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NewHorizonVLS4_Tapescripts of__ Unit2


    II. Basic Listening Practice

    1. Script

    W: Did you hear? Helen got modeling jib! Shes going to be sashaying down the


    M: Wow, thats great! All that walking practice really paid off. And foe once she

    wont be complaining about being so tall.

    Q: Why did Helen get modeling job?

    2. Script

    M: Julia, come and see the Miss America contest on TV. All those beautiful girls are

    walking around in bathing suits, so the judges can decide who has the best figure.

    W: Bah! Thats the worst kind of exploitation. They are treating women like toys for

    people to enjoy. I would never take part in this kind of contest.

    Q: What do the man and the woman think about the beautify contest?

    3. Script

    W: What shall I do? Im fat. I want to be slim and beauty, but Im fat. I’ve tried all the

    new ideas, high carb and low carb, but nothing works.

    M: Those diets are just fads, popular for a while and then forgotten. Just follow the

    usual diet with fruits, vegetables, fish, water, and get plenty of exercise. Before

    long youll see results.

    Q: What has the woman tried?

    4. Script

    W1: I think Lily is really attractive. Shes half Spanish and has this really sultry look

    about her.

    W2: That explains why she tans so well. Ive always been jealous of her skin color in

    the summer.

    Q: Which of following is true of Lily?

    5. Script

    M: Trust me, it was tight there on the Internet: Plastic Surgery Increasing at a Faster

    Rate Among Men. Apparently more and more men are trying to improve their


    W: I saw it too on the news. Face-lifts, nose jobs, and box to hide wrinkle are now

    very popular with men. Men say its for business reasons, but we know it’s vanity.

    Q: What does the woman think the real reason is that men have plastic surgery?

Keys: 1.B 2.A 3. C 4D 5B


III. Listening In

    Task 1: A Friendly Stylist

    Stylist: Morning, sir. This chair, please. What can I do for you?

    Nick: A simple haircut: short on the back and sides.

    Stylist: Very good. I can, of course, do something fashionable for only $60.

    Nick: 60 dollars! Thats highway robberytwice what I ordinarily pay. Stylist: Perhaps, sir. But your haircuts havent been in harmony with your character.

    Your hair is at war with your soul.

    Nick: Ive never heard of such a thing.

    Stylist: If I may say, Im an expert at matching hairstyle to personalities. Believe me;

    youre suffering a disjunction.

    Nick: A disjunction? What the devil is a disjunction?

    Stylist: Your hair does not match you.

    Nick: This is utter nonsense. However, Id like to hear how youd solve this so-called


    Stylist: Your character is artistic, imaginative. But your hair is dull. I can correct that

    imbalance in seconds.

    Nick: Okay, let me see what can you do about theuhdisjunction, as you call it. Stylist: Were going to use scissors to create peaks, which well keep in place with a

    liberal helping of gel.This tuft in the back well braid into a pigtail. Now, its the

    new you!

    Nick: I love it. Its just like me: imaginative and artistic. Now what are you doing?

    Whats wrong? Dont you see harmony in my new hairstyle?

    Stylist: Something’s preventing your hairstyle from being a true fashionable


    Nick: For heavens sake, tell me whats missing.

    Stylist: Streaks. By putting in a few yellow streaks in your hair, it will become a work

    of art. Streaking will cost you more, but Nick: Do it. Forget the cost. But, by the way, what is the total getting to be? How

    much am I paying to avoid disjunction?

    Stylist: Thats$135. Sir? Sir, are you all right? Oh, he fainted.

1. When the stylist mentions $60, what does the customer say?

    2. What does the stylist think about the customers hairstyle? 3. What will the stylist do with the customers hair? 4. What will streaking do to the mans hair according to the stylist? 5. What is the passage mainly about?

Keys: 1C.A 3.D4.B 5.A


For Reference:

    1. It means there is no match between you and your hair.

    2. Thats$135. Sir? Sir, are you all right? Oh, he fainted.

Task 2: The Voice Lift


    After the face-lift, the forehead tightened, and the (S1) nose job,

    something still might be revealing your age: your (S2) voice. For patients who think their trembly, hoarse words dont (S3) match their newly face and figure, theres a procedure that claims to make

    them (S4) sound younger too: the voice lift.

    There are two general kinds of voice lifts. In some cases, implants (S5)

    inserted through an incision in the (S6) neck bring the vocal cords

    closer together. Doctors also use injections of (S7) fat or other

    substances to plump up the cords, so that the voice sounds younger.

    (S8) The voice lift is becoming more widely known among an

    aging population, who try to make themselves sound


    I speak in a great deal, or I was shouting, on a particular day, at the

    end of the day, I would feel exhausted, said Robert Brown, 75, (S9) a retired construction engineer who underwent the voice lift

    several years ago, I dont know if I sound younger, but the

    hoarseness is gone, which is such a great improvement.


(S10) Voice lift can also benefit people like performers,

    lawyers, teachers, and telephone operators who need to have

    a strong voice and hope to shave years off the sound of their voice.

    Task3: A View of Happiness Script

    Men are turning to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to brighten up their

    appearances at a faster rate than women, according to a survey released on


    Mens use of fat injections to soften deep wrinkles leaped 47 percent last year from

    the previous year. Womens use of the injections fell 36 percent, according to a survey

    by the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons.

    Mens use of botox injections to eliminate frown lines rose 88 percent, while womens

    botox use fell 8 percent.

    And for smoothing skin, the use of laser resurfacing among men rose 13percent, the

    survey showed. Meanwhile, womens use of laser resurfacing dropped 38 percent during the same time period.

    The number of men getting nose jobs rose 47 percent, while the number of women

    doing so rose 5 percent.

    Typically, men and women visiting plastic surgeons for cosmetic reasons were age 40

    to 59.

    The study said 44 percent of men and 57 percent of women tell their doctor that

    looking younger is the reason they are choosing cosmetic surgery.

    By about 18 percent, men are more likely than women to say they want facial

    cosmetic surgery for work-related reasons.

    The study was conducted by written questionnaires from January 20 to March 3

    among more than 2,600 members of the association, who focus on treatment of the

    face, head, and neck.

    By comparison, in the previous year, womens use of botox rose 60 percent while mens fell 14 percent; womens use of laser resurfacing rose 13 percent while mens

    fell 19 percent; womens use of fat injections fell17 percent and mens fell 54 percent.

    1. What is true of men and womens use of fat injections? 2. While of the following is true of nose jobs?


3. How much greater is the percentage of women choosing cosmetic surgery to look

    younger than the percentage of men?

    4. What is true of men and women using botox in the previous year?

    5. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

Keys: 1C 2.C3. B 4.B 5.D

IV. Speaking Out

    MODEL 1 Shes having some cosmetic surgery.

    Amy: Did you hear Noras off to Korea?

    Bill: why is she going to Korea?

    Amy: She is having some cosmetic surgery.

    Bill: Im floored! I thought she was beautiful already. Amy: I know what you mean. Shes having her nose fixed.

    Bill: Was it broken?

    Amy: No, stupid, shes having it made smaller.

    Bill: If she wasnt beautiful already, I could understand getting

    surgery. But she already has a nice nose.

    Amy: But not a fashionable one. Shes also having her teeth

    straighten. She wants to have a perfect smile.

    Bill: What for?

    Amy: She believes a better physical appearance will improve her


    chance of getting a good job.

    Bill: We wont even recognize her when she gets back.

MODEL2 I think I need a face-lift.


    Susan: Hey!

    Amy: Hi! Dont you know anyone whos had cosmetic surgery?

    Susan: You mean like a liposuction? I dont think thats necessary. Thats not the way a woman should stay attractive.

    Amy: Honestly, I wont go as far as that. With surgery, I might look gorgeous, but it

    wouldnt be the real me.

    Susan: Yeah, people should be happy with the way they are. Amy: I see your point. But Im worried about the wrinkle around my eyes. I think I

    need a face-lift. Why cant we go back to the way things were? Susan: Because…I dont know! But, Amy, you wouldnt do that, would you?

    Amy: Darned right I would! I dont expect my skin to be baby-smooth, but I should

    at least be young-looking.

    Susan: Isnt makeup enough?

    Amy: Come on, Susan. Be open-minded! Look at my eyes! They’re puffy. And my lower lids are dark and loose, and full of lines and circles. I really hope surgery can

    wipe out the tired look.

    Susan: But what would other people think?

    Amy: I dont care other people think. Im already for a lift.

MODEL3 How did you find the plastic surgery there?



    Susan: How was your trip to Korea? How did you find the plastic surgery there? Nora: It was all pretty scary at first.

    Susan: As I see it, they certainly did a beautiful job for you. If I hadnt recognized

    your clothes, I wouldnt have known it was you! Nora: Tanks, but underneath this surgery, its still the same old me. Susan: Well, why did you want the surgery after all?

    Nora: If I want to be competitive in the job market, I think this is indispensable. Susan: How can you say that! You dont need to change your looks to get a good job.

    Anyway, shall we get some lunch?

    Nora: Im not hungry, really Im not.

    Susan: Did you already have lunch?

    Nora: Im skipping lunch. I want to stay in good shape. I think Im getting a bit too

    fat already.

    Susan: Oh, Nora, dont be so silly! Youre not fat at all, and you need to eat. If you

    dont eat, youll get sick and wind up in hospital. Nora: Ok, maybe I could eat a little. I do want to stay healthy.

Now Your Turn

    Task 1


    Sally: Hi, John, nice to see you here.

    John: Hi, sorry, your name escapes me momentarily

    Sally: Oh, Im Sally. Dont you recognize me?

    John: Now I see, youre Sally! You have changed beyond recognition!

    Sally: I had cosmetic surgery.

    John: Im confuses! I thought you were good-looking before.

    Sally: My nose was rather flat. The bridge of my nose wasnt high enough. So I got

    my nose fixed.

    John: Thats absolutely unnecessary. I can also see your eyes have changed a lot.

    Sally: Yeah, my single-folded eyelids have become double-folded. John: What else did you do?

    Sally: I also have my teeth straightened. I felt uncomfortable about my uneven teeth

    whenever I smiled. Now I think I have a better smile.

    John: Why do you have so much surgery?

    Sally: I believe a better physical appearance will help me land a better job.

    John: Nonsense. Most employers are more interested in your practical ability than


    your looks.

V. Lets Talk


    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I hope youll find it interesting how to be

    fashionable without spending too much money.

    Sure, some famous stars always look stylish. They have unlimited clothing budgets

    that put the latest looks at their fingertips! But you can also look amazing without

    spending lots of money on your wardrobes. Simple try the following suggestions on

    for size.

    First, you should make seasonal purchases; that is, you should buy winter coats,

    leather jackets, bathing suits, ad summer dress at the end of the season. Youll get major discounts as you stock up for the next year.

    If you want clothes to wear right now, you can go to discount stores. They may not be

    the place to buy an expensive evening dress, but theyre perfect for buying things like


    There is yet another cheap way of you to buy stylish clothes. Many department stores

    have a store brand. It means they offer current styles but are much cheaper than

    big-name brands.

    To save money, an important principle for you to follow is to not buy outfits. With the exception of suits, interchangeable piece are more affordablebuying clothing in separate.

    Wear-with- anything pieces are always a good buy. For example, you can almost

    always wear a pair of black trousers and a white dress skirt; you can wear them

    several times a week, paired with different accessories.

    If you cant afford expensive clothes, you can spend money on accessories such as

    nice shoes and fashionable bags. Such extras make even the simplest outfit look


    Finally, a great haircut always helps. When you hair looks fabulous, you look more

    stylish and fashionable.

    Money-saving Methods Detailed Description seasonal purchases You should buy things at the end of the

    season. Youll get major discounts, and

    you’ll be stocked up for the next year. discount stores Theyre perfect for buying things like


    A store brand Stores offer current styles that are much


    cheaper than big-name brands. Dont buy outfits Buying separates is much more


    Wear-with- anything pieces You can almost always wear a pair of

    black trousers and a white dress skirt; you

    can wear them several times a week,

    paired with different accessories. spend money on accessories Examples are nice shoes and fashionable

    bags. Such extras make even the simplest

    outfit look polished

    a great haircut You look more stylish and fashionable

    with a nice haircut.

VI. Further Listening and Speaking

    Task1: Beauty Contests and Plastic Surgeries


    Juliana Borges, who was named Miss Brazil early on Tuesday,

    had plastic surgery four times and underwent 19 smaller

    operations. She was just one of many competitors who were

    determined to improve their appearance through surgery.

    Plastic surgery make me more beautiful and gave me

    confidence in myself and the perfect measurement that won me

    this title, said the beauty queen in a green dress, who was

    representing Brazils southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul.


Borges, 22, had liposuction and had her chin, nose, and ears

    worked on, as well as, had her breasts enlarged.

    With the development of plastic surgery, more and more of

    Brazils would-be beauty queen are finding it easier to achieve

    the ideal measurements. These days, young hopefuls from the

    Amazon jungle to big cities in Brazils south are planning


    A third of the 27 finalists at the beauty contest went under the

    scalpel after rules were changed in the 1990s.The new rules

    permit plastic surgery, colored contact lenses, and hair dye at

    beauty contests.

    The organizers of the Miss Brazil contest said, Its a war out

    there, and all of the beauty tools that can be used should be used.

    Other countries like Venezuela paved the way, and Brazil is

    going to have to use those tools as well if it wants to compete in

    Miss University beauty contests.” But Brazils love for plastic surgery is not limited to beauty

    contests. Most young women who undergo surgery want to find

    a better man or a higher-paying job.

1. How many surgical operations did the former Miss Brazil

    have altogether?


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