EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan

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EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan

    Human Resources & Affirmative Action Dept. 228 Phillips Hall, CPO #1450 One University Heights, Asheville, NC 28804 Tel: 251-6605, Fax: 251-6385

     EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan

    Evaluation Period from to






The purpose of the EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan is to evaluate EPA personnel

    performance, to link employee objectives to the University’s goals, and to enhance communication

    and performance coaching.

    Section I:

    Annually by June 1, supervisors shall review the overall performance of each EPA non-faculty employee by evaluating the employee’s effectiveness in each criteria of Section I-A. Section I-B provides space to record the employee’s professional

    development activities (e.g., workshops, courses).

Section II:

    Each year your division and department develop objectives to support the University’s progress in achieving one of its goals that has been selected for particular attention. Section II of the EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan provides space to

    record the Institutional Goal selected for emphasis during the next year and the Divisional and Departmental Objectives supporting that goal. The following sections ask you to describe the following: 1. Your PLAN OF ACTION What you will do during the next year specifically to further your department’s and division’s efforts in supporting the selected UNCA goal. 2. What CRITERIA AND PROCEDURES will you use to determine whether you have succeeded in carrying out your plan of action? You might survey student, faculty, and staff customers of your unit to determine if they are satisfied or you might identify a number of workshops to be given. In any case, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to measure success and how you’ll know if you’re successful. No matter how wonderful a job you do, you could never satisfy 100% of your customers. A reasonable measure of success might be that 75% of all student, faculty, and staff customers responding to a satisfaction survey found your unit’s performance “good” or “excellent. 3. How will you USE THE RESULTS of the assessment your plan? If you did conduct a survey similar to the one described above, what will you do with the results? A possibility would be to meet with your department to discuss results and consider any suggestions that may have come from the survey. 4. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES NEEDED It is possible, if not likely, that you, your department, or your division may not be sufficiently funded, staffed, or equipped to support the objectives. Needs might include part-time staff, more student workers, a particular piece of equipment, or training. This is the time and the place to communicate that to your supervisor.

    Section III

    Section III of the EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan is where you and your supervisor review your success in

    achieving the objectives previously established in Section II. It is important that both you and your supervisor recognize that plans are merely maps, hopeful projections of where we will go and what we will accomplish. The real world intervenes

    frequently. Needed resources may not materialize. More important tasks may interfere. What you did achieve is discussed in this part of the review as well as what may have kept you from achieving more. In Section III please answer the questions relating to

    the focus goal and your plan of action outlined in your work plan.

The final step of the evaluation conference is to begin planning for the next year. During this annual conference review, the

    supervisor and employee will discuss the University focus goal and repeat the planning cycle through the completion of Section

    II of the EPA Performance Evaluation and Work Plan.

Section I-A: Overall Performance of EPA Employee


    ? Meets Expectation 1. Leadership/Influence

    ? Needs Improvement Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals ? Unsatisfactory or groups to accomplish a task. Maintains group cohesiveness and


    ? Meets Expectation 2. Judgment ? Needs Improvement Judgment deals with the quality of decisions based on weighing ? Unsatisfactory alternative actions and making decisions based on given or available

    information. Exercises sound reasoning through reaching decisions

    based on given or available information toward the achievement of the

    goals of the University.

    ? Meets Expectation 3. Organizational Awareness

    ? Needs Improvement Displays clear understanding of University goals and services and link to ? Unsatisfactory departmental objectives and services.

    ? Meets Expectation 4. Initiative ? Needs Improvement Displays energy and initiates actions within the workplace in a timely ? Unsatisfactory fashion.

    ? Meets Expectation 5. Team Work

    ? Needs Improvement Understands and applies teamwork principles on the job. Actively ? Unsatisfactory contributes to accomplishment of team objectives and the success of


    ? Meets Expectation 6. Integrity

    ? Needs Improvement Meets work commitments and promises. Demonstrates honesty and ? Unsatisfactory respect in the workplace. Effectively represents the university on

    campus as well in the community.

    ? Meets Expectation 7. Diversity ? Needs Improvement Demonstrates and facilitates diversity awareness and sensitivity in order ? Unsatisfactory to build a department/division that is welcoming to all employees

    regardless of differences. Implements work procedures that are

    respectful of gender and cultural differences. Complies with established procedures for handling discrimination and harassment complaints.

    ? Meets Expectation 8. Customer Service ? Needs Improvement Develops relationships with internal and external customers while ? Unsatisfactory providing quality customer service. Understands and anticipates

    customers’ needs.

    ? Meets Expectation 9. Communication

    ? Needs Improvement Ideas and information are presented in a clear, concise and organized ? Unsatisfactory fashion.

    ? Meets Expectation 10. Performance

    ? Needs Improvement Effectively executes essential functions of the position. ? Unsatisfactory

    ? Meets Expectation 11. Knowledge of Work

    ? Needs Improvement Competence in field. ? Unsatisfactory

    Section I-B: Professional Development

    Supervisor’s Summary of Employee’s Performance

    Section II: Employee Work Plan for FY

    Institutional Focus Goal

Divisional Objective

    Departmental Objective

Plan of Action

    Criteria and Procedures

Use of Results

    Additional Resources Needed

Employee Signature / Date Supervisor Signature / Date

    Section III: Employee/Supervisor Review of the Employee Work Plan Note: Please attach additional sheets as needed.

    Institutional Focus Goal

    Were there any modifications to the Institutional Focus Goal during the FY?

Divisional Objective

    Were there any modifications to Divisional Objective during the FY?

Departmental Objective

    Were there any modifications to the Departmental Objective during the FY?

Plan of Action

    In reviewing the plan of action, what were the successes?

Did the plan require modification? How and why were these modifications implemented?

Criteria and Procedures

    Were the criteria met? Why or why not?

Did procedures require modifications? Again, how and why were these modifications implemented? What were the

    outcomes of these modifications?

Use of Results

    Were the results used as planned and was this use considered successful? As the plan unfolded and modifications implemented, did other uses for the results become apparent? Were any of these other uses put into

    place and were they considered helpful or successful?

Additional Resources Needed

    If additional resources were used, did the resources adequately meet your objectives?

Future Implications

    As a result of your work on this focus goal, did any systems/ideas/projects/resources needed emerge that would

    be helpful to the department/division/university to continue improving upon and/or maintaining the progress in this area over the past year?

Employee’s General Comments:

Supervisor’s General Comments:

    Check one:

    Updated Job Description Submitted: ? Yes ? No Employees Signature / Date

     Supervisor’s Signature / Date Job Description Reviewed: ? Yes ? No

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