By Shirley Tucker,2014-05-20 13:34
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In my mind these are some security problem in Changsha.

    Firstly I want to say the busy traffic especially when people are going to work or knock off. I think its leaded by more and more people living

    in Changsha. And maybe the street cant change quickly as peoples

    increase. More building should be keeping on. So the government should think over when a building was supported to be build. And look on it in a long sight.

    Secondly the pickpocket often appears on the bus or street. Many peoples pocket was picked by them. But I have never heart of them were caught by policemen. I think the policemen should to catch them in secret. Foe example they can disguise themselves in buses or street. I think its

    easy to catch the pickpockets.

    The lastly somebody shoot people to rob money. Its the worst in

    society and it makes people in danger. So everybody should help policemen in searching. You must let policemen check your luggage when in the bus station, so it can stop something dangerous transport to elsewhere and people can in safe.

    If the things I said have been done I think Changsha will become more and more beautiful. People will also like to go to Changsha to live or travel.

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