away.

    Anna was sleepless that night, her father’s words echoed in her ears. That old Irish tradition came to her mind again. Her father told her that thin the old Ireland girls could propose to their boyfriend on 29 February

    of a leap year, and that grandma Jane did it and got married happily. Watching the screen of her computer, Anna decided to go to Dublin and to propose to Jeremy. Things turned out not to be so smooth. The airplane she took encountered thunderstorm was forced to land on Wales; all the ferries to Dublin were canceled; the small boat she rented was almost turned over in the sea. At last, she arrived at a restaurant in a small town called Dingle. The owner, Declan, together with others there played jokes on Anna for her ridiculous behaviormake proposal to her boyfriend. In

    order to repay the debt, Declan agreed to drive her to Dublin for 500Euro. Again God play jokes on her. As they quarreled with each other, Declan’s

    car rushed into a pool and couldn’t work. What’s worse, her LV suitcase was robbed by three men because she didn’t follow his advice. Then in a pub, Declan got Anna’s suitcase back with a violent fight. Despite all the difficulties, they find the railway station. Unfortunately, the missed the last train because of a visiting to an old castle. Owning to the bad weather, they had no choice but pretended to be a newly married couple so that they could get a room in the family hotel. They were in a perfect harmony as if they were a real couple. A special feeling began to rise in both of their hearts. However, neither did he or she express it out.

    Finally, they reached Dublin. It was in the hotel where Jeremy lived they departed. And Jeremy came at the last moment when Declan tried to express his love. To Anna’s surprise, with his one knee down, Jeremy proposed to her. She hesitated for a while, but received the proposal when

    she saw Declan left. They flied back to New York to celebrate their wedding. Anna found that Jeremy married her only because of an apartment on the ceremony. And she realized that she loved Declan deeply in her heart.

    Instantly, she went back to the restaurant in Dingle and proposed to Declan. Declan said nothing , instead, he ran away. She cried on the cliff when he found her. He rejected her proposal but proposed to her himself. With all the wishes from people of the small town, they went to spend their honeymoon.

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