Driving Agreement

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Driving Agreement

    Driving Agreement General Principles

    The new driver must initial each point to show it is read and understood it: ____ I recognize that driving is a privilege, not a right. The State’s role is to determine that I meet the basic legal requirements for a license. Permission to drive

    is not a legal right: It is granted to me by my parents, who are under no obligation

    to do so, and who may withdraw the privilege at any time. I understand that I will

    only be allowed to drive when I am willing to abide by the rules and regulations

    established by my parents.

    I recognize that driving a car is a very serious matter. I recognize that... ____ Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death of people 16-20 years old.

    ____ I am more likely to die in an auto accident than from any other cause. ____ Recklessness or errors that I make while driving could kill or hurt me, kill or hurt passengers in my car, and/or kill or hurt people in other cars and

    pedestrians. Among those that could be victims of my driving mistakes

    are: Infants, children, my friends, my family members, parents of children, and

    many others.

    ____ I will abide by laws regulating driving. I will observe and abide by posted

    speed limits. I will abide by rules established by my parents. I recognize these are

    for my protection and the protection of others.

    ____ I understand that the car I drive is property of my parents. I drive the car only with permission.

    ____ I understand that my parents and I must be able to reach a written agreement

    in order for me to be permitted to drive. I understand that the terms of this

    agreement may be changed based on how I handle the freedom and responsibility of

    driving. The rules will get stricter if my parents judge that I am not doing well. It

    will get somewhat less strict if my parents judge that I am doing well.


    If my parents demand my keys (for whatever reason), I will give them up

    immediately and no argument or debate may occur. I may ask to meet with my

    parent(s) no earlier than 24 hours later to talk about it. Refusal to immediately

    surrender keys will result in the car being immobilized. This will be done with a steering wheel lock (“The Club”) or some other method. NO EXCEPTIONS. After the keys are surrendered, two to four weeks will pass, at my parents’ discretion,

    before I am allowed to drive again. Another incident of failure to surrender keys on

    demand will lead to indefinite suspension of driving privileges. If I drive without permission during a time that my driving privileges have

    been suspended by my parents or by legal authority, this contract is

    cancelled and no driving will be permitted for at least one year.

    If I drive in direct and clear defiance of my parents’ orders not to drive, my

    parents will call the police.

RULES-Category A

    These rules, if violated, will lead to indefinite suspension of driving

    privileges. This is the most serious set of rules. I understand that I may lose my

    driving privileges indefinitely if any one of these is violated even once. 1. No alcohol use/abuse. As a minor, it is illegal for me to drink alcohol. I will

    not drive for 24 hours after my last use of alcohol in ANY amount. No drug

    use/abuse. I will not drive for 72 hours after my last use of any

    "substance." In this agreement, "substance” means any drug or chemical

    (including but not limited to marijuana, pills, inhalants, and other drugs) which

    would be expected by my parents to alter my ability to drive. There is no

    acceptable amount of any substance of this kind. If I use any drugs, I will not

    drive for 72 hours. This rule may include medications prescribed to me or over-

    the-counter medications. In the cases of legal medications, I will inform my

    parents of any such medications I have taken so that they can judge whether

    taking these medications will interfere with my driving ability.

    a. No riding with others who have used alcohol or drugs. I will not

    ride as a passenger with any driver who has used alcohol or any

    substance as defined above. I will not ride with any one who it would

    be reasonable to think may have used alcohol or drugs, when I am

    unsure if they have.

    b. Alternatives to riding with others who have used alcohol or drugs.

    If I find myself in a situation as described above, I will contact my

    parents or another designated adult to arrange for transportation. I

    understand that my parents will appreciate that behavior and will

    make every effort to avoid asking me a lot of questions about it.

    c. No alcohol or drugs in car. I will not allow alcohol or illegal drugs in

    the car.

    2. No thrill-seeking/stunts. I will not engage in any thrill-seeking behavior

    while driving. I will not drive for recreation. Driving too fast, racing of all kinds,

    and any kind of "stunt" involving a car is NOT ALLOWED. Driving is for

    transportation ONLY.

    3. Informing parents about accidents & police encounters. I will inform my

    parents about any and all tickets, accidents, and encounters with police. 4. No firearms or other weapons. I will not drive with any guns or other deadly

    weapons in the vehicle.

RULES-Category B

    Violations will lead to suspension of driving privileges for up to three


    1. Permission to Drive. I must ask permission to drive each time I

    drive. Exceptions to this rule will be given for regularly scheduled

    transportation to school, work, regular meetings, etc. I will ask permission to

    drive to specific locations and will discuss the route planned. I will be certain

    that my parents know where I am. I will not make unscheduled stops or side


    2. Off-Limit Areas. I will not drive on streets, highways, or in areas that are

    designated as off-limits. I understand that greater flexibility in these matters

    will come as I gain experience and show that I am honoring the agreement. For

    the time being, the following roads and areas are to be avoided:

    3. No one else drives vehicle. I will not permit any other person to drive the

    car without my parents’ specific permission for each specific case.

    4. Limit on passengers. During the first month of driving, I will not be allowed

    to have any passengers. I may ask permission for specific exceptions. This will

    be adjusted, if things go well, when we revise the contract. I will, however,

    continue to have limits on passengers.


    Violations may lead to suspension of driving privileges for up to six weeks.

    1. Weather/road conditions. I will respect weather and road conditions, slowing

    down as needed for safety. I will contact my parents to discuss weather or poor

    road conditions when I am out driving. 2. Emotional upset. Knowing that judgment and driving skills are altered by

    emotions, I will not drive when I am upset or angry. Under these conditions, I

    will contact my parents for transportation and I reserve the right to maintain my

    privacy regarding personal matters.

    3. Taking care of vehicle. It is my responsibility to protect the car I drive. I will

    keep it reasonably clean and maintained. I have some specific responsibilities

    regarding the maintenance of the car as noted below:

4. Passenger behavior. I will not allow my passengers to behave in such a way as

    to damage the car or distract me while driving. 5. Seatbelts. will wear my seatbelt and shoulder harness at all times and require

    all passengers to wear them.

    6. Friends ride only with their parents permission. When transporting my

    friends, I will be reasonably sure that they have their parents' permission to ride

    with me.

    7. No Smoking. I will not allow smoking in the car. I will not smoke in the car.

    8. No eating & driving. I will not eat while driving. 9. Car audio system. For the first two months I drive, I will not have the car

    stereo on. After the first two months, after clearing this with my parents, I will

    be allowed to have the stereo on but will make no adjustments to it other than

    changing the volume while driving. Under no circumstances will I change a CD

    or cassette while driving. I will change these only when stopped or pulled over.

    10. Other electronics. I will not use beepers, cell phones, or operate car stereos

    while driving. I will pull over for other operations of beepers, cell phones, and

    electronic equipment.

    11. No rushing. Accidents are more likely to happen when I rush. I am more likely

    to rush when I leave late. Therefore, my parents reserve the right to not allow

    me to drive unless I leave by a time they specify. For example, if my parents

    tell me that I must allow 20 minutes to get to something that starts at 7:00 , I may not leave later than that. In such cases, my parents will attempt to

    provide alternative transportation, to whatever extent possible. 12. Attention to Driving. I will not do things while driving that distracts me from

    the road. No applying makeup, getting things in and out of a purse or back-

    pack, etc.


    1. Tickets and moving violations will result in suspension of my driving

    privileges for a period to be determined by my parents. My parents have no

    obligation to pay my fines for driving-related tickets.

    2. Financial. I will make certain financial contributions to the purchase of the car,

    maintenance of the car, and/or insurance. My contributions are currently as


3. Family obligations. I agree to provide transportation to family members at the

    directive of my parents. Fulfilling these obligations is a condition of my use of a

    car. Sometimes these responsibilities will override my own desires and interests

    in using the car.

    4. General life responsibilities. I agree that I must be responsible to drive

    safely and that my parents must believe I am relatively responsible in order to

    allow me to drive. They may, therefore, take into account how I handle my

    general responsibilities, including schoolwork, employment, household duties. I

    will also maintain a respectful attitude. I will not ask my parents to allow me to

    drive when I am rude and disrespectful to them or to others.

    5. Right to clear expectations. My parents have a right to expect me to be

    responsible. I have a right to be told what this means. For this reason, I may

    ask my parents for clarification of their requirement that I "be responsible."

    6. Changes in this agreement. I understand that this contract will be made more

    strict at any time my parents believe that is the best thing to do. I understand

    that if I consistently abide by these rules that my parents will work with me to

    make the contract less strict as I gain experience. However, I understand that--

    bottom line--it is my parents' choice and responsibility to change or not change

    the contract. We will review this agreement and perhaps make changes

    to it on ______________(date) or earlier if my parents or I wish to do


    Summary: I agree to abide by the rules in this contract and I accept the

    consequences and penalties if I do not. I recognize my parents' authority in deciding

    if I may drive. That authority is final until I am an adult living independent of my



    DRIVER_________________________________ _________________ (



    ___________________ _________________ (date) Rev. 7/05

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