Diet and Beauty

By Scott Wood,2014-05-16 01:05
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Diet and Beauty

    Diet and Beauty

    Marisa Roque (aka Socs Garcia, AB ’72)

    Most diet gurus these days preface their advice with this timeworn adage: You are what you eat.

    Conversely, beauty mavens dispense the same advice. Hmm. Two sets of professional advisers spouting the

    same ideaand making tons of money into the bargainmust be worth a look or two. In 1999, I picked up the book Age Protectors, Stop Aging Now (ed. Edward Claflin, published by Prevention

    Books). Being female and of a certain age, ―anti-aging‖ steps were mandatory if not yet equal to life extension measures pour moi. I don’t know about you, but being alive holds a certain appeal for me, but being alive AND

    healthy AND not be too wrinkly or decrepit looking into the bargain? Wow. Count me in!

    As you can imagine, I devoured Age Protectors from cover to cover: actually, it started my voyage into the

    stormyand sometimes confusingsea of anti-aging discoveries, ranging from the why-didn’t -I think- of

    that variety to the downright intriguing. You bet I ordered Prevention’s Age Erasers for Women (by the

    Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books and the Rodale Center for Women’s Health) as soon as I got the

    flyer in the mail! No, I don’t get a commission for flogging these publications, but I recommend them highly.

    Turning fifty was a watershed event for me. Staying alive for half a century, despite health issues and other

    challenges, was no minor feat. So I sallied off to Chapters to see what else was out there that would help keep

    me six feet above ground, and look and feel great, in spite of cell breakdown and the law of gravity.

    What I discovered on the shelves in several bookstores was mind boggling. There were rows and rows of books,

    magazines, and newsletters devoted to the subject. Keeping the aging demon at bay has spawned a multibillion

    dollar beauty industry, with backward and forward linkages to even more industriesfood, fitness, leisure and

    travel, nutraceuticals, nip-and-tuck and botox clinics. Keeping the aging female body electric is big money.

    And let’s not even go to the men’s side.

    There are tons of research now available that prove the good stuff you take into your body shows on your

    outside, not to mention keep your organs ticking and healthy. Authors like medical doctors Andrew Weil and

    Nicholas Perricone, and Paula Begoum, among others, became my personal panel of experts. Andrew Weil’s books Eight Weeks to Optimum Health and his other bestseller, Healthy Aging, took up permanent residence

    on my bedside table, together with Nicholas Perricone’s Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone Prescription (A

    Physician’s 28-Day Program for Total Body and Face Rejuvenation), and of course, to gild the lily properly--

    Paula Begoum’s The Beauty Bible.

    So what exactly does a body need to do to keep young, healthy, and all pistons firing-- without having to take

    out a second mortgage?

    The experts are unanimous: water, fiber, good fats, healthy protein, lots of fruit and veg, regular sleep, lots of

    rest, nutritional supplements, and last but the most importanta happy and positive outlook on life. And pick up the books I cited above from your favourite bookstore. And actually read them and follow what they

    suggest, instead of having them serve as glorified paperweights.

    Actually, there’s one more extremely important activity that the experts claim will keep you young if you make it a part of your routine, but this newsletter will be read by the good SSpS nuns, so…my lips are zipped!

    Copyright 2007 Marisa Roque

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