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Eddie Riedl Vita Updated: 07/31/2009


Harvard Business School

    Morgan Hall 365 20 Dartmouth Drive

    Boston, MA 02163 Framingham, MA 01701

    Phone: 617.495.6368 508.877.6502



     Ph.D. in Business Administration, with concentration in Accounting

     Pennsylvania State University 2002

     B.B.A. / M.B.A. with concentration in Accounting

     Pace University 1992


     2007 present Harvard Business School, Associate Professor of Business Administration

     2002 2007 Harvard Business School, Assistant Professor of Business Administration


    [1] “High-Technology Intangibles and Analysts’ Forecasts”

     - with Orie Barron, Donal Byard, and Charles Kile

     Journal of Accounting Research (May) 2002: 289 312.

[2] “External Monitoring of Property Appraisal Estimates and Information Asymmetry”

     - with Karl Muller, III

     Journal of Accounting Research (June) 2002: 865 881.

    [3] “An Examination of Long-Lived Asset Impairments”

     The Accounting Review (July) 2004: 823 852.

     - received American Accounting Association 2004 Competitive Manuscript Award

    [4] “Asymmetric Timeliness Tests of Accounting Conservatism”

     - with J. Richard Dietrich and Karl Muller, III

     Review of Accounting Studies (March) 2007: 95 124.

[5] The Determinants of Analyst-Firm Pairings

     - with Lihong Liang and Ram Venkataraman

     Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 2008: 277-294.

    [6] “Market Reaction to the Adoption of IFRS in Europe”

     - with Chris Armstrong, Mary Barth, and Alan Jagolinzer

     (forthcoming, The Accounting Review)

[7] Signaling Firm Performance Through Financial Statement Presentation:

     An Analysis Using Special Items

     - with Suraj Srinivasan

     (forthcoming, Contemporary Accounting Research)


Eddie Riedl Vita Updated: 07/31/2009

    WORKING PAPERS [A] Consequences of Voluntary and Mandatory Fair Value Accounting: Evidence Surrounding IFRS

    Adoption in the European Real Estate Industry

     - with Karl Muller and Thorsten Sellhorn (under review)

    [B] Information Risk and Fair Value: An Examination of Equity Betas and Bid-Ask Spreads

     - with George Serafeim (under review)

    [C] Insider Trading Preceding Goodwill Impairments

     - with Karl Muller and Monica Neamtiu (under review)

    WORK-IN-PROCESS [a] “Why Have Special Items Increased Over Time?”

     - with Suraj Srinivasan

[b] Fair Value and Executive Compensation

     - with Fabrizio Ferri and Karl Muller

    INVITED DISCUSSIONS/OTHER PUBLICATIONS [i] “Reduce the Risk of Failed Financial Judgments

     - with Robert Eccles, Jr.

     - Harvard Business Review July-August 2008

[ii] Discussion of “Regulatory Incentives for Earnings Management through Asset Impairment Reversals

    in China

     - forthcoming, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

    [iii] Discussion of “Accounting Conservatism and the Trade-Off Between Current Earnings’ Ability to

    Predict Future Cash Flows versus Future Earnings

     - Contemporary Accounting Research 2008 Conference, paper still under review

    INVITED WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS 2009 Harvard Business School; Indiana University; London Business School; Northwestern University;

    NYU JAAF Conference (scheduled); Yale University (scheduled)

    2008 Boston College; Center for Accounting Research (CARE) Conference on Financial Statement

    Analysis and Valuation: Cross-Border Issues,” in London; Columbia University; Harvard

    Business School/MIT Junior Faculty Consortium; NYU JAAF Conference on Deviations from

    Historical Cost

    2007 Boston University; Georgetown University; Harvard Business School; NYU JAAF Conference on

    Transparency of Corporate Information”

    2006 Harvard Business School; Ohio State University; Southern Methodist University; Stanford

    University; University of Chicago; University of North Carolina Global Issues in Accounting

    Conference; University of Toronto

    2005 Michigan State University; University of Massachusetts; UNC-Duke Research Conference

    2004 Boston Area Research Conference; Harvard Business School; University of Connecticut;

    University of Iowa

    2003 George Washington University; Harvard Business School; University of Minnesota


Eddie Riedl Vita Updated: 07/31/2009

2002 Boston College; Columbia University; CUNY Baruch; Harvard Business School; MIT; New

    York University; Northwestern University; Stanford University; University of California,

    Berkeley; University of Chicago; University of Michigan; University of Pennsylvania; Villanova

    University; Yale University

    CONFERENCES ATTENDED 2009 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting New York City

     Stanford University, “Perceptions on US Capital Market Adoption of IFRS” 2008 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting Anaheim

     Contemporary Accounting Research Conference Quebec City

    2007 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting Chicago

    2006 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting Washington DC

     AAA/FASB Financial Reporting Issues Conference Norwalk

    2005 Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference Boston

     American Accounting Association Annual Meeting San Francisco

     AAA/FASB Financial Reporting Issues Conference Norwalk

    2004 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting Orlando

     Review of Accounting Studies Conference University of Notre Dame

    2003 New Faculty Consortium

    2002 Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference, Boston

    OTHER INVITED CONFERENCES/REQUESTED SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS 2008 National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) annual conference keynote

    speaker: Convergence in Global Financial Reporting: Implications for the Real Estate Industry” 2007 American Association of Petroleum Geologists/Society of Petroleum Engineers (AAPG/SPE)

    International Multidisciplinary Reserves Conference invited participant on issues surrounding

    oil and gas inventory reserve accounting and related fair value estimation

    2006 American Real Estate Society (ARES) Annual Meeting invited panelist on fair value reporting

     CUNY Baruch/Financial Executives Institute (FEI) invited panelist on fair value accounting

    HONORS External: American Accounting Association Competitive Manuscript Award (2004)

     chosen as US representative to attend European Accounting Association Doctoral

    Consortium in Athens, Greece (2002)

     Arthur Andersen Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2001-2002)

     American Accounting Association Doctoral Fellowship (1997)

Harvard: three-time winner of Capstone Professor Teaching Award (awarded within the first

    year MBA program)

Penn State: G. Kenneth Nelson Fellowship (1997-2001)

     W. Edward Hastings Graduate Scholarship (1999)

     Executive Education Doctoral Fellowship (1997-1999)


Eddie Riedl Vita Updated: 07/31/2009

    Pace University: Full scholarship for both undergraduate and graduate studies

     Graduated Summa Cum Laude and from University Honors Program

     Received award for Outstanding B.B.A. / M.B.A. Student

    SERVICE ACTIVITIES Ad hoc referee,

    The Accounting Review

    Journal of Accounting Research

    Journal of Accounting and Economics

    Contemporary Accounting Research

    Review of Accounting Studies

    Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance

    Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting

    Journal of Accounting and Public Policy

    AAA annual meetings (2002-2009)

    FARS (2002-2009)

    International (2004-2009) sections of AAA

    AAA Competitive Manuscript Award Committee (Chair), 2006-2007

    Dissertation Committee Member, HBS: George Serafeim, dissertation in progress.

    TEACHING Institution Level Course Student Rating Harvard Executive Strategic Financial Analysis for Business Evaluation 4.6 / 5.0

     (average rating over 3 sections; 70 students/section)

     Strategic Finance for Smaller Businesses 4.7 / 5.0

     (average rating over 3 sections; 40 students/section)

     MBA Business Analysis and Valuation (elective course) 6.6 / 7.0

     - financial statement analysis for MBAs

     (average rating over 5 sections; 90 students/section)

     Financial Reporting and Control (required course) 6.9 / 7.0

     - financial/managerial accounting for MBAs

     (average rating over 5 sections; 90 students/section) Penn State Undergraduate Intermediate Financial Accounting I 6.0 / 7.0

     (average rating over 2 sections; 35 students/section)

     Introductory Financial/Managerial Accounting 6.4 / 7.0

     (average rating over 2 sections; 35 students/section)

    COURSE MATERIALS Land Securities Group: Choosing Cost or Fair Value on Adoption of IFRS

    (A) Case: 105-014; (B) Case: 106-020; Teaching Note: 105-015

    This case examines three models of accounting for long-lived assets: cost, revaluation, and fair value.

    In the (A) case, a U.K. investment property firm is adopting IFRSrequiring the firm to cease using

    the revaluation model under U.K. GAAP, and choose between the cost and fair value models under

    IFRS to account for its real estate assets. Students must debate the pros/cons of each model, and

    ultimately choose a reporting model. The (B) case reveals how the firm chooses the fair value model,

    and discusses challenges it now faces in communicating its operating results.


Eddie Riedl Vita Updated: 07/31/2009

Kevin McCarthy and Westlake Chemical Corporation

    (A) Case: 106-049; (B) Case: 106-064; Teaching Note: 106-061

    This case illustrates challenges in forecasting future performance for a commodity firm during a

    period of extreme price volatility (2004) for natural gas (the firm’s primary raw material),

    highlighting the combined effects of input prices, industry capacity/utilization, and cyclicality.

    Assuming the role of Kevin McCarthy (the top chemical industry analyst in 2004), students must

    analyze macro, industry, and firm-level data to determine the future performance of this firm.

Corrections Corporation of America

    (A) Case: 107-071; Teaching Note: 109-012

    This case illustrates a comprehensive valuation of a publicly-traded firm specializing in building and

    managing prisons. Students must assess the firm’s strategy and risks, evaluate key financial reports,

    derive forecasts of future performance, and use these forecasts to value the firm. It also allows

    discussion of pros/cons surrounding publicly traded firms providing traditionally government-

    oriented services.


     Certified Public Accountant (1995, New York)

     Certified Management Accountant (1995)

     Certified Internal Auditor (1994)

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1995 1997 INSIGNIA/ESG, Inc., New York, New York

     (National corporate real estate brokerage house with annual revenues of $ 150 million)

     Senior Accountant, Corporate Accounting Department

     - direct responsibility for financial statements, corporate budget, and implementation of dual

    accrual (for external reporting) and cash (for broker compensation) accounting system

1994 1995 AMERADA HESS CORPORATION, Woodbridge, New Jersey

     (Fortune 500 oil/exploration company with annual revenues of $ 8 billion)

     Senior Auditor, Corporate Audit Department

     - performed operational and financial audits as well as special projects involving elements of

    fraud with recoveries exceeding $ 1,000,000 identified and realized

    1992 1994 COOPERS & LYBRAND, L.L.P., New York, New York

     Associate, Business Assurance and Litigation and Claims Services

    - performed financial audits in the chemical, real estate, casino, and oil trading industries

    - forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and asset valuation


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