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    Career Objective Short description of your current

    career objectives. If you are Be sure to include you Full Name applying for a specific job this most up-to-date contact XXX-XXXX should reflect the nature of the information! position for which you are ??(TODOUFUKENN), ??-ku, X- X- X ???-cho applying. If you are sending your Tel: XX - XXXX-XXXX / Email: resume speculatively, this should be a more general statement (2-3 Summary sentences). Brief summary of

    important/ relevant working experience/ Career Objective: skills/ achievements (3-5 To find a position in the translation industry which utilizes and further develops my points).

    Try to make sure the experience as a technical translator in the automotive field. points mentioned are of particular relevance to Summary:the job you are applying

    for. ? 5 years experience as in-house Japanese => English translator for Japan

    Automobile Co. Ltd.

    ? Extensive experience translating and proofreading technical manuals for a wide Basic company

    information, range of industries dates (including nd? Awarded 2 place at the 2005 Temp Universal translating contest months if

    possible), and

    position title

    Working Experience

    Japan Automobile Co., Ltd (Japan).

    July 2002 - Present Description This is a general description of your role at the company. Position: Translator * Not always necessary if job title is self-explanatory


    Translating technical documents such as manuals, specifications etc from Japanese to English.

    Responsibilities and Achievements:

    ? Co-ordination of 4 translators and 3 proofreaders collaborating on the user manual

    for the new model

    ? Ensuring all documents are translated on time and of a high quality

    ? Increased end-user friendliness of manuals through consultation with Japanese

    technicians to ensure the English versions are clear, concise and effective. Responsibilities and Achievements Brief summary of main/ relevant responsibilities and achievements (3-5 points). Try to use measurable achievements whenever

    possible: e.g. increased sales by 150% over a one year period. If Various (Japan) your duties are not measurable, try to find other ways to demonstrate September 2000 June 2002 them in a concrete manner: e.g. Increased end-user friendliness of Position: Freelance Translator/ Proofreader manuals through consultation with Japanese technicians to ensure

    the English versions are clear, concise and effective. Description:

    Freelance translation of a variety of documents in a wide range of industries. Major clients

    included: X, Y and Z

    Responsibilities and Achievements:

    ? Japanese => English translation of documents including technical manuals,

    contracts, press releases, business correspondence etc.

    ? Major projects included a 100 page technical manual for computer software, 50

    page catalogue for a semi-conductor manufacturer, 45 page advertising brochure

    for car manufacturer

     It is not necessary to go into a lot of detail about jobs which are from a long time ago and/or are

    not relevant to your current career choice. ABC English School. (Japan)

    September 1997 August 1998

    Position: English Teacher


    Teaching English to students of all ages and abilities

Responsibilities and Achievements:

    ? Planning lessons and evaluating students performance

    ? Assisted in creation of new business English curriculum

    Education If you are a University graduate it is not necessary

    to include education prior to your Bachelors

    degree unless it has particular relevance to the Education position you are applying for. Oxford University (U.K.) * Include University/ College name, Country,

    Dates attended, and degree obtained September 1998 June 2000

    MA Japanese Language and Literature

Columbia University (New York, USA)

    September 1993 July 1997 Language Skill BSc Engineering, Minor: Japanese Be sure to include your native language, Japanese

    ability and any other language skills. It is important to note the general level (basic, Language Skill intermediate, business level, native etc) and any English: Native relevant qualifications. Japanese: Business Level (JLPT 1, 2001.2)

    French: Intermediate (DALF C1, 1997)

     Other Skills and Qualification Other Skills and Qualification Include: computer skills, any qualifications or

    courses not covered in other parts of the resume MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Trados, HTML

Other Interests and Activities

    Japan Association of Translators (JAT) secretary, 2005-2006; five-a-side football

    Other Interests and Activities This section is optional. Include associations and

    groups relevant to your career and anything you

    feel adds a more rounded appeal to your

    personal image.

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