TX-QD pneumatic PLC controlled test-bed

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TX-QD pneumatic PLC controlled test-bed

    TX-QD pneumatic PLC controlled test-bed


     Pneumatic-PLC controlled test-bed is based on "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drive", "pneumatic control technology" and other common materials content requirements refer to the recommendations of teachers and students, made well-designed. The system can be a regular addition to the basic control loop pneumatic experiment, it can also simulate pneumatic control technology experiments, pneumatic technology, curriculum design, as well as the programmable logic controller (PLC) to learn its basic application experiments, is the perfect combination of mechanical and electrical typical laboratory equipment.

     The system is adapted to colleges, technical schools, vocational schools in the mechanical engineering, mechanical and electrical integration, automation to open "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Drive", "pneumatic control technology", "PLC Programmable Logic Controller Theory and Applications" curriculum and other related experiments, but also can be used as mechanical, electrical and gas integration of a comprehensive test-bed. The students through hands-on experiments and curriculum design, and can accurately image and in-depth understanding and grasp the structure of pneumatic components, pneumatic loop control theory and design methods. And to learn the

function of PLC programmable logic controller, control theory and

programming skills.

? Main features:

     1. Experimental system a "combo" structure, that is, an experimental table is equipped with two sets of experimental equipment, available for two groups of four students at the same time

     Experiments, optimizing the sharing of resources, improve product cost-effective. The overall structure of simple and practical.

     2. Experimental pneumatic components are equipped with bottom with elastic pins, the experimental test loop when the assembly quick and convenient; experimental loop clear, clear.

     3. Experimental use of low-voltage DC 24V electrical control power supply; experimental circuit, the control circuit safe and reliable.

     4. Electrical main control unit using PLC programmable logic controller, computer communication with PC Microcomputer intelligent control. At the same time can be applied to a separate relay control unit for the electrical control, by comparison, highlighting the control of PLC programmable logic controller

     Superiority to deepen understanding of PLC programmable logic controller and master.

     5. This system is typical of machines, electricity, gas integration of a

    comprehensive laboratory equipment, strong function and wide scope of application.

     The basic structure consists of:

     Pneumatic-PLC controlled mainly by the experimental test-bed tables and experimental stent, pneumatic components, electrical control device composed of: Experimental tables and experimental supports a "combo" design structure, namely a set of laboratory equipment for the two groups Students conduct experiments at the same time, optimizing the sharing of resources, improve product cost-effective. Pneumatic components equipped with: air compressors, air filters, vacuum, fuel-air devices triple parts, valve, manual valve, solenoid valve, gas control valve, trip valve, check valve, Section flow valve, one-way throttle valve, quick exhaust valve, or gate-type shuttle valve, single-acting cylinder, double acting cylinders, rotary cylinder .

     Electric control device: DC 24V (3A) power supply unit, PLC programmable logic controller (Matsushita FP1 - C14), PLC electrical control input unit, PLC electrical control output unit, relay control unit, travel switch (normally closed, always open).

    ? Main technical parameters:

     PLC Programmable Logic Controller: Matsushita FP1-C14-type host, 8-input, 6 outputs (relay output mode).

     DC power supply: Input AC 220V Output: DC 24V/3A

     Air compressor (basic configuration Minicomputer): Power Supply: AC 220V Motor Power: 360W

     Nominal Capacity: 10L Rated output pressure 0.7MPa

     Bench Dimensions: 1500mm × 1100mm × 700mm

     Experimental Stand Dimensions: 1300mm × 600mm

     Experimental Project Type: The test-bed can be any combination of assembly, (1), the basic control loop pneumatic experiment (2), single

     Role-cylinder automatic control loop (3), the role of multi-loop cylinder automatic (4), PLC control technology application

     (5), relay control technology (6), other comprehensive and scalable type of pneumatic circuit experiments

     Pneumatic basic experimental circuit example:

     1. Single Cylinder commutation circuit

     2. Double-acting cylinder circuit commutation

     3. Single cylinder speed control circuit

     4. Double-acting cylinder one-way speed control loop

     5. Double-acting cylinder bi-directional speed control loop

     6. Speed for take-loop

     7. Buffer circuit

     8. Secondary pressure control loop

     9. High and low voltage conversion circuit

     10. Counting circuit

     11. Delay loop

     12. Overload protection circuit

     13. Interlock circuit

     14. Single-cylinder reciprocating single control loop

     15. Cylinder moves back and forth continuously loop

     16. Straight cylinder, rotating cylinder sequence circuit action

     17. Multi-cylinder moves the order of loop

     18. Cylinder synchronous movements loop

     19. four-cylinder linkage loop

     20. Unloading circuit

     21. Or the application of gate-type shuttle valve circuit

     22. Quick exhaust valve application circuit

     Standard pneumatic-PLC control laboratory layout reference scenario:

     Pneumatic-PLC control laboratory should be based on the layout is conducive to gas pipelines and power lines to install, easy to use. Pre-designed embedded gas pipelines and electrical lines, can refer to layout scheme (F, G, H, I, J); for embedded installation without prior laboratory layout, the test-bed as ordered by the wall. Please refer to the program (A, B, C, D, and E).

     For the installation of gas pipeline really have difficulty, or a small number of test-bed, it can use to configure a small test-bed for each pump program.

     Pneumatic-PLC controlled test-bed have a basic configuration and selectively configure two cases. Basic configuration (1 Set):

     Experiment Table (1), experimental support (a set of double-sided), pneumatic components (2 sets, see the list of supply catalog), and electrical control devices (two sets), small air compressor (1 units), etc..

     Optional configurations:

     Optional configuration is the basic configuration, based on the specific requirements of the school, there are selective configurations: such as increased special components, or custom components; multiple sets of test-bed to share a high-power gas source; matching a computer, PLC expansion unit, or hand-held programmer and so on.

     School in the acquisition of pneumatic-PLC control laboratory equipment, it will be is to require a test-bed equipped with a gas source, or the entire lab to share a gas source. Gas pipelines and power lines have special requirements.

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