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sentences201(1) ...

     ( ) 15.We should be of our time and avoid doing anything


     A. economic B. economical ?.Choose the more suitable word from the two provided for each

    ( ) 16.The rain slowed down the construction.

     A. continual B. continuous blank in the following sentences.(20×1)

    ( ) 17.The president together with some professors here.

     A. is B. are ( ) 1. There will be changes in the itinerary.

    ( ) 18. in the mud, the car had to be pushed. A. farther B. further

     A. Sticking B. Stuck ( ) 2. The chairman tacked about future plans the end of

    ( ) 19.When he was little, he saw much more of his mother than his his report

    father . A. toward B. at

    A. was B. did ( ) 3. I whether this plan will work.

    ( ) 20.They enjoy to foreign countries. A. suspect B. doubt

     A. traveling B. making trips ( ) 4. What he has had two dictionaries and some reference books.

     A. is B. are ?. Write a summary of the following passage:20′,80-100 words

    ( ) 5. Either Bill or Joan will bring a sample of own work.

     A. his B.their How I missed a train

    ( ) 6. I a great deal since 1990.

    It was a sultry mid-summer afternoon. As I was to leave for Beijing by train A. have traveled B. have been traveling

    at 6 P.m. and stay in the train the whole night, my-experienced aunt stressed ( ) 7. The library had just closed, I couldnt get any of the

    that the first important thing for me to do was to get some sleep. As my aunt reserved books.

    insisted, I went to bed and slept. Soon my exhausted aunt also fell asleep. The A. so B. therefore

    hypnotizing high temperature tended to make people sleep like a log, and we woke ( ) 8. It heavily at 8 oclock.

    up to find it was already 5 oclock! A. began to snow B. snowed

    My aunts home was quite a long way from the railway station, so I suggested ( ) 9. a lifetime is short, much can be accomplished.

    that we should go without supper. But my aunt insisted that a good meal was A. Although B. Because

    absolutely necessary. Six dishes were put on the table twenty minutes later. ( ) 10.I the book for several days and will finish it tonight.

    Just as I picked up the chopsticks, my brother brought up the subject of his A. have read B. have been reading

    girlfriend and asked me to say something nice about her when I saw Mother. I had ( ) 11.This is his latest novel. you read it?

    never talked with the girl and know nothing about her. My brother was very much A. Have B. Did

     6页:第3 6页:第4 annoyed, not to say that the argument cost me fore more precious minutes. 6页:第1 6页:第2 ( ) 12.Romeo and Juliet worth reading.

    When my aunt and I finally arrived at the station, I found the passengers A. is B. are

    gate already closed. I heard the sound of the siren. How disappointed I was. ( ) 13.We should bear in all these important rules.

     A. heart B. mind

     ( ) 14.The dinner her mother served was .We enjoyed it greatly.

     A. terrific B. terrible

     6. Everyone of the students, including myself, have bought this dictionary.

     ?. Improve the following sentences:(Underline and correct it)

    7. He visited all the historical monuments he wanted to see for a long time. ( 10×2)

    1. Chinas population is larger than America.

     8. A great deal of teachers are discussing.

    2. Mom washed the dishes, I dried and put them away.

    3. Shakespeare was one of the greatest dramatists. 9. It was in the classroom where we had the meeting last night.

4. Nobody knows why did Mr. Levin Leave the meeting early.

     10. She put all her reference books into a box, which she would use after

     taking the new job.

     ?. Translate the following sentences into English: ( 5×3)

    6页:第3 6页:第4 5. Returning home after school, supper was waiting for him in the kitchen. 1. 我看见他气得直哆嗦。

    2. 他抛下妻儿出国去了。

3. 我咳嗽一声:暗示他该走了。

    4. 请给我帮个忙:给床上的孩子盖好被子。

5. 我跟她打招呼:可她根本不理我。

?. Practical writing (25)

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