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BG02-008 September 9th, 2002

    The Canadian International Sniper Concentration (CISC) was designed to develop skills and maintain the proficiency of snipers in the Canadian Army. The event was also opened to Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies and invited teams from international armies, which gives participants the opportunity to examine recent doctrinal changes, discuss new technological developments in equipment, and exchange ideas with snipers from around the world.

    The concentration is hosted by the Combat Training Center’s Infantry School, which is required to conduct sniper training for the Army, and does so with 4 instructors who form a sniper cell in the school. They oversee all Basic Sniper courses in the Army and instruct the Sniper Detachment Commander’s Course and Advanced Sniper Course on alternating years at the school.


    This year, 20 teams from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom will participate in the concentration. Canadian teams will come from:

     The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR),

     Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI),

     Western Area Training Center (WATC),

     Royale 22er Régiment (R22R),

     Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP),

     Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and

     Montreal Emergency Response Team (ERT).


    Each sniper team will participate in a series of realistic events, which have or could reasonably occur in an operational environment, and will be expected to analyze each situation and select an appropriate course of action. Afterwards, the teams will have the opportunity to discuss with other participants the most successful methods used to prevail in the given situations.

The following basic sniper skills will be tested:

    ; Stalking. Each team will be required to stalk into a final fire position.

    ; Field Firing. Each team will be required to fire (with primary, alternate and backup weapons) at

    different targets at unknown distances between 10 and 800m. A long-range event is also included,

    testing the sniper teams’ ability to engage targets between 1200 and 1800m with the Long Range

    Sniper Weapon.

    Information/Renseignements: (506) 422-2000 2466 / 3634

     After hours/Après les heures de travail: (506) 447-9711 / 447-9056

     Fax/Télécopieur: (506) 422-1442

    ; Navigation. Each team will be required to navigate using any military sniper issued equipment


    ; Advanced Shooting. Each team will engage (with primary, alternate and backup weapons) targets

    of various speeds at known and unknown distances by day and night.

    ; Communication. Each team must be able to effectively communicate information to his

    counterpart in order to effectively describe targets, distance, etc.


At the end of the concentration, the following Last year the awards went to snipers and sniper

    awards will be presented: teams from the following units:

    Top Team overall First 2 R22R

    Second 1 R22R

    Third 2nd Bn 29 Inf Regt (US Army)

    Top Shot Number One (Sniper Rifle) 2 R22R

    Top Shot Number Two (Security Weapons System) 1 R22R

    N/A - event will run for the first time this year Top Shot Long Range Sniper Weapon

    Top Team Pistol Top Shot pistol - 2nd Bn, 29 Inf (US ARMY)

SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEMS currently used in the Canadian Army

    (“System” denotes a trained sniper as the operator, using the equipment issued.)

    ; Long Range Sniper Weapon System (LRSWS) McMillan Tac .50

    The McMillan Tac .50 has the capability of engaging targets between 600m-2000m, and can

    provide commanders with surgical single round reductions of targets such as command vehicles,

    light reconnaissance vehicles, observation posts, logistic vehicles, indirect fire systems as well as

    heavy weapon systems, and other critical equipment that is typically well-guarded and difficult to


    The LRSWS is complemented by a wide choice of munitions for various tasks including anti-

    personnel, anti-material, and barrier penetrating.

    ; Medium Range Sniper Weapon System (MRSWS) C3

    The C3 Primary Sniper Rifle is capable of neutralizing the enemy even when equipped with

    ballistic/ceramic body armour at ranges beyond those of normal small arms with precision

    accuracy in situations requiring highly accurate fire to minimize the risk of collateral damage. It is

    capable of producing long-range precise fire at ranges out to 800m and beyond.

    ; Marksman Rifle System (MRS) C7

    The C7 is a versatile scoped 5.56mm rifle that allows long-range precision accuracy out to 600m

    when firing single shots. It is also used to provide security for the sniper team.

    Information/Renseignements: (506) 422-2000 2466 / 3634

     After hours/Après les heures de travail: (506) 447-9711 / 447-9056

     Fax/Télécopieur: (506) 422-1442

Information/Renseignements: (506) 422-2000 2466 / 3634

After hours/Après les heures de travail: (506) 447-9711 / 447-9056

Fax/Télécopieur: (506) 422-1442

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