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    Anti-Aging Medicine

     A Paradigm Shift? Special


    Ten years ago, the new science of anti-aging medicine originated. It is

    an interesting story and a real story. Two colleagues of mine with an

    interest in changing the thinking of modern-day medicine, Dr. Ronald

    Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman, came up with a term anti-aging

    medicine, and their movement has grown to be a major force in medical practice today. .

     Anti-aging medicine is quite different from geriatrics. Geriatrics is

    managing diseases in the elderly. Anti-aging medicine is preventing

    and reversing degenerative diseases, and it is basically an aggressive

    preventive approach.

    The specific targets for anti-aging therapy are the degenerative diseases

    that affect us as we age. Foremost are heart and blood vessel diseases,

    heart attack and stroke being the major killers in this country and

    worldwide. Bone and joint disease is another degenerative disease that

    afflicts individuals as they age; there is an extremely high incidence of

    arthritis and traumatic joint problems. A major area for concern to the

    anti-aging physician (and the country) is the increasing incidence of

    neuro-degenerative diseases or brain aging. There has been an

    explosion in the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease,

    and dementia. This is an area where anti-aging medicine can produce

    remarkable results.

    Diseases of the eye, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and

    blindness are other areas singled out for prevention. And the two major

    disease states that are now a worldwide epidemic and are a prime area


for prevention and treatment are obesity and diabetes. Cancer, another

    leading cause of death throughout the world, is also a disease that is

    aging physician. And then there are many more targeted by the anti-

    disorders at the cellular level to be considered. Among these are certain

    factors in aging that I will cover in future Special Reports. They are:

    1. Chronic inflammation

    2. Glycosylation

    3. Fatty acid and balances

    4. Hormone decline and imbalance

    5. Oxidative stress

    6. Impaired DNA repair

    7. Immune dysfunction

    8. Endothelial dysfunction

    9. Telomere shortening

    10. Genetic predisposition (the longevity gene)

    11. Calorie restriction.

    The therapeutic options available to the anti-aging physician and to

    other practitioners are many. (I do not include only physicians, because

    many non-physicians have an interest in the movement and attend the

    American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine international meetings.)

    The therapeutic options include drugs, nutrients, surgery, gene therapy,

    stem cells, and other cellular enhancing anti-aging investigational items

    that will be discussed in the future reports. The main therapeutic option

    in my practice is a lifestyle changing approach . . . as follows.

     Is there really a way to stop the aging process? I very frequently point

    out in my lectures that in my practice I will encounter individuals of the

    same age chronologically, but with different physiologic ages. Have

    you ever seen two 70-year-old men (or women) . . . one appears to be

    90, decrepit, senile, and immobile, and the other is active, no evidence

    of memory loss or joint dysfunction, fatigue, or other degenerative

    diseases? Of course, there are genetic questions that are asked, but

    there are many influences that can affect your genetic predisposition to

    aging or longevity.

     There are certain populations or regions with a high incidence of

    people living to their 80s, 90s, and even into their 100s. It was reported

    recently from Sardinia, in the mountains where there are wine vineyards,

    that the people there who are nurtured by sunlight and fertile soil live

    into the 100s. It is hypothesized and shown with some scientific

    evidence that their longevity is the result of their ingestion of wine and grapes high in polyphenolic compounds. Longevity in other regions


    of the world is not as uncommon as you might think, and therefore it is a goal to be pursued realistically.

    I prefer many natural therapies in my practice and find that lifestyle changes are an aggressive, preventive, and therapeutic approach to disease states, reversing disease, and prevention. My program consists of diet, exercise, stress reduction, prayer, and nutraceuticals. I intervene with other therapies such as pharmaceuticals and surgical therapy when necessary. I have developed an entire program of Cardio-Nutrition,

    and I mention it because my specialty is cardiovascular disease. I have developed a nutraceutical program consisting of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids that are used along with diet and exercise to treat and reverse heart disease. The cardio-nutrition program also includes management of high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and hypertension. I have used and continue to use a large number of nutraceuticals or natural therapies for the management of degenerative diseases in my practice. In future reports I will discuss the immuno-enhancing and the anti-aging effects of nutriceuticals. Such nutrients include coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, pycnogenol, reversatrol, carnitine, DHEA, and Human Growth

    Hormone. Stand by for further updates in the area of anti-aging medicine.

     Frederic J. Vagnini MD, FACS

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