model resume and application letter

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model resume and application letter

Writing a Résumé and Job Application Letter


Example 1:


    27 Hawkins Road

    Clarksboro, New Jersey 08020


Professional objective A challenging position in the computer technology field.

Education 2004 to present: Rowan University, Glassboro,

     New Jersey 08028

     Degree: B.S. (in June)

    Major courses: Introduction to Computer Science?and?

     Data Structures and Algorithms ?and?

     Programming Languages

     Programming in Pascal

     Assembly Language

     Operating Systems?and?

Related courses: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics?and?



     Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

     Business Law

     Organizational Behavior

Special school project As part of a class project, I chaired a study group that

     advised a local business about the advantages of installing

     a computerized payroll system. We projected comparative

     cost figures, developed a time-sharing purchase plan, and

     prepared a budget. The fifteen-page report received the

     highest grade in the class.

Work experience 2004 to present: As a salesperson at Radio Shack, I am

     involved in sales, inventory control, repairs, and customer

     relations. I have designed a computer program that our

     store uses to demonstrate the multimedia aspects of a

     personal computer. This program, written in Visual Basic,

     demonstrates ways the Compaq Presario 5062 can be used

     in the home and small businesses.

     2004-2007: My temporary jobs included word-processing

     secretary, theater usher, and child-care aide.

Skills I am experienced in the following computer languages:

     C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, and COBOL. I have sales

     experience, am good with figures, am detail-oriented,

     relate easily to people, have initiative, and am dependable.

    Reference My references are available on request from Rowan

     University Placement Office, Glassboro, New Jersey 08028.

? Points to Note About the résumé

    1. Your résumé, along with your letter of application, is your introduction to a

    potential employer. First impressions count, to make the résumé neat!

    2. Proofread very carefully for sentences-skills and spelling mistakes. A potential

    employer may regard such mistakes as signs of carelessness in your character. You

    might even want to get someone else to proofread the résumé for you.

    3. Be brief and to the point: Use only one page if possible.

    4. Use a format like that of the model résumé. Balance your résumé on the page so

    that you have roughed the same margin on all sides.

    5. Note that you should start with your most recent education or employment and

    work backward in time.

    ? Your résumé should point up strengths, not weaknesses. Don’t include

    “Special Training” if you have had none. Don’t refer to your grade-point

    average if it’s a low C. On the other hand, include a main heading like

    “Extracurricular Activities” if the activities or awards seem relevant. For

    example, if Eric Kurland had been a member of the Management Club or

    vice president of the Computer Club in high school or college, he should

    have mentioned those facts. If you have no work experience related to the job

    for which you are applying, then list the jobs you have had. Any job that

    shows a period of responsible employment may favorably impress a potential


    ? You can list the names of your references directly on the résumé. Be sure to

    get the permission of people you cite before listing their names. You can also

    give the address of a placement office file that holds references, as show on

    the model résumé. Or you can simply say that you will provide references on


Example 2:

    David Warren 1823 Stackhouse Ln.

    Akron, OH 44301

    Home (817) 555-0021

    Office (817) 555-9010



A tenure track position in a well estabilished sociology department, which will allow

    for adequate time and funding to be directed toward research.

Summary of Achievements

    Rhodes Scholar

    1988 - 1990: Awarded two years of post-graduate study at Oxford University. Pursued the M.Phil in Social Sciences.

Gene Landis Award for Outstanding Teaching

    1995 & 1997: Selected by the student body of York College.


1999 - Present

    Assistant Professor, Sociology - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Taught such notable courses as "Intro to Sociology", "Sociology of Inequality", and "The McDonaldization of Society".

1995 - 1998

    Lecturer, York College, York, PA


Ph.D, Sociology, 1994

    Penn State University, State College, PA

    Specialization: Global inequality, sociology of marriage

M.Phil, Social Sciences, 1990

    Oxford College, Oxford, UK

B.A. Sociology, Literature 1988

    Cornell University

    Ithaca, NY

Selected Publications

    "Building More Prisons: Retribution or Rehabilitation?", American Journal of Sociology. Worthington Press, June 1995

    "Big Mac Nation", published in The Globalization Reader. Bretton-Woods Press. August, 1997.

Example 3:

    Tyler Hart

    723 South Beston St.

    Indianapolis, IN 46021

    (521) 555 - 0237



    A challenging position as a marketing and sales director with an opportunity for challenge and personal growth.


Directed and coordinated the successful launch of several key product lines in the

    competitive high-tech industry where quick movement from conceptual stages to

    market is essential.


Marketing Sales Director, 1995 Present Intel, Indianapolis, IN

    ? Coordinated marketing and sales efforts as well as overseeing development of

    new products.

    ? Lead a team of ten associates in developing and marketing several new product


    ? Designed a streamlined version of the antiquated customer feedback survey. ? Spearheaded successful product launches, resulting in added revenue of more

    than $5M in just twelve months.

Sales Manager, 1990 1995 Data Tech, Columbus, OH

    ? Directed sales and marketing operations within the high-tech sector. ? Responsible for conducting thorough analysis of consumer survey data and

    devising successful marketing strategies based on survey results.


B.A., Marketing, 1990

    Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


Available upon request.

Job Application Letter

    The purpose of the letter of application that goes with your résumé is to introduce

    yourself briefly and to try to make an employer interested in you. You should include

    only the high points of the information in your résumé.

     27 Hawkins Road

     Clarkboro, New Jersey 08020

     May 13, 2004

    Mr. George C. Arline

    Personnel Manager, Indesco Associates

    301 Sharptown Road

    White Plains, New York 10019

Dear Mr. Arline:

     I would like to be considered as a candidate for the assistant computer

    programmer position advertised in the Philadelphia Inquirer on April 28, 2007.

     I am currently finishing my degree in Computer Science at Rowan University. I

have taken every required computer course offered at Rowan and have a solid

    background in the following computer languages: C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, and

    COBOL. In addition to my computer background, I have supplemented my education

    with business and mathematics courses.

     My knowledge of computers and the business field goes beyond my formal

    classroom education. For the past two years I have worked part-time at Radio Shack,

    where I have gained experience in sales and inventory control. Also, on my own

    initiative, I designed a demonstration program for the Compaq Presario 5062 and

    developed promotional fliers about the program.

     In short, I believe I have the up-to-date computer background and professional

    drive needed to contribute to your organization. I have enclosed a copy of my résumé

    to give you further details about my experience. Sometimes next week, I’ll give you a

    call to see whether I can some in for an interview at your convenience. I look forward

    to speaking with you then.


     Eric Kurkand

     Eric Kurkand

Points to Note About the Job Application Letter

    1. Your letter should do the following:

    a. In the first paragraph, state that you are an applicant for a job and identify the

    source through which you learned about the job.

    b. In the second paragraph, briefly state your qualifications for the job and refer the

    reader to your résumé.

    c. In the last paragraph, state your willingness to come for an interview. If you can

    be available for an interview only at certain times, indicate this. As with you résumé, neatness is crucial. Follow the same hints for the letter that you

    did for the résumé

    a. Type the letter on good paper.

    b. Proofread very carefully for sentence-skilled mistakes and spelling mistakes. c. Be brief and to the point: Use no more than one page.

    d. Use the format like the model letter. Keep roughly the same margin on all side. e. Use punctuation and spelling in the model letter as a guide. For example:

    (1) Skip two space between the inside address and the salutation

    (2) Use a colon after the salutation.

    (3) Sign your name at the bottom, in addition to typing it.

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