Business Letter Exercises

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Business Letter Exercises

Unit 2:


    1. We are an exporter specializing in/dealing exclusively in

    ceramic products.

    2. Our company has a wide range of /various kinds of carpets

    and other textile floor coverings available for export.

    3. We accept orders against/by customers samples, specified

    designs, specifications and packing requirements. 4. Please immediately quote/offer us your lowest price of your

    newest products, CIF Manila.

    5. We avail ourselves of /take this opportunity to inform you

    that we wish to expand our business into African market.

    6. We hope to receive your specific enquiry at an early


    7. Samples and quotations at favorable prices will be sent to

    you upon receipt of your specific enquiry.

    8. We enclosed/Enclosed please find our price list and brochure

    for our new products.

    9. We accept orders for goods with customers own trade marks

    or brand names.

    10. We are looking forward to your favorable reply. 11. We are one of the leading importers handling/dealing in

    electronic products in this area, and take this opportunity to

    contact you hoping to establish business relations.

    12. We have been in the line of/handled import and export of

    machinery and equipment for many years, and our products

    have enjoyed great popularity/a good fame/reputation in

    many countries.

    13. We owe your name and address to the Commercial

    Counselors office of our Embassy in Beijing/Beijing branch. 14. We have learnt that you are a manufacturer of daily

    chemicals. One of our clients/customers intends to buy

    cosmetics from your country. We would appreciate it if you

    airmail the catalogue and price list of the goods available at


Letter One: Self-Introduction

    Dear sirs:

    Through the courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo,

    Japan, we have learned that you have been supplying the best

    quality foods all over the world, and we are sure that there is a

    large demand for various foreign foods in our country. We are

    writing to you in the hope of establishing business relations with


    We are the largest food trading company in Japan, and have offices/branches/subsidiaries and departments/representatives in all major cities of Japan. We have imported a large number of foods from Europe and the U.S., so we have considerable experience in this field.

    We believe there will be a bright prospect/future/outlook for your products in our market. We assure you of our close cooperation at all time. For our credit standing, please refer to Bank of China, Shanghai branch.

    We look forward to your early reply.

Letter Two:

    Dear sirs,

    Your letter of November 21 addressed to our corporation in Shanghai has been transferred /forwarded to us for attention. As

    the items fall within the scope of our business activities, we shall be pleased to enter into direct business relations with you.

    We learned that your are one of the leading importers and wholesalers of Electronic Machinery and Equipment in Thailand.

We are an exporter of above lines of business over 40 years and

    now wish to export all types of electronic products to your


Our products are good sellers due to being superior in quality,

    novel in design, reasonable in price and excellent in

    craftsmanship. If you are interested in marketing/selling these

    products at your end, please let us know, and we shall be pleased

    to airmail you our quotations and samples soon upon receipt of

    your specific enquiries.

We look forward to your favorable reply.

    Unit 3:

    1. Sorry/Apologize for the delay of our reply due to the 7-day

    stthHoliday of Labor Festival from May 1 to May 7. 2. This company is an importer and exporter of various kinds of

    commodities, trading/dealing principally with India and


    3. We would appreciate any information with which you can

    furnish us in this respect.

    4. They have always provided complete satisfaction with

    punctual delivery, moderate prices, and superior quality.

    5. They have wide connections/business relations both at home

    and abroad and their financial standing is quite


    6. A credit in the sum you mentioned in your letter of Aug.6

    would seem to be safe.

    7. The firms difficulties were due to bad management and in

    particular to overtrading.

    8. We have every confidence in the honesty/

    integrity/uprightness of this firm.

    9. We should be glad to know if their financial

    position/standing is considered strong.

    10. They have the reputation of keeping their

    engagements/meeting their commitment promptly/punctually

    and fully/completely.

Unit 4


    1. Please quote us your most competitive prices FOB

    Shanghai and send us your quotation to.

    2. We are now calculating the lowest price from the factory,

    and tomorrow it will be emailed to you for your


3. We are now enclosing the pictures and specifications for

    each item and trust you can manufacture/produce them

    according to our requirements. Please quote us your best


    4. However, we need to obtain/get more information before

    making our final decision.

    5. If everything is possible, may we have your

    response/reply by 1 February.

    6. To give you more information about our company, we

    enclose our latest brochure for your reference. 7. We are desirous of establishing / anxious to establish a

    solid business relationship with you.

    8. Seeing your advertisement in a newspaper, we ask you to

    send us your latest price list, together with an illustrated


    9. In reply to your email of Oct.12, we are now sending you

    our brochure by separate post/airmail.

    10. If your quotations are acceptable and the machine proves

    to be satisfactory, we shall place regular orders with you.

    Letter 1:

    Dear sirs:

    Messrs. Brown Co. inform us that you are manufacturers of

    nylon bed sheets and pillowcases. We are interested in the goods and would like you to send us details of your various items, including sizes, colors, and prices and also enclose samples of the different material used.

    We are large dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced nylon bed sheets and pillowcases.

    In reply, please state terms of payment and discount you would allow on purchases of/orders for not less than fifty dozen of individual item.

Letter 2:

    Dear sirs:

    thWe are pleased to receive your enquiry of 15 January and

    enclose our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details you ask for. Also by separate post we are sending you a full range of samples and, when you have chance to check them, we feel sure you will agree that our goods are superior in quality, reasonable in price and excellent in craftsmanship.

    On regular purchases of not less than fifty dozen of individual

item we would allow you a discount of 5%. Because of

    endurance and softness in texture, our nylon bedclothes meet

    with warm reception. After studying our prices you will not be

    surprised to learn that we are finding it difficult to meet the

    market demand. But if you place your order before the end of

    this month, we would assure you of delivery within two weeks

    upon receipt of your order.

We draw your attention to our other nylon products, details as

    per our price list and look forward to receiving your first order.

Unit 5:


    1. The rates of export drawback will be reduced by 4% in our

    country after Jan.1,200x, and our prices will also be

    increased/raised accordingly. So, we hope you will accept

    our re-counter offer as soon as possible.

    2. As the market price is falling/dropping, we recommend your

    immediate acceptance.

    3. To be frank with you, we regret that your price seems to be

    on the high side. So may we suggest you allow a discount on

    your price, say about 6%.

    4. Thank you for your offer dated May 15, but we must point

    out that other suppliers in your area sent us more attractive

    quotations in which prices are 10-15% lower than yours.

    5. We have received a more favorable offer from your

    competitor, so please give us a discount, say 10% reduction

    on your price so as to start our cooperation.

    6. Besides, we want to stress again that our usual terms of

    payment is by D/P at 30 days sight which is our usual

    practice dealing with foreign suppliers.

    7. If it had not been for our good relationship, we wouldnt

    have made you a firm offer at this price.

    8. Could you please inform us of the quantity you need so that

    we may adjust our price accordingly.

    9. If you have taken everything into consideration, you may

    find our quotation lower than those you can get elsewhere. 10. I think it unwise /is not wise for both of us to insist on his

    own price, Lets meet each other halfway.


    Dear sirs:

    In reply to your letter of May 5, we are giving you a firm offer, subject to your reply here by 5 p.m. our time, Thursday, July27, as follows:

    Commodity: Boots for Ladies

    Specifications: More than 20 novel designs with dark brown or fresh red colors( details as per catalogue)

    Quality: Made of calf leather of superior quality

    Price: CIF Tianjin US$ 95 to 300 per pair according to various designs.

    Payment: Confirmed, irrevocable L/C payable by draft at sight to be opened 30 days before the time of shipment.

    Packing: at the buyers option

    Shipment: September

Letter 1: Sending a quotation

    Dear Sirs:

    We thank you for your letter of Feb.10, asking us to make you a quotation for mens shirts.

    We are pleased to inform you that the goods you required are

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