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e a non-profit organization

    e a non-profit organization w dedicated to a holistic health research h education and care a _______________________________________________________________

    East West Academy of Healing Arts Effie Poy Yew Chow, PhD, RN, DiplAc.(NCCAOM)


    117 Topaz Way

    San Francisco, CA 94131

    (415) 285-9400 / 647-5745 fax/ e-mail: Website:


    Dear Friends,

    The Co-sponsors and I are pleased and honored to announce the Eleventh World Congress on

    Qigong/TCM and the 11th American Qigong Association Conference. The Congress will benefit

    Sichuan, China earthquake relief efforts . We are happy to invite you to make application to present at

    this special time. The Congress dates are September 19 - 23, 2008 at the Golden Gateway Holiday Inn in

    San Francisco, California. The Congress will run from the Grand Opening Friday, 9/19 at 7 p.m. until

    Sunday, 9/21 at 5 p.m.; additional Pre & Post Conference events including Master Training Courses, Private

    Consultations, and Special Sessions offered all day Friday, 9/19, Monday, 9/22 and Tuesday, 9/23. The

    Golden Gateway Holiday Inn is the Eleventh World Congress on Qigong/TCM Hotel available at a special

    conference rate.

    "Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Individual and

    Planetary Health II: An Essential Balance" Our focus continues to be on children, family, and elders with an emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    and its relationship to Qigong for Individual and Planetary Health. Meet world-renowned masters, witness

    spectacular demonstrations, marvel at the sound scientific presentations, look at the implementation of standards

    and trainings for certification in the practice and promotion of Qigong and learn how to incorporate Qigong/TCM

    into hospitals, clinics, private and public school programs, and University programs. Topics: fostering world peace;

    EMF; Water; Global Warming; self-care; wellness; sports; beauty, anti-aging and longevity; rehabilitation; paralysis;

    cancer; obesity; iatrogenic diseases; cardiac conditions and strokes; and much more! Join our community efforts to

    inspire hope, as hope is a dire need in our present world of turmoil threatened by dis-ease, war, fear, terrorism and

    economic downturn; and promote Qigong/TCM as a means for each of us to take responsibility for personal and

    planetary health. The Congress emphasizes a whole-person approach, encompassing all aspects of body/mind/spirit

    in disease prevention, health promotion, maintenance and total wellness.

    Please complete the attached forms for “Call for Speakers/Presenters/Papers and Poster

    Presentations.” All applications due by 6/20/08; you will be notified by 7/01/08 of acceptance. Send

    abstract materials and/or poster presentation materials preferably by sending via email attachment to; or send a CD through the mail to EWAHA CONGRESS, 117 Topaz Way, San

    Francisco, CA. 94131. CEU credits are being applied for acupuncturists and nurses; and possibility of

    CME credits for physicians. CEU credits will take a few months to process.

    Mind body spirit ONENESS self humanity universe

Please indicate if you would like to present a one and one-half hour workshop on Saturday or Sunday;

    Poster Presentation; and/or a Masters Training Workshop on Friday or Monday from

    9am-5pm. Please see the attachments for types of presentations and requirements of paper/abstract

    submissions. Indicate preferred type of presentation(s):

    ? Paper (15 min. & 5 min. discussion) ? 1-Day Master Training Course (?Friday or ?Monday)

    ? Interactive demonstration (45 min.) ? 2-Day Master Training Course (Friday and Monday)

    ?Saturday or ?Sunday) ? Poster Presentation ? Workshop (90 min) (

    MEETING FORMAT: The Congress will include: Plenary Sessions featuring papers by invited speakers with subsequent audience interaction; Open Panel Sessions (90 minutes) in which the audience will join with a panel of experts (15-20 minutes each paper) to discuss a variety of identified issues and research;

    Interactive Demonstration (45 minutes); Workshop Sessions (90 minutes); Poster Presentations; and Pre-and-Post Congress Full-day (9am-5 pm) Master Training Courses will be offered on Friday, September 19 and Monday, September 22. All presentations will be in English. (Please provide your own translator, if necessary.)

    WE NEED FROM YOU ALL THE FOLLOWING: Preferably email of your paper/abstract; and or send us a CD with everything in Microsoft Word as well as four hard copies (12 point Times font.), no faxes as

    the form will be used as a master copy for printing. Do not erase or make changes with correction fluid or

    tape. You may use a Laser or jet ink printer not a dot matrix printer. Include Color Head Shot Photo. Format of submission:

    Abstracts must be typed on plain white paper within an area that is 4 1/2" horizontal by 7 1/2" vertical.

    Within this space, please type:

    ? The title of the paper on the first line. CAPITALIZE the entire title.

    ? On the next line, continue with family name(s) and initial (no punctuation) of the author(s), starting with

    the presenting author.

    ? Type in the speaker's organization in full including city, state and country. Do not include zip code.

    ? Leave one line blank before the main text. Single-space all text. Standard abbreviations are acceptable.

    Not to exceed 100 words for the abstract.

    ? Send Complete Paper

    It is becoming the standard for national and international conferences to charge presenters the regular

    conference registration fee, however the Eleventh WCQ Program Committee has decided to discount the

    Congress registration fee to $150 which will cover Congress costs including admission to the reception on

    Friday, the Gala Event on Saturday evening, lunch on Sunday with an exciting program of events, exhibits,

    auction and entertainment. We are requesting donation items from presenters for the silent auction, which

    will be a way to publicize your business/agency. Each exhibit table will cost only $100, and there is an

    opportunity for two presenters to share an exhibit table for the same amount. There will be a fee of only

    $50 for presenters to attend each master workshop.

    In light of all the amazing discoveries and heightened awareness in our field, we’re certain you will want to be included with your significant work. We look forward to your participation!

    Warmest wishes,

PhD, RN, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LicAc (CA), Qigong Grandmaster Ann Colichidas, MA, CPG

    Congress Chair San Francisco Coordinator

     MPH, RN, Congress Secretariat

Attachments (4): for All Presenters to Complete

     Presenter Data Form (pg 3) Presenter Agreement Form (pg 5)

     Presentation Abstract/Paper Form (pg 4) Presenter Disclosure Form (pg 6)

    FACULTY DATA FORM Presenter Information: (All Presenters Complete Please Type or Print)

    Please list your name, title, and affiliations/organizations exactly how you want them to appear

    in the conference brochure and on your name badge.

    Example: William E. Roberts, M.D., Chief of Surgery, St. Joseph’s Medical

    Center, Los Angeles, CA

    Full Name: __________________________________________________________

    Professional Designations: ____________________________________________

    Academic Affiliations: ________________________________________________

    Institution(s) and Position(s)

    Corporate Affiliations: ________________________________________________

    Company name and Position

    Contact Information:

    Organization: _______________________________________________________

    Address: ___________________________________________________________

    City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________

    Country: ___________________________________________________________

    Phone: (Day) _____________________ (Eve) __________________________

    Fax: _______________________________________________________________

    E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

    Web Site: ___________________________________________________________

Audio / Visual Requirements: __________________________________________

    (Microphone and LCD supplied)

    Brief Biography (55 words or less): ______________________________________



    Full Resume: (Please Attach)


    East West Academy of Healing Arts

    117 Topaz Way, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Tel: 415-285-9400 Fax: 415-647-5745


    Mind body spirit ONENESS self humanity universe

    (All Presenters Complete Please Type or Print)


    1. Brief Description of Presentation (55 Words or less): What you supply below will be

    used for informational and promotional purposes in the conference brochure. It is

    preferred that you submit this portion electronically by email to the address below.




    2. Presentation Title: _________________________________________________

    3. Presentation Description (approximately 100 words): _____________________









    4. Goals and Objectives:

     1) _______________________________________________________________

     2) _______________________________________________________________

     3) _______________________________________________________________

    5. Outline of Presentation with Timeframes (Please attach)

6. Full Paper (Please attach)


    East West Academy of Healing Arts

    117 Topaz Way, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Tel: 415-285-9400 Fax: 415-647-5745


    (All Presenters Complete Please Type or Print)


    My signature below confirms my agreement to speak or provide a Poster Presentation

    at the Eleventh World Congress on Qigong and the 11th American Qigong Association

    Conference, September 19, 2008 through September 22, 2008 at the Golden Gateway

    Holiday Inn, San Francisco, CA.

Additionally this signed letter will give authorization to the Eleventh World Congress on

    Qigong and the 11th American Qigong Association Conference; and the East West

    Academy of Healing Arts or designee to use your name, lecture notes, lecture abstracts,

    video and/or audio recordings of the lecture in educational materials, publications, web

    sites or advertising associated with this or future conferences.

All presenters are required to submit the following to conform with CEU/CME

    requirements. Please forward these by June 20, 2008:

    ? Faculty Data Form

    ? Presenter Abstract/Paper Form

    ? Presenter Agreement Form

    ? Presenter Disclosure Form

    ? Color Head Shot photograph

I, _______________________________________ agree to speak at the Eleventh thWorld Congress on Qigong and the 11 American Qigong Association Conference,

    September 19-22, 2008 and to the terms and conditions as noted above. Eleventh

    World Congress on Qigong reserves the right to schedule all speakers and

    presentations, or make any changes or cancellations as needed to the conference


Print Name: _______________________________

Signature: _________________________________

Date: _____________________________________


    East West Academy of Healing Arts

    117 Topaz Way, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Tel: 415-285-9400 Fax: 415-647-5745


    Mind body spirit ONENESS self humanity universe

    (All Presenters Complete Please Type or Print)


    In May 1992, the Accreditation Council for continuing Medical Education (ACCME)

    issued new Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education, stating


    “An accredited sponsor shall have a policy requiring disclosure of the existence

    of any significant financial interest or other relationship a faculty member of the

    sponsor has with the manufacturer(s) of any product(s) discussed in an

    education presentation. All certified CME activities shall conform to this policy.”

To be in compliance with the Standards, the CME accreditation committee, as an

    accredited sponsor, has developed the following disclosure of interest policy:

The CME accreditation committee requires that faculty members of CME activities and

    sponsors or joint sponsors, must disclose the existence of any significant financial

    interest or other relationship a faculty member has with a commercial entity that might

    have an impact on his or her presentation (such as consultant, lecturer, investigator,

    grantee, researcher, major stock holder, etc.) This disclosure must be made at the

    CME activity and, when possible in all promotional material.

Having a declared financial relationship does not prevent the faculty member from

    making a presentation or CME accreditation committee from sponsoring or jointly

    sponsoring a program; however, general information on such relationships will be

    communicated to participants, as specified in the Standards.


    In accordance with the above-cited disclosure of interest statement, following are all

    financial or significant relationship(s) with commercial entities of which I am aware;

Company (ies): ______________________________________________________

    Print Name: ________________________________________________________

    CME Activity Date: ___________________________________________________

    CME Activity: _______________________________________________________

    Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________________


    East West Academy of Healing Arts

    117 Topaz Way, San Francisco, CA 94131

    Tel: 415-285-9400 Fax: 415-647-5745


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