General Information for the K

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General Information for the K


    Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Tsinghua University K.U.Leuven

    General Information for the Fund in the year 2009

    1 数学系 Exploration Heuristic and exact optimization XIE Jinxing Roel LEUS

    procedures for the selection and 谢金星 Tel:+32 16-326967 14912 euro 15000 CNY

    timing of advertisements. Email:



    2 公共管理学New EU-China Climate Relations: QI Ye Hans Bruyninckx

     Understanding the Strategic 齐晔 Tel:+32 16-323263 50000 euro 50000 CNY

    Interdependence and Interactions Email:

    between ‘Lead Actor’ (EU) and hans.bruyninckx@soc.kule

    ‘Emerging Climate Super Power’


    3 人文学院 Exploration Marketplaces in the Global Cities LONG Denggao Johan Leman

    of Beijing and Brussels: 龙登高 Tel:+32 16-325494 50000 euro 50000 CNY

    Mobilities, Frictions and Cohesion Email :

    in Public Spaces johan.leman@soc.kuleuven


    4 公共管理学Exploration Co-operatives in China and the CUI Zhiyuan Patrick DEVELTERE

     West: convergences and 崔之元 Tel:+32 16-324358 60000 euro 60000 CNY

    differences Email:


    5 经济管理学Exploration Environmental taxation within the CAO Jing Jef Pacolet

     framework of climate change and 曹静 Tel:+32 16-323125 12000 euro 12500 CNY

    environmental policy: comparison Email:

between Belgium and China. jozef.pacolet@hiva.kuleuve

    6 土水学院 New Fatigue assessment of steel SHI Gang, Guido DE ROECK bridges for high speed trains. 施刚 Tel: +32 75000 euro 75000 CNY




    7 化学系 New Controlled self-assembly and XU Huaping, Mario SMET disassembly by tuning the 许华平 Tel: +32 60000 euro 60000 CNY amphiphilicity of the building 16-327464

    blocks. Email:


    8 化工系 Exploration Development of novel WANG Xiaolin Bart Van der Bruggen nanofiltration membranes and 王晓琳 Tel:+32 14920 euro 15000 CNY modelling of transport through 16-322340

    these membranes Email:


    9 数学系 New Lagrangian submanifolds of LI Haizhong Franki Dillen complex space forms 李海中 Tel:+32 74960 euro 75000 CNY





    10 化学系 New Isolation from traditional Chinese WANG Yiming Walter Luyten medicinal plants of novel 王义明 Tel:+32 15000 euro 15000 CNY compounds active against viruses 16- 323912

    or epileptic seizures Email:


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