CS1000E VS OPT11C-Eng

By Wendy Dixon,2014-09-28 17:19
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CS1000E VS OPT11C-Eng

    CS1000E+Callpilot Vs OPT11+Meridian Mail


    Platform OPT11C CS1000E

    CPU/Mem 64 MB Flash, 32 MB DRAM Single CPU

    Redundant CPU-HA (optional)

    Call Processor;


    Flash:1G, Mem: 512 MB DRAM System Load Capacity 58,000BHCC 125,000BHCC

    BHCC value is just for reference

    Max IP phone support N/A 22,500

Max digital phone 700 5,000


    Max analog phone 700 5,000


    Biz Feature Support 450 kinds of business feature including6-parts conference(62-parts

    if using MICB), recall, redial on busy, call time display, call forward(9

    types), call in, group call, forward, call wait, caller ID, Caller number

    display, accounting, CoS, DID route control, flash start, Hunting;6

    types, Malicious Call Trace, break in, personal directory, redial

    list&in-coming call list, remote message waiting, ring again, trunk

    route optimize

    Trunk Model Digital trunk: DTI, ISDN-PRI, Digital trunk: DTI, ISDN-PRI,


    Analog trunk: Loop and Ground Analog trunk: Loop and Ground

    Start CO, FX, WATS, 2/4 line Start CO, FX, WATS, 2/4line

    E&M, DID, TIE, RAN Paging E&M, DID, TIE, RAN Paging

     support IP Peer

    Signaling MCDN, SIP, ETSIQSig DPNSS SIP,H.323v4,

    MCDN, SIP, ETSIQSig DPNSS SIP Trunk Do not support Support and 1,800 Sip access

    port per SigServer


    IPterminal Do not support IP phone 2001, 2002, 2004,

    1120,1140, 2033 & 2007

    IP softphone 2050 & Mobile

    Voice Client 2050 (Pocket PC)

    Wireless LAN Handset

    2210 ,2211,2212 Wifi-phone Type of IP phone power N/A 802.3af PoE & AC power supply adapter

    Digital phone M3901, M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905 Console M2250 & PC console

    Unified Communication Do not support Support Implementation model Centralization Centralization & Distribution

    Voice Mail Platform

    Voice Mail Platform Meridian Mail Call pilot 600r Capacity Storage54hrs24channels Storage1200hrs, 96channels

    Auto-attendant Support Support Voice Menu Support Support Other Functions Support Support Message play, reply,

    forward, distribution

    list and etc.

    Fax-on-demand Support Support Multi-media Support voice only Support voice, fax & desktop Visual mailbox Do not support Support Unified Message Do not support Support Voice E-mail Do not support Support IP based Do not support Support internetworking

    Operation GUI Do not support WebGUI

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