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Eden Therapy Clinic

    Heron House, Ringmer | 07786 231515


     Remedial Massage

    This massage is particularly good for treating problem areas using some sports techniques. A

    deep tissue massage.

    Full Body Approximately 90 minutes - ?40.00

    Half Body - Approximately 45 minutes - ?35.00

Swedish Massage

    Invigorating massage which can help to tone the body and reduce cellulite when accompanied by a healthy diet.

    Full Body Approximately 90 minutes - ?40.00

    Half Body - Approximately 45 minutes - ?35.00

Sports Massage

    Ideal for treating all types of injuries such as tennis elbow, runner’s knee, sciatica, neck and

    back problems.

    Prices start from ?20.00 as all injuries are different please pop in for a free consultation.

Indian Head Massage

    Deeply intensive relaxing massage which treats the upper body, very good for treating

    conditions such as tooth, ear and jaw ache as well as migraines. Approximately 30 minutes - ?30.00

Tui Na

    This massage is not for the faint hearted. A very intensive deep tissue pressure point massage. This massage is done fully clothed and can help all manner of different symptoms from sciatica to lethargy. This is an ancient massage which stimulates chi points the same as in acupuncture.

    2 hour treatment - ?65.00

    1 hour treatment - ?45.00

    Neck and shoulders - ?30.00

Balinese Massage

    A true Indonesian secret, the massage has been passed

    down through generations using deep palm strokes along the bodies meridians to clear the energy lines. This is a

    relaxing deep tissue massage. Three of these massages

    are recommended over a short period followed by one month. Full Body Approximately 90 minutes - ?60.00

    Back - Approximately 30 minutes - ?40.00


Chocolate Full Body Massage

    This is a chocolate body wrap which can help to reduce cellulite and improve skin tone. It is a

    natural diuretic and is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Firstly your whole body is exfoliated with Dead Sea salts, this is followed by a massage of your

    choice using 100% pure cocoa melted down and mixed with sweet almond oil. You are then

    wrapped and cocooned and left relaxing while the chocolate does its magic. The chocolate oil is then removed using an orange solution and a chocolate body moisturiser

    is then applied to the whole body.

    2 hour treatment - ?70.00

    If you are feeling really indulgent why not combine the full body massage with a facial so that while your body is cocooned your face is pampered. 2 With chocolate Ofacial - ?100.00

Chocolate O2 Facial

    Using all the same ingredients this anti-aging facial will leave you feeling uplifted. The added benefit of this facial is the oxygenating cream and a mask made from 100% pure cocoa which will re-mineralise the skin and help protect tired stressed skin. Approximately 1 hour - ?50.00


     Personalised Facials - ?35.00 Specifically designed for your skin type. This quick facial is perfect for people who want a facial without all the fuss.

     Ultimate Relaxation Facial - ?40.00

     Using paraffin wax this facial leaves the skin super soft and rejuvenated. It is excellent for

     restoring the skin’s oil balance. This is an anti-aging facial which plumps out lines and wrinkles. Includes relaxing facial massage.

Seaweed Facial - ?45.00

    This facial is good for all skin types including acne sufferers. It helps to refine the pores and

    can be applied over the eyes and mouth if desired. This completely natural mask contains brown algae and guarana extract. Includes relaxing facial massage.

Colour Light Therapy

    Colour Light Therapy uses two pure lights, red and blue. When combined the effects of the

    light help to reduce moderate acne and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles by

    stimulating the cells to make collagen and elastin. The light also destroys bacteria on the skin.

     nail treatments


    Nail shaping, cuticle work and relaxing hand massage

    Without polish - ?15.00 With polish - ?17.00 French manicure - ?20.00

Luxury Manicure - ?25.00

    Facial for your hands; hands are immersed in warm paraffin wax. Very good for alleviating the

    symptoms of arthritis. Leaves hands feeling hydrated and soft. Includes polish.


    Nail shaping, cuticle work and relaxing foot massage

    Without polish - ?15.00 With polish - ?17.00 French manicure - ?20.00

Hydrating Pedicure - ?25.00

    All that the pedicure entails with the added benefit of encasing the feet in warm paraffin wax.

    This is good for dry feet and arthritis. Includes polish.

Gel Pedicure - ?30.00

    This is a long lasting pedicure using gel colours which are cured under a UV light which makes

    them chip resistant and leaves them with a high gloss finish. The gel is reapplied within a month if there are any problems with the colour.

     eye treatments

     Eye Treatments Eyelash Tinting and Perming can last up to six weeks and enhances the appearance of the eyes. Good for people who are sensitive to make up and great for those participating in sport.

    PATCH TEST IS REQUIRED 24 hours before appointment

Eyelash Tinting - ?7.00

    Eyebrow Tinting - ?7.00

    Eyelash and Brow tinting - ?12.00

    Eyelash Perming - ?35.00


     Using the Clean and Easy roller system, the most hygienic way to have hair removed.

     Full Leg - ?16.00

     ? Leg - ?13.00

     Half Leg - ?10.00

     Bikini Line - ?7.00

     Underarm - ?7.00

     Upper lip - ?5.00

     Eyebrow - ?5.00

     Chin - ?5.00

     Back - ?16.00

     Chest - ?16.00

     St Tropez Airbrush Tanning

     The safest way to a flawless tan. The ultimate must have. Perfect for the special occasion or

     just to feel good. It is necessary that you exfoliate your skin before your treatment (we advise

     you use the St Tropez products for the best results).

     Consists of 2 applications up to 4 days apart giving you the choice of a deeper colour or for the

     tan to last as long as possible.

     Approximately 20 minutes

     One application - ?25.00

     Two applications - ?35.00

     Half Body (one application) - ?15.00

     Dinair Airbrush Makeup

     Sensational, fast to apply make-up to give you natural flawless coverage on any skin type for

     any occasion. Priced according to requirements.

     Pamper and Wedding Packages

     We can tailor make a package for you from any of the treatments we do. Please call to

     discuss your requirements.

     We can also do specialised treatments for pregnancy


    We do not accept credit or debit cards and all cheques made payable to L Stillman.

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