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DOC - Qigong, TCM, Acupuncture, Acupressure - East West Academy of




    ANDRAES, Peter Title: Golf Qi-Gong: Your Guide to Greater Health, Fitness, Agility, Speed,

    power, Precision, and Performance

    Peter Andraes has fused golf, yoga, meditation, and martial arts since age 9.

    He’s trained with Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, and Earl Woods; received

    his master teacher certification from P.G.A. GrandMaster Paul Bertholy; and

    has coached amateur, collegiate, and professional champions in +20 countries

    including famed Thai/Korean twin prodigies, Aree & Naree Song.

    AUNG, Steven (Kyaw Title: Vital Importance of Medical Qigong in Medicine Htut), MD, PHD, OMD, Title: Arts and Medicine: Calligraphy Healing Energy Through The Brush FAAFP Congress Co-

    Chair Pioneer in establishing the first Acupuncture clinic and academic program in

    Canada through the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Appointed into the Order

    of Canada, recipient of the Physician of the Century Award, President, World

    Natural Medicine Foundation; President, Canadian Medical Acupuncture

    Society; President, International Buddhist Friends Association; Associate

    Clinical Professor, Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine, University of

    Alberta; a geriatric and family physician, a TCM practitioner, and teacher; World

    Health Organization advisor on acupuncture nomenclature and cancer pain


    BAREA, Christina Title: ―Effectively Treating Children with Medical Qigong Therapy‖

    Ms. Barea is a Daoist Disciple of the Zheng Yi Sect, Long Hu Shan, Jiangxi

    Province, China. She practices and teaches Daoist 5, Primordial Qigong,

    Golden Ball, and 8 Silk Brocade Form, and other movements in the South Bay

    area. She currently teaching groups at KB Fitness and NEC Electronics in San

    Jose, CA.

    BERTOLACINI, Light Show and Disc Jockey of International Reputation Michael




    BRISBANE, Frances, Title: Qigong/TCM Futuristic Policies & Recommendation Forum Ph.D., Congress Co-

    Chair Professor and Dean of the School of Social Welfare, State University of New

    York at Stony Brook. She also is Dean of the Black Alcoholism and Addictions

    Institute and co-founder of "Counseling and Treating People of Color: An

    International Perspective" conference. Dr. Brisbane created the 100% Drug

    Free Clubs as a model primary prevention program and developed Project

    HOPE(ful) - a Spiritual Healing and Recovery Program. She has written five

    books including Dr. C. Browne: A Natural Health Doctor - The Man, His

    Medicine, and His Miracles. Her compassion and her love for her fellow human

    beings has led her to devote an exceptional amount of time to serve the

    community on an international level. Included in this is her fervor in helping

    Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine break into mainstream healthcare.

CHIANG, Erlene, LAc, Title: *Dayan Qigong


    Erlene Chiang, LAc, PhD offer Traditional Chinese Medicine services to

    complement and support the services at the Wen Wu School. An acupuncturist

    and herbalist who incorporates healing traditions from China and other Asian

    countries. She has won awards for her herbal expertise.

CHOW, Effie, PhD, RN, Title: Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Individual and Planetary

    LAc, DiplAc (NCCAOM), Health II: An Essential Balance

    Title: Love, Gratitude and Honor in Qigong Congress Chair

    Title: Holistic Body Mind Spirit Rehabilitation

    Founder and President of East West Academy of Healing Arts; co-author of

    Miracle Healing From China: Qigong; member on the President’s White House

    Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP);

    travels internationally to see clients and conduct training programs. 2007, the

    Editorial Board of the Boardroom Inc., Bottom Line Women’s Health

    Publications, and Editorial Board of the prestigious new ―super peer-reviewed

    publication ‖The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes‖. Also in October,

    2007 AAAOM honored her as one of the “Pioneers and Leaders of Oriental

    Medicine in the USA”




    CHUNG, Lily, Ph.D. Title: Natural Laws, Natural Energy and Natural Healing

    Lily Chung has a Ph. D. in urban geography from University of Minnesota, and a

    BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For almost 20 years, she has

    studied cosmic energy (requiring good geography knowledge to be proficient)

    and authored 3 books on the subject. Having workshops in Europe, Canada

    and mostly in California, with Bay Area as her home base, she has used the

    procedure helping thousands of people over the world. She has held a radio

    talk show in the Bay Area and a regular column in Asian Week, California

    Property, Chinese Times and articles published in other feng shui journals.

    EGUCHI, Ryo Title: Shaolin Qi-Gong (including but not limited to ―Ekikinkei‖ and ―Senzuikei‖)

    Title: Shaolin Kung Fun (including but not limited to ―Xiaohongquan‖ and


    Studying Qi Gong and Kung Fu for the last six years under the diligence of thMaster Qin Xi Ping, the 34 Grand Master of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in

    China, Ryo Eguchi comes to this Congress as a representative of the All Japan

    Shaolin Temple QiGong Association.

    FENG, Alex, LAc, Ph.D, Title: Medical Qigong in Integrative Medical Practice

    Title: Spine Care from a TCM Perspective Part I and II OMD, Congress Co-


    A Taoist master and founder of the Zhi Dao Guan Center. The Center focuses

    on the teaching and practice of Taoist precepts, internal Chinese martial arts

    and healing with traditional Chinese medical practices. He founded Wu Tao

    Kuan Martial Arts Institute. His Institute has produced a number of state,

    national and international champions in Tai Ji, Wu Shu and Judo/Jujitsu. He is

    as well a practitioner of Chinese medicine and is an international lecturer. Dr.

    Feng was clinical professor at the Oakland Academy of Chinese Culture and

    Health Sciences. He is past president of NCCAOM, a national organization

     certifying practitioners of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Asian





    FLOREA, Adrian, Title: Qitaky Qigong

     Master. Congress Co-

    Chair Adrian FLOREA, Qigong Master, founder of Qitaky Qigong in Romania, founder

     of the Romanian Institute for the Development of Human Potential - the

    Romanian Qitaky Foundation, Founder of the Romanian Qigong Association,

    member of the China Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine, member of

    the Romanian Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology, teaches courses in

    Qigong, Taijiquan, Feng Shui, Chinese food and diet therapy, Tuinaology,

    recirculation of sexual energy, healing sounds, martial arts. Weekly radio

    program for more than 10 years.

    FRIEDMAN, Suzanne, Title: Preparation for Daoist Inner Alchemy: The Medicinal 8 Brocades D.M.Q.

    Dr. Suzanne Friedman is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with masters

    and doctorate degrees in medical qigong therapy. She is a YeYoung Qigong &

    Neidan master, and the Chair of the Medical Qigong Department at AIMC

    Berkeley. Dr. Friedman is the author of three books on qigong.

    GERBER, Gregory, Title: Future of Medicine: Bio-Scalar Technology M.D.

    Medical Director for EESystem (HI) Chief of Medicine for Memorial Hermann

    SW Hospital, Houston TX; and Medical Director for Physical Medicine &

    Rehabilitation for 6 other health care facilities, i.e., continuing care, home

    health, medical center in Houston, TX. Faculty for Baylor University Medical

    School and U of TX Medical Center in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.




    HATCH, Deborah Anne Title: 12 Years Debilitating Back Pain Instantaneously Healed with Chow


    Worked for Sotheby’s international Auction house for 17 years. 12 years in

    New York and then moved to San Francisco to be the Director of the Sotheby’s

    office here in SF. For over 10 years I have been Chief Curator of Fine Arts for

    the private collection of Ann and Gordon Getty here in San Francisco. Have

    completed the 100 hours training by Dr. Effie Chow and volunteered to work

    with her patients for about one year.

    HAYANO, Sadao, Ph.D. Title: Healing Memory and Demonstration

    Reiki and Medical Qigong Therapist for the past 13 years and VP in Natural

    Health Organic Farm. He earned his Doctorate from Purdue University and has

    published a number of scientific, engineering and subtle energy papers. He

    teaches Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga in South Bay.

HOLDEN, Lee, Title: *The Tao in Qigong

    Internationally-known instructor from California in the area of meditation, tai chi

    and qigong. His best selling instructional DVD has been aired in hundreds of

    American Public Broadcasting stations such as PBS. He studied qigong at the

    Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz and was recognized as a Doctor of

    Chinese Medicine‖ and is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with his own

    practice in Los Gatos.

    HOLE, Linda MD Title: Aloha Qi for Peace, Oneness & Freedom From Pain

    Title: Aloha Qi for Peace & Oneness: Angels, Miracles & Making Love Real

    Co-founder of QiWay -Way of Spirit, & HUB Founding Arc Angel




    JONES, Mr. William Title: *Research on Singing Crystal Tones and Demonstration

    (Bill) Vibrational Music for Body and Soul

    William Jones, founder of Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls

    LI, Ailin, M.D., LA.c. Title: International E-Medicine and China Integrative Medicine System

    Title: TCM Application in Clinical Obesity and Anti-Age Medicine in China and


    Practiced ObGyn. and acupuncture at the PLA Hospital in Beijing, China.

    Project Coordinator for the China National Health and Medical Data Sharing

    Project. Director of international Traditional Chinese Medical Education Project.

    Acting as liaison and successfully obtained the approval for acceptance of U.S.

    OMD degree in China. Vice Director for China NeuroInformatics Association;

    Editor of BrainBank Project to maintain neuroinformatics online.

    LIN, Shin, Ph.D., Title: Blood is the Mother of Qi: Scientific Measurements and Models

    Title: Science-Based Tai Chi and Qigong for Mind-Body Health Congress Co-Chair

    Title: Report on the State of Research by NCCAM on the Health Benefits of

    Qigong/Tai Chi

    Title: The Future of Research and Recommendation Forum

    Professor of Cell Biology, Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering at UC

    Irvine; Founding Director of the Int’l Alliance of Mind/Body Signaling and Energy

    Research; life-long practitioner of Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Qigong and has won

    numerous awards in the martial arts field. Dr. Lin is an international expert in

    the use of a multidisciplinary approach to study the regulation of the cellular

    structure and movement of normal and cancerous cells and is well published

    with over 200 publications in leading international journals.

    LIU, Chao, Ph.D. Title: *The Six Sounds Qigong

    When she was a child she liked traditional Chinese Wu Shu, and learned

    Chinese bone setting technology with a traditional Chinese medicine Doctor in

    China. She has practiced more than twenty styles of qigong, and particularly the

    Six-Sound Qigong for more than twenty years. Her Ph.D. is from Tokyo Denki

    University with Prof. Yoshio Machi on the physiological measurement of

    regiment qigong and also the Qigong training system with IT technique in both

    human body and mind. She facilitates better understanding of traditional qigong

    techniques; therefore, more useful for the health industry and alternative

    medicine field. She believes that developing human consciousness will be the

    most important breakthrough in this century.




    LIU, Hui, Master Title: *Dayan Qigong

    Master Hui Liu was born in Hobei Province in Northern China. She is a direct

    student of Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun since 1980 and has been teaching

    Dayan Qigong since 1982. Hui Lui is the co-founder and vice president of the

    Wen Wu School of Martial Arts in El Cerrito, California; where the family has a

    connecting clinic. She has also been teaching Chinese painting since 1957 in

    Taiwan and the U.S. Master Liu has received numerous awards in the

    profession of art; in 1985 she won the most accomplished Asian Artist Award in San Francisco. A few years ago she received the El Cerrito Mayor’s award for

    best artist; and in 1997 she placed first in an all Asian art types competition at

    the El Cerrito Art Show. In 1985 she won first place in a culinary competition at

    the Self Help Senior Center in San Francisco Chinatown.

    LONG, Qi Fei Master Title: Material Deformation by Intention (Metal Bending with the Mind), Fire

    Combustion with Intention, Qi Emission

    LONGHURST, John, Title: Acupuncture: Insights Into Its Action On Stress Reduction M.D., Ph.D.

    Professor of Medicine at University of California, Irvine, and Director of the

    Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, University of California, Irvine;

    Lawrence K. Dodge Chair in Integrative Biology, Associate Dean, Programs and

    Development Director, Samueli Center.




    MA, Sheng-Xing, M.D., Title: Responses of Nitric Oxide on the Meridians to Acupuncture and

    Ph.D. Moxibustion: Towards a Better Understanding of Qigong Mechanisms

    Associate Professor and Director, Division of Perinatal Neuroscience, UCLA

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He

    serves as a research director and conducted several projects funded by the

    National Institute of Health to study the neurobiology mechanisms of

    acupuncture and meridian system. Dr. Ma graduated from the Sun Yat-sen

    University of Medical Sciences, Guangzhou, China in 1976. He received a

    Master’s Degree in Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western

    medicine at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982, and

    he was awarded a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Iowa in 1991.

MacKAY, Kenneth, Title: Breathing Principles of Cardio Tai-Chi

    Ph.D. (with Chi-Hsiu Daniel Weng)

    Associate Dean, College of Tai Chi, University of East-West Medicine,

    Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University

    MAYER, Michael, Title: Qigong and Bodymind Healing: Integrating East and West

    Title: Psychotherapy and Qigong: Partners in Healing Ph.D.

    Michael Mayer, Ph. D., licensed psychologist, Qigong/Taiji teacher, keynote

    speaker, presents at hospitals, conferences, universities. He co-founded an

    integrated medical clinic, and authored twelve publications, including peer

    reviewed articles. Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, the latest book in his two-

    volume set integrating Qigong with Western self-healing methods, received

    endorsements from leaders in the field and professional journals.




    MELSON, Enrico, M.D. Title: *Global Integrative Energy Medicine*

    Dr. Enrico Melson has directed numerous programs and clinics in Spa

    Medicine, Primary Care, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine and Integrative

    Medicine. Enrico is the founder/developer of the HoloLinguistic Awareness

    (HLA) methodology, as well as the Principal Architect of the Integral Awareness

    Medicine (I- AM) and Syntelligence Systems.

    Internationally known as a Pioneer in the Field of Integrative Medicine, as well

    as a Practitioner in Ayurvedic Medicine; the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Huna.

    He has contributed significantly towards the acceptance of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine approaches in the United States, the Middle East, Latin

    America, and Asia.

    MICHAEL, Sandra Title: Practical Applications of Energy Medicine

    Rose, Ph.D.

    Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) Inventor and Senior Director of the

    Energy Department The Open International University for Complementary

    Medicine (OIUCM). Faculty for the Institute of Energy Wellness Studies in

    Canada. Member of numerous national and international societies and

    scientific organizations.

    MONACELLI, Elisabeth Title: Qigong in Stroke and Heart Condition

     (& Ziggy) Award winning violinist; trained at Juillard and New England Conservatory of

    Music. About six years ago, Elizabeth Monacelli suffered a heart attack, liver

    failure and a stroke, all in one day. Her left side was paralyzed by the stroke.

    She switched to a diet concentrated on fruits, vegetables, seafood and soy

    products and began practicing qigong. She had to learn how to play the

    instrument all over again. She has resumed playing for the Inland

    Empire/Riverside County Philharmonic and is a substitute violinist for the San Diego Symphony.

    Title: Qi-Painting Royal Pekingese “Ziggy” Yao-Yap Qigong helps me to relieve the stressful life of an actor!” covered by Fox news,

    LA, "Pet Talk Radio" Australia; the San Diego Pet magazine;

    Originally from the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. I have credits in calendars,

    fashion shows, commercials and more! I am also a painter. I have had my art

    featured in several art festivals.





    NGUI, Roy, Dr. TCM, Title: Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Reduction (One day Master Training)

    Title: Boosting Energy and Immune System Dr. Ac., DNM

    Grandmaster was born into a family of Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Chinese

    Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts. He has studied intensively with his father,

    who brought this enriched culture from Canton, China. He has trained with

    various Masters and is now a qualified Master in Chi Kung.. His qualifications

    include a Master of Chi Kung, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of

    Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and Doctor of Humanitarian Service.

    NGUI, Stanley, Dr. Title: Benefits from the Lifestyle of a Master (One day Master Training)

    Title: Key Solutions in Resolving Pain TCM, Dr. Ac., DNM

    Dr. Stanley Ngui was born into a family of Chinese Philosophy, Traditional

    Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts. He has studied intensively with his

    father, who brought this enriched culture from Canton, China. He has trained

    with various Masters and is now a qualified Master in Chi Kung. Master Ngui is

    indoctrinated into the North America Martial Arts of Fame. His qualifications

    include a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Chi Kung, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, and Doctor of Natural


    Shaolin Temple Title: Spectacular Shaolin Hard Qigong acts from the famous 72 Supreme

    Shaolin Feats.

    Kung Fu monks from Shaolin Temple USA, Fremont, CA will perform

    spectacular Shaolin Hard Qigong acts from the famous 72 Supreme Shaolin

    Feats. Studied and trained since childhood in China under Songshan Shaolin

    Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin, these monks now teach classes in Buddhist

    studies, Ch’an (Zen) meditation, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin

    Wellness classes to the American public of all ages, faiths and backgrounds.

    SUE, Sifu Errol Title: Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Reduction (One day Master Training)

    Title: Boosting Energy and Immune System

    Master Sue began his Martial arts training at the age of 42 years in Brampton, rdOntario. He holds a 3 Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate and Master

    Degree in the Canadian National Wushu Chinese Martial arts. He currently

    trains with Mast Augusting Ngu in Northern Shaolin and White Crane Kung Fu

    and Master Roy Ngui in Chi Kung.

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