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    Health Tourism Practice

    a Profile

    (…an International Advisory providing Knowledge, Analysis and Strategic Thought)

    Credentials, Role and Offerings

    …collaboration and innovation in Health Tourism

    …from a Competency Unit to a Practice

    hCc took an early interest in health tourism (almost since our inception in 1997)

    and developed a Competency Unit which went on to become a Practice in 2006.

    The Practice has an independent agenda, its own trademarks and dedicated

    websites - but continues to have full access to the common hCc knowledge

    base and resources.

    Our Health Tourism Credentials

    hCc pioneered the concept and practice of Health Tourism Domain


    We have developed the first comprehensive Executive Health Tourism

    Course (which leads to the Health Tourism certificate?).

    Our think and do tank wise heads have devised the Health Tourism Quality and Value Perception Index.

    hCc has undertaken the initiative to benchmark perceived good practices in

    Health Tourism aiming to identify and validate Best Practices.

    Although healthCare cybernetics is not as yet widely known, our competency

    in Health Tourism has been recognised.

    For following are examples of this recognition:

    ? hCc’s founder was an invited and hosted presenter of one of the 5 stworkshops at the 1 World Health Tourism Congress (Wiesbaden,

    Germany May 2006)

    ? hCc has been engaged to provide consulting services to the

    scheduled annual World Health Tourism Congresses (Limassol,

    Cyprus, 2007, Marbella, Spain, 2008, Cape Town, South Africa, 2009)

    ? Dr. Constantinides was an invited speaker at the Round Table

    Conference on “Health Tourism in Europe” (organized by a European

    Union Member of Parliament and hosted by “The Center”, Brussels,

     Belgium, October 2006)st? Dr. Constantinides was an invited and hosted presenter at the 1

    Philoxenia Spa Congress (Thessaloniki, Greece, November 2006)

    ? The Cyprus Tourism Organization held a workshop on Health Tourism

    at which Dr. Constantinides was the exclusive instructor (Limassol,

    Cyprus,November, 2006)

    ? hCc participated in the E.U. Commission Consultation on cross-border

    health services and patient mobility - under Community law (January


    ? Dr. Constantinides has been invited (as a hosted speaker) to talk on

    Health Tourism Domain Integration at the 3rd annual Caribbean

    Health and Spa Tourism Symposium (Kingston, Jamaica, May 13 - 14,


    Our Knowledge and Resources

    We started out with a deep knowledge of the healthcare sector and the broad

    interests and resources to further develop and expand on this.

    Armed with proprietary technologies and know-how and the versatilist’s appetite and enthusiasm, we proceeded to develop a competence in Health


    Besides our IT resources and corporate infrastructure, we regard the wise

    heads with first-hand knowledge and expertise in health tourism - that are part

    of our think and do tank? - as a core resource. They in turn have full access

    to our technology and knowledge resources.

    Our Technologies and Know-how

    healthCare cybernetics:

    ? Developed a system for dealing with the complexity and data-

    intensiveness of the healthcare sector (Total HealthCare Information?)

    ? Developed a competence in Location Intelligence (with relevance to

    the healthcare sector and its domains)

    ? Pioneered the Concept and Practice of regarding the healthcare

    sector in terms of Domains and Clusters (HealthCare ClusterMap?)

    ? Designed a system for presenting the Health Tourism Domain (and

    associated information) in interactive and visual form information

    visualisation (Health Tourism Map?)

    ? Designed the scaleable and universally implementable Tourism

    Domain Integration, Segmentation and Development Model (which is

    now being offered for implementation, internationally)

    ? Designed a modular Executive and Vocational Health Tourism Course,

    which leads to the Health Tourism Certificate?) see Education and


    Using “what is known” to create “what can be”

    Characteristically, hCc employs its knowledge, technologies and versatilism to


    “wise heads” (and their protégés) hCc has a very solid in-house infrastructure and knowledge base. Nevertheless,

    we make full use of the additional knowledge and perspectives gained through

    the regular interaction with our internationally distributed wise heads (insiders

    and experts).

    25 years of ongoing personal contact, interaction and network building by hCc’s

    founder has provided us with access to an international pedigree-rich pool of

    academic, clinical and corporate players.

    Furthermore, the knowledge and insight gained in the process of developing a

    universal system of healthcare sector integration allows us to identify leaders,

    creative thinkers and doers.

    The wise heads have been asked to also bring along their protégés - young,

    techno-savvy and enthusiastic professionals (the budding Health Tourism

    Domain leaders of tomorrow).

    Our current health tourism wise heads:

    ? Petra Wiedman, Aktiv Consult, Frankfurt, Germany (Spa Tourism)

    ? Jochen Baumgartner, Quartana, Wiesbaden, Germany (European Spa

    Tourism Promotion and Development)

    ? Aruna Thurairajaran, Overseas Medical Services [Canada], Calgary,

    Alberta, Canada (Treatment Abroad)

    ? Hadi Malaeb, Aura International, Dubai, UAE (Health Tourism Events


    ? Professor George Deliconstantinos, Ph.D., Dept. Experimental

    Physiology, University of Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece (The

    scientific basis - at molecular level - of Spa Therapies, Anti-aging -

    world authority on free radicals and oxidative stress)

    ? Constantine Constantinides, M.D., Ph.D., healthCare cybernetics,

    Athens, Greece (Health Tourism Domain Integration and Development,

    Health Tourism Enterprise, Health Tourism Education / Training,

    Analysis and Strategic Thought)

    ? Valia Sfakakis, healthCare cybernetics protégé, Athens, Greece

    (Sports Tourism)

    Our Offerings / Services

    Our offerings take the form of:

    ? Advisory Service (analysis and strategic thought) on Health Tourism

    ? Health Tourism Intelligence

    ? Domain Integration and Development Projects

    ? Executive and Vocational Education and Training

    ? Lectures, Presentations and Workshops on Health Tourism

    See details below.

    Advisory Service

    ? Analysis and strategic thought on Health Tourism / Health Tourism

    Enterprise Development

    ? Health Tourism Cluster Development

    Health Tourism Intelligence

    Our Health Tourism Intelligence Service is modelled on that of the Economist

    Intelligence Unit.

    We systematically monitor, document, analyse and evaluate issues and

    developments in Health Tourism (globally / country-by-country).

    Through this process, we arrive at / develop our Health Tourism Intelligence

    service offerings, which include:

    ? Health Tourism Trends Tracking

    ? Limited Circulation and Commissioned Intelligence and Strategic


    ? The Health Tourism Quality and Value Perception Index

    (we rank Countries by the perceived Quality and Value of their Health

    Tourism Services as determined by expert assessment and opinion


    ? Good Health Tourism Practices and Benchmarking

    We monitor and assess Initiatives, Projects and Concerted Actions in

    order to identify successes success factors - and failures and the

    causes for each). Good Practices are benchmarked as part of our

    initiative to spot and validate Best Practices.

    Health Tourism Domain Integration projects healthCare cybernetics pioneered the concept and practice of Domain

    Integration. These take the form of Stakeholder Cluster Initiatives and Projects.

    Their objective is to establish the infrastructure and provide the tools for “fail-

    safe” and Efficient Health Tourism Domain Administration and Development.

    Health Tourism Professional / Executive Education and Training

    A developing Domain cannot be expected to be sustainable without education

    and training (and research) to support it.

    hCc has drawn on its academic roots and entrepreneurial and technology

    backgrounds to design a hybrid Health Tourism Modular Course which leads

    to the Health Tourism Certificate? The modules taken as a whole, aim to:

    ? Provide the knowledge and skills necessary to “understand, administer

    and manage”

    ? Inspire and encourage exploration, innovation, development and


    Several Assignment and Thesis topics are suggested (with more added, as

    issues lending themselves to study and research emerge or are identified).

    If required, the services of “supervisor and mentor” are also provided.

Lectures, Presentations and Workshops on Health Tourism

    We have prepared a range of structured lectures, presentations and workshops

    on Health Tourism (comprehensively supported by illustrative PowerPoint

    slides). The full list is available on request.

    We generally respond positively to invitations to present these at suitable


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