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sentences201 ...

     A. economic B. economical

    ( ) 16.The rain slowed down the construction. ?.Choose the more suitable word from the two provided for each A. continual B. continuous

    ( ) 17.The president together with some professors here. blank in the following sentences.(20×1) A. is B. are

    ( ) 18. in the mud, the car had to be pushed. ( ) 1. The of the school will resign because of poor health.

     A. Sticking B. Stuck A. principle B. principal

    ( ) 19.When he was little, he saw much more of his mother than his ( ) 2. Two miles as far as she can walk.

    father . A. is B. are

    A. was B. did ( ) 3. The police begun making inquires about the case.

    ( ) 20.What do the rich know about ? A. have B. has

     A. poor and hungry B. the poor and the hungry ( ) 4. What he has had two dictionaries and some reference books.

     A. is B. are ?. Explain the following nouns in English:( 5×4)

    ( ) 5. Either Bill or Joan will bring a sample of own work.

    1. Coordination A. his B.their

     ( ) 6. I a great deal since 1990.

     A. howe traveled B. have been traveling

     ( ) 7. The library had just closed, I couldnt get any of the

     reserued books.

     A. so B. therefore

     ( ) 8. It heavily at 8 oclock.

     A. began to snow B. snowed

    2. Unity ( ) 9. a lifetime is short, much can be accomplished.

     A. Although B. Because

     ( ) 10.I the book for several days and will finish it tonight.

     A. have read B. have been reading

     ( ) 11.This is his latest novel. you read it?

     A. Have B. Did

3. Summary 6页:第1 6页:第2 ( ) 12.Romeo and Juliet worth reading.

     A. is B. are

     ( ) 13.We should bear in all these important rules.

     A. heart B. mind

     ( ) 14.The dinner her mother served was .We enjoyed it greatly.

     A. terrific B. terrible

     ( ) 15.We should be of our time and avoid doing anything

    4. Classification and division unnecessary.

     5. Returning home after school, supper was waiting for him in the kitchen.

5. Comparison and contrast

     6. Everyone of the students, including myself, have bought this dictionary.

     ?. Improve the following sentences:(Underline and correct it)

    7. He visited all the historical monuments he wanted to see for a long time. ( 10×2)

    1. Chinas population is larger than America.

     8. A great deal of teachers are discussing.

    2. Mom washed the dishes, I dried and put them away.

3. Shakespeare was one of the greatest dramatists. 9. It was in the classroom where we had the meeting last night. 6页:第3 6页:第4

4. Nobody knows why did Mr. Levin Leave the meeting early.

     10. She put all her reference books into a box, which she would use after

     taking the new job.

?. Translating the following sentences into English: 5×3′,

    1. 他的犯罪动机不明。

    2. 他们只在意对方:我觉得我很多余。

    3. 那位老人蹒跚地向前走着。

    4. 我庆幸我没迟到。

    5. 这位年轻人的事业刚刚起步。 6页:第5 6页:第6

?. Practical writing (25)

    Write a first-person narrative describing: the happiest or sadest or most, memorable or most important day in your life. (at least 200 words)

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