Unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories

By Irene Bryant,2014-11-20 09:35
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Unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories

    Unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories

    -- Xie Jing (Sherry)

    In July, I applied the G-YREP program. I thought it could be a very good experience.

    ndIt did. All the students taking part in the program got together on Oct. 2, we knew

    each other, but we didn’t know about each other. I was looking forward the studying in America. However, I am always uneasy for parting whenever, wherever I go. Because I don’t like parking and waiting for uncertain. What did they feel, I was not sure, and it might be exited but worried. Whatever, the meeting and talking with them let me forget the uneasy. This was the beginning of everything. The four weeks in America gave me a lot of things. I learnt about the America culture when I stayed with homestay and conversation club, I got used to listening and speaking English, I learnt to get along with each other, and I learnt about the attitude and methods the students from Stanford University and UC Berkley.

    The teachers from SAL were so patient and expert, they knew we were nervous and uncomfortable with speaking English, thus the teaching style were very flexible and relax. Elaine, the listening & speaking teacher, let us play some games to speak English, or simulate some conditions to play roles to exercise our listening and speaking. It worked very well. Ann, the grammar teacher, introduced a very good way to remember grammar, the songs. Those songs contained a lot of grammars, and they are finger-popping, easy to remember, and interesting. I liked them very much. She also let us exercise the grammar right after we learnt them, then we can remember them very well. Sometimes, the grammar were so different from the Japanese and Chinese

    speaking style, we had to struggle with ourselves and used the correct grammar. It was very difficult but very interesting. Darrell, the presentation teacher, I have to say that he gave me very deep impress. The introductions were very concise and useful. He liked to remind us the skills when we made a mistake. That is very good. We can remember it better. Karine, the Accent Reduction teacher, asked us to do short conversation with the content we just learnt, some words with the pronunciation “l” or “r”, some sentences

    with reduction, or how to use the intonations. I have to say that the conversations were so interesting and worked so well. Thanks to them, I obtained a lot during days in SAL, not only the knowledge, but also happiness and memories. Most time, the questions were related to our basic personal information, we knew each other little by little.

    The other meaningful and impressive experiences are Field Trips. These trips were arranged by Pro. Matsuo and Mr. Koga Tomoya. The laboratories and companies we visited were so good that I obtained a lot from the trips. The first week we visit a famous professor in Stanford University. He is a winner of Nobel. His lecture was very interesting. He told us his experiences and his thought about the things he had

    experienced. Each time when he met difficulties he didn’t quit or gave up but challenged them. A lot of things were new and fresh for him, but he decided to try by himself, no matter what the result was. At last he successes. Non-stop studying, creating, and challenging are what I really want to do. I think that is also the secret of success of Pro. James P. Collman. This was really good experience for me. I will treasure up, and press myself to go ahead.

    Four weeks, these students from different laboratories, we studied together, talked to each other, visited universities and companies, and made progress in English together. The feels, the thoughts are so impressed me. That I will not forget. It is really an unforgettable experience and memories.

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