Do satin hands to break the ice warm up the group

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Do satin hands to break the ice warm up the group

    Do satin hands to break the ice/ warm up the group. Pick foundation.

    The one that “blends away” will be “their” shade. Pick a look card based on her preferred lipstick shade.

    Introduce yourself, have others share their best thing about their day.” Your checkup facial will have more color and lots of free product when they share with friends. Can you get excited about free products?” I’m looking for three different things today-customers to take home the product, Hostesses to earn free product for

    introducing me to other fun women and new consultants to help me build this area. At the end we’ll talk about

    which fits for you. Place a lipstick in the center of the table. Tell group that throughout the class you will

    mention various reasons why women join MK based on the letters in lipstick. Whoever remembers the most

    will win the lipstick!

    L= love what you do! Are you excited to go to work everyday? brief “I” story Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Let’s begin by removing your eye makeup with the damp cotton ball. This gently removes even waterproof mascara and “eyelash mites” Tip: If you want to save time remove eye shadow only, not mascara. Eyelash Mites is a non-Mary Kay term, but we all have

    microscopic mites on our skin that thrive on dead skin and dried makeup. Isn’t it a comfort to

    know this will take these off for you?

    Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser we will cleanse, exfoliate & freshen in one step. Depending on your skin

    type there are 2 different colors of cleansers, pink for normal/dry, or gel for combination/oily. For

    those of you with the combo add a little water. Apply to your face with an upward outward motion.

    Isn’t it great to know that you can save time – while you use a formula with an exclusive patented

    complex that works with your skin to help reduce the visible signs of aging and give you softer,

    smoother, younger-looking skin, remove with warm wash cloth. How does your face feel? Insert Microderm here on back of hand or one side of the face using the product insert for details. TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer Please apply to right half of face only. We want to see the

    difference in your skin. Can you get excited about using a moisturizer that reduces the

    appearance of fine lines for younger-looking skin? This oil-free lotion delivers an emollient-rich

    treat for normal to dry skin. The combination to oily helps to absorb and control oil. At your checkup facial we’ll make certain we have the right formula. As moisturizer is drying I= Income! Do you have unlimited income potential? Could you go in to your supervisor and say I need an

    extra $200 this week and get it?

    Timewise Foundation

    Oil-free and lightweight, these remarkable foundations include the skin-loving benefits of

    vitamins, vitamin derivatives and botanicals. They also glide on for transfer-resistant wear that

    stays put. Can you see the advantage of protecting your skin from pollutants and irritants? This completes the TimeWise Skin Care Set.

    Do you see the benefit in cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin on a regular basis?

    Day & Night Solution squirt day on the back of left and night on back of right hand, rub in. Would you love to use a magic eraser? Day Solution with sunscreen SPF 15 helps protect the skin

    from damaging UVA/UVB rays. Night Solution releases a highly effective blend of vitamin

    derivatives from Nutribeads that overtime, will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This completes the Day/Night Solution Set P = Promotions! Can you give yourself a promotion and a raise when you want?

    Intense Moisturizing Cream or Oil Free Hydrating Gel optional whether you try on throat or just mention. These are new hydration products that you may sample on your neck area. Can you see

    the value of maintaining the proper moisture balance and of hydrating your skin for up to 10

    hours? The Intense Moisturizing Cream is for dry skin and the Oil Free Hydrating Gel is for Normal

    to Oily Skin.

    Indulge Eye Gel apply over foundation under eye and on lid on right eye only. Don’t you love the cool & soothing feel of botanicals & cucumber extract that will refresh your eye area?

    Time Wise Age-Fighting Eye Cream put over eye mask Isn’t it exciting to know that nine of 10

    women who’ve used this saw younger-looking skin with less noticeable wrinkles after just eight

    weeks? This cream dramatically minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it

    continuously delivers moisture for up to 10 hours. And brighteners and optical diffusers provide

    immediate radiance. Can you feel the difference? By your checkup you will notice a big one. MK Signature Eye Primer Have you ever felt like your eye shadows wear off quickly? Apply a

    small amount of our primer to the eyelid and brow bone of your right eye and blend using your

    fingertips. It glides on smoothly and is waterproof it keeps your color lasting longer without

    creasing or smudging.

    Satin Lips Mask - Apply to right side only- this is relief for dry lips. It exfoliates dull surface cells!

    Remove with your washcloth. S = Self Esteem & Self confidence! Do you receive recognition for a job well done?

    Satin Lip Balm - Apply to lips. It hydrates lip for up to 6 hours. Doesn’t it feel good??

     - This keeps lipstick- even lip gloss- from feathering and bleeding. MK Signature Lip Outliner PencilIt glides on easily outside your lip line, forming a clear barrier that keeps color perfectly in place.

    Can you see the merit in that? Allow to use on upper lip! T = Tax Advantages!

    Do you have great tax deductions?

    This is when you give your guests their “look cards” and have them apply their eye color, cheek color and lip color. Show as much color as you choose. Only the hostess gets pencils- eye and lip. Remember to tell the

    guests that you will spend more time with them at their “color” appointment helping them with the application

    and color tips. The ”ICK of lipstick is interjected during the color segment:

    I = Incentives! What was the last prize you were awarded?

    C = Cars! Will your company award you a FREE car?

    K = Keep It Simple! This business is really so simple! Step by step training & guidance. Have each guest go around the table and share what they like best about their new look, ask them how their

    skin feels and have the other guests give “positive” compliments as to what they like about each person’s new ndlook. This is a great place to mention more about their 2 appt or check up facial. Thank you so much for coming! I’m sure at this time, you probably have 4 questions…

    1. How does the product come? 3-in-1 Cleanser lasts 3-4 mos Time Wise Age Fighting Eye Cream

    2. How long does it last? AF moisturizer lasts 4-6 mos 6 - 8months

    Day/Night Solution - 3-5 months Satin Lips depends on use 3. How much does it cost?

    Mascara every 3 months 4. When do I get it?

Give everyone a Beauty Book. Read on page 6 about the percentages. Have them turn to page 16 and 17

    where the sets are shown. Read these or read right off the beauty book.

    Set one is our Timewise Set. This includes your Timewise Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Foundation.

    In Mary Kay, this is the only set that we do not break up. It comes together

    Set two is our Day/Night Solution Set. Added to our TimeWise Set, we call this our Miracle Set. Set three is our TIMEWISE Head to Toe Set. You will experience the ultimate in fighting time.

    TimeWise Body lotion delivers anti-aging benefits all over - while the eye cream dramatically

    minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Set four is our Basic Color set. Did you like the colors that we used today? We can customize

    your special look at your Check Up Facial. The compact holds 3 eye shadows, 1 cheek color, 1 lip

    color and your applicators. We’ll do another look at your checkup facial! Set five is our Finishing Set. This includes an eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, lip gloss, Eye Primer and

    Lip Outliner Pencil. This keeps lipstick from bleeding and fading.

    Set six is our Extra Care Set. This includes Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover remember the eyelash

    mites. You will choose either Intense Moisturizing Cream or Oil-Free Hydrating Gel for extra care to soothe and hydrate for beautiful results.

    Set seven is our Satin Set. This gives you relief for dry lips and super soft hands with the

    smoothness of satin.

    Set eight is the microdermabrasion is tucked over on page 16. our newest product!!! ***Now, please take out your pen and imagine if money were no object, circle the sets that you’d

    love to take home with you today! Let me share what my class special is today…please write this

    down in your Beauty Book. Romance the bag and hold it up! Show how each individual bag is velcroed.

    Ask the guests how many of them could get excited about looking and feeling this good everyday? Tell them

    how excited you are to present the Travel Roll Up Bag. This bag is valued over $412. Our special offer today for everyone attending our class is $299. You can customize your own bag by choosing 7

    different sets. YOUR SKIN can feel and look this way each and every day! (Have them write down

    412 then draw a circle around it cross it out and write 299). Other specials I have to offer are: Purchase 2 Sets, you will receive the third (lesser value) for ? price.

     Purchase 3 Sets, you will receive the fourth (lesser value) for FREE.

     Purchase 4 Sets, you will receive the fifth for FREE and can get your travel bag

    (Or you can offer the Create a Roll up handout if you prefer) Isn't it fantastic to know that you're in

    control of the amount of free products you'll receive? The most exciting offer I have to offer is:

    When you hold your follow up appointment/ Your check up facial and have at least 3 friends at your table, held by _____(within the next 2-3 weeks) on the original date - half of your purchase

    today will be your FREE PRODUCT GIFT! For instance, when you go home with 200 today you can

    get $100 for free!! (give each a half back coupon if you like when you individually close)

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