101 Summer Party Ideas - Not sure if this has been passed around

By Matthew Miller,2014-08-12 22:21
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101 Summer Party Ideas - Not sure if this has been passed around ...

    Not sure if this has been passed around already yet or not, but received from my sponsor so thought I would pass it on!

    Here are lots of creative ideas for summer parties, will get you thinking.

    Thanks to Heidi Scott for sharing these wonderful ideas of 101 Summer Ideas from Shannon Warner! Hope you enjoy these fun Summer tips!

Shannon Warner's 101 Summer Ideas:

1. TAKE A BREAK WITH ME…. (Daphne Hallman, Senior Director) Arrange to

    have a break time show at an office. Attorneys, Realtors…use your imagination. Set up

    an Ice Cream break…bring in ice cream bars or build a giant sundae, put scoops of ice cream in your Ultimate bowl on your Linden House tray table…set all the toppings out beside it in your bubble bowls, bell jars, fluted bowls, etc…invite the employees to hear

    you talk about great ways to entertain in the summer…offer to help them out by doing a quick party for them a their homes, sharing with friends and neighbors. Many times people that work outside the home would like to entertain if it was easy and stress FREE….If you make your presentation short and sweet at the office, they’ll be likely to book a show at their homes.


    Director) Throw an end of the year thank you party for your child’s teacher. Invite the

    entire class for a “get ready for summer party” featuring our Southern Living At Home products. Your child’s teacher will receive the hostess benefits as an end of the year thank you from her students and their families. Wrap up the Dress Me Up Plate as a gift with a message, “Relax and Enjoy Your Summer Off!”

3. DECORATING IN COLOR… (Holly Hammonds, Director) This summer, teach

    your guests how to decorate in color and have a theme party- “Fruits and

    Flowers”. Think strawberries, kiwi, oranges, lemons, limes, etc… Now think about tulips, daisies, azaleas…the colors that you have in your yard and work with fruits.

    4. GOING ON VACATION? (Lori Springer, Director) Write that trip off! Be sure to plan parties at any of your summer destinations that you can. Visiting your sister in Boston ? Schedule a party with her and her friends. Focus on sponsoring. Tell the gals at her party that if one of them joins your team and becomes a consultant, they can have any parties that you might book that evening. Meeting friends at the beach? Take along some catalogs, and order forms for your friends to take back home and do catalog shows. Wear your name tag in Destin or Colorado or wherever you venture. (They look fabulous on swimsuits!) Carry catalogs in your beach bag and in your see-through purse. Leave catalogs in airplanes, in the gate areas, on your beach chair at the resort. Be as thoughtful and intentional this summer as you have been this spring.

5. MOTHER/DAUGHTER THEME PARTY: (Lynn Chandler, Two Star

    Director) You can host one at your own home or of course at a hostess’s home, who

    either has a mother alive or a daughter to do this with. One of my greatest joys is to share my business with my girls. In May, I am inviting many friends over who have daughter’s Haley and Lindsey’s age. My girls are going to demonstrate some simple and elegant

    centerpieces. We are also going to have a crash course on table setting. I am going to teach them how to set the table from head to toe! I love hostesses who invite their Moms. Last year, I did this party. The hostess’s mother was there and I read a poem that

    Lindsey wrote for Mimi’s service in honor of her. It meant a lot to me to share that day

    with Lindsey.

    6. SIMPLICITY: (Crystie Ham, Director) Ask your potential hostesses when they anticipate having family or friends in for summer visits. Their home will already be clean and they can boost their party attendance by having a party when they have extra friends and family around. Or, offer hostess the ideas of tagging a party onto something she and her circle of friends are already doing-“Why don’t you just invite everyone over

    for a quick show after swimming lessons or a simple lunch after Bible school?”

    7. BEAUTY SHOPS: (Angela Canale, Senior Director) Offer to buy a subscription to Southern Living in exchange for a party or setting up a small display in their shop.

    8. GARDEN PARTY: (Cindy Zook, Two Star Consultant) One idea I have been playing around with is to have a “Southern Living Garden Party” theme. The ladies

    could dress as “Southern Belles” with hats, etc., and the party could be held outdoors. Of

    course, you would feature our indoor/outdoor items such as the Editor’s Choice Urns,

    Linden House Tray, Whimsical Plant Stand, etc. For refreshments, mimosas or mint juleps (something similar would suffice.) A purchase feature could be a special price on the St. Charles Wall Bucket and one of our Teardrop Cloches or Whitewashed Urns…

    9. SMALL ORGANIZATIONS: (Wendy Hurst, Director) Small organizations are always looking for free speakers at their monthly meetings. Call your local MOMS club and offer your services. Take the Simple Flower Arranging book and do a flower arranging demonstration. I did the one with the conservatory using a mixed bouquet of flowers from Home Depot for $5.99 and a small chunk of oasis (you don’t need that fancy little cone thing!) Then I also took the Arrange It Easy vase and a bouquet of tulips. When I was doing my arrangement, I asked one of the moms in the audience to come up and put the tulips in the vase demonstrating how easy it is with no formal floral arranging training. It was a hit. I will also be doing an Easy Entertaining presentation for the Moms. You can demo a simple cake on the Jackson Cake Stand. This gets your name out in the community and will probably help you book shows. If they are booked for the upcoming months, ask them to call you if they have a last minute cancellation.

    10. HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL FALL: (Donna Fischer Faust, Director) I am going to book 4-6 shows within a two week time frame for June and July because of Xcaret, Convention, and then a 10 day family vacation. Last year, I would have just let it go and have 1 or 2 shows each month, but I have definitely seen the “pain” from being out of touch with my customers for several months. (Donna just had Baby 3) Even

    though it will be a tad crazy, I want to book strongly for fall. The only way to do that is to have a solid summer.

    11. SUMMER SPECIAL FOR TRAVELERS: (Janet Rafalovich, Star Director) Put together a summer special for travelers. Summer Garden Note Cards, Travel Candles, First Light Devotional. Give as a gift to your traveling friend packed in our adorable Faux Leather Treasure Chests. They look like little suitcases… (Am I reaching?) Also,

    don’t forget to bring a little something to your friends when traveling, especially if you are staying in their home. A set of Charleston Coat Hangers for their guest room, The Decorative Tile (as a kitchen trivet) with a trio of our jams wrapped in cellophane, or a pressed tin bucket draped with one of our dishtowels and your favorite Southern Living Cookbook tucked inside.

    12. SUPER SUMMER GARGAGE SALE : (Michelle Contreras, Director) Tag all the contents of your kit, as well as any additional product that might be “lying” around to sell. Give a 10% discount off of the product amount, with an additional 15% if they book a show. Do the sale in your drive-way or front lawn. Make it a “family affair”. Let your

    kid’s set up a lemonade stand and have coffee and donuts available. Have your husband

    help you take orders. At the end of the sale, you take the “Hostess Rewards” and restock your kit. So let your hair down, throw your jeans on, and get outside and sell!

    13. NEW NEIGHBORS: (Lynne Wach, Director) New neighbors always are moving in during the summer months. I will have a new next door neighbor soon. I stocked up on Gail Pittman tumblers. Have them filled ? ways up with sand and added water, carnations or tulips. A nice arrangement to say, “Welcome” or on your own kitchen table for color. I am partial to the color green. It’s a fun way to brighten up your table or sink

    without taking up too much room. Then they may ask…”Where did you get that cute glass?”

    14. SHOPPING SPREE!!!!: (Liz Mullen, Director) You make a grid of squares, assign a dollar amount of $4.00 on 32 squares, and that equals $128 (a party). You would have the hostess sell the squares. The hostess would get the $15 booking coupon for her trouble. When all of the squares are sold and everyone has a name put on them, you cut the squares apart and pull the name our of the Ultimate Bowl. That person would have a shopping spree! I think this would work for a hostess who is trying to boost her sales with outside orders.

    15. BACKYARD ENTERTAINING: (Jennifer Brandenstein, Director) Recently, I have been announcing at my parties that in May I would be doing my “backyard

    entertaining” theme party. I think making it sound like a limited opportunity really increased my bookings-they wanted it! May is now completely booked and by popular demand, I will continue to do it in June. Maybe July and August will be Mexican Fiesta theme parties-inspired of course by our trip to Xcaret!

    16. APARTMENT COMPLEXES: (Aimee Woolverton, Director) Offer to hostess a Saturday Pool Party at a local apartment complex. Tell them that you will give the

    hostess benefits to the office staff if they will let you put flyer invitations in everyone’s mailbox. If you do it on a Saturday morning, it won’t be too hot and you might be able to combine it with the monthly breakfasts that many apartment complexes offer. TIP FROM SHANNON: My husband, Mark does a lot of breakfast events for ad agencies around Dallas . He serves Krispy Kreme donuts and bills it- “Krispy Kremes and

    Southern Living- Two Southern Classics” These events are ALWAYS well attended.)

    17. VACATION CHALLENGE: (Ann Brodette, Senior Director) I was thinking that so many people are transplants and go home over the summer. How about encouraging catalog parties and offering a VACATION CHALLENGE, by arming the hostess who is going back home with catalogs, order forms, and a subscription to Southern Living magazine Tell them to find someone that the party can be shipped to and will be willing to deliver the products. In exchange for their friends help, they will give their friend a one year subscription to SL magazine. The incentive to the hostess is of course free products she will get for collecting the orders but also do something like a raffle. Everyone who participates in the VACATION CHALLENGE and gets at least $250 in orders will get their name thrown in a hat, and on a specific date at the end of the summer, they will have a chance to win a Jamestown Tray!

18. SUGGESTION! S FOR JUNE BRIDES: (Lynne Wach, Director) another “theme”

    to add could be dressing up our products for the new June brides. Acanthus Centerpiece with our kitchen towels and Harvest Pear Trivet. Jamestown Tray with Amber Stemware and Wine. Twirly Twig or Pressed Tin Bucket with Ribbon and Tag saying, “Welcome to the Jones’s. Est. 2003” Ornate bookstand and Dress Me Up plate with same message

    as above. Davistown Magazine Rack filled with bath goodies and towels.

    19. BLUEBERRY PICKING (Shannon Warner, Senior Director) Summer is so special and it is the perfect time to make lasting childhood memories. We go blueberry picking in June. Walker ’s Blueberry Farm is about 30 minutes from McKinney and blueberries are ready and ripe. Our Blueberry Muffin Mix and Flowerpot kits are a perfect fit with fresh blueberries. Save the pots to make individual servings of baked beans for your outdoor barbecues.


    A PICNIC BASKET. Basket 1: Americana Wall Bucket with linens rolled up, Jamestown Tray with hot dogs and hamburgers, belljars for candles or condiments, whimsical plant stand with bucket for a drink caddy, Americana flag holder or citronella candle torch. Basket 2: Italian/Tuscan basket. Amber stemware, bottle of wine, wine book, travel candles in Jingle Bells, Twirly Twig Wall Bucket to hold sandwiches, French Quarter tray with brie and fruit, Sassy Spreaders, Rosedale Plant Holders for napkins, breadsticks or utensils, and an Alexandria Container for additional servings.

    21. DAYTIME PARTIES (Mary Chieppor, Director) I have done some daytime parties…have the hostess hire a local high school student who’s off for the summer to babysit for a couple of hours during the party. Send the kids to the basement with snacks

and a movie and you’re good to go. I have had good turnouts because mothers don’t

    have to find babysitters.

    22. PATRIOTIC PARTY (Vanessa Evermon, Director) What an awesome time of year when we have so many patriotic holidays coming up to show our support and appreciation for the country we live in-Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day!! Get ready for these holidays by decorating with our Americana Yard Stake, Americana Wall Bucket, and our God Bless America book. I would decorate my entire kit in red, white, and blue/DMU plate with flag ribbon, flags and flowers coming out of my Iron Art Conservatory , Alexandria Container with red potpourri and white candle with blue ribbon. I can’t wait!

    23. SCHOOL’S OUT (Jill Christian, Director) have your teacher host a “School’s Out” theme. I have two teachers that are doing parties this summer because they wanted to wait until school was out before they did one. So that will be a great group (fellow teachers) for them to invite and a great theme. We will be doing these parties soon after school let’s out so they will still have a captive audience. As far as what to do at the

    party, the list is endless: 1. Do a drawing for discounts on their order (10% to 20% off) 2. Do a drawing for one of our past specials. 3. Free gift if you bring a friend (travel candle, spreader tied with a mini cookbook) 4. Free gift in you HOST party in the summer (I use past customer specials for these) 5. Even set a date to do something at the school in the fall to assist them with their holiday shopping and offer specials then. Teachers love food and discounts so these are ways to get them to a party. Then they have the time to relax and enjoy one another’s company and the pressure of school is off.

24. WELCOME WAGON: (Daphne Hallman, Senior Director) Hold a “Welcome

    Wagon” Show in your neighborhood or a surrounding neighborhood. Ask those you

    know to invite a new neighbor…Make a big deal about where everyone is originally from. Have everyone share their traditions from their hometowns and then share some of Southern Living Traditions…Set up your display in a Wagon if you have one…Focus your presentation on welcoming items and lasting traditions.

    25. SUMMER AND SENSIBILITY: (Susan Mock, Star Director) This is not big on the creative end-just sensible. I LOVE to work in the summer. It is the slowest time for my family, so the easiest to arrange (school age kids). I focus my summer bookings on professional women with older kids. They also have more time in the summer and not always out of town or busy with VBS, etc. I also don’t have cancellations and the hostess

    can plan her schedule accordingly. I focus on gardening and outdoor entertaining.

    26. MOMS IN SHIFTS: (Connie Ashburn, Senior Director) Host daytime parties and have everyone bring their children. Divide up the Moms and do your parties in shifts. Have half the Moms watch the children first, while other Moms are shopping and visiting, and then switch. Everyone gets a play date, a little visit with friends, and time to shop.

    27. GIFT THE GRADUATE: (Candace Bassett, Director) this is an idea for an outing with a mom and child to come for a celebration luncheon, snacks, ice cream or whatever you have in honor of their friend, their child, the graduate. They could be “graduating”

    from preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college, even PhD. Have cute ideas out for each (we have something for everyone). The invitation could even have a cute certificate in it if the guest chose to fill in an amount for their “graduate” to get to spend at a SLAH celebration.

    28. “FIRECRACKER OF A SALE” (Janet Rafalovich, Star Director) Get more BANG FROM YOUR BUCK with $1 off of every item you purchase. (Consultants can make up losses by combining orders and saving on shipping.)

    29. BECOME A QUEEN OF FUNDRAISERS (Janet Brown, Star Director) Many women’s organizations have brunches and teas during the summer months. Consultants

    can contact them and offer to have them choose a charity of their choice. At their function, set up and sell. Donate a portion of the sales to their charity in lieu of the free merchandise the hostess would have received.

30. MARGARITA MADNESS (Marci Deering, Director) Use the Hemingway

    Hurricane to serve. Salsas in wavy bowl on top of the carousel candleholder. Sassy spreaders in the Acanthus Votive holders that has sour cream and guacamole. Chips in the middle. Use the goblets for glasses served on the Jamestown Tray. I think I may try this myself!

31. SMART SNACK MOM (Elizabeth O’Neill, from the Bee-lievers Team) My son is

    in T-Ball this year and each Mom has to take a turn for refreshments. There are tons of people there for the games aside from my son’s team. So, when it is my turn for snack

    I’m going to make something cute from the Kid’s Cookbook and set up a mini display right there on the bleachers. I will have catalogs and Party In A Bags there. A lot of us have summer sports leagues, groups, or activities we or our children are involved in so why not make the best use of our time. You could even do the same kind of thing when meeting a group of friends at the pool…set up where everyone, nor just your friends, can see your goods and advertise while you play.

32. BRING YOUR DATE (Michelle Moran, Director) Invite the husbands, to a “bring

    your date party”. I am finding the wives are asking their husbands what they like in the catalog before they purchase.

    33. MULTIPLE HOSTESS PARTY (Anne Alaimo, Senior Consultant) This is a party I have done previously. There were 7 hostesses. Their only job was to talk it up and to email me addresses and phone numbers. I hand wrote in their names where it said, “Your

    hostess is ___________.” I am doing the food and margaritas. They have to get a $250 minimum. For that they get $25 in free merchandise and 1 half price item. (The rest works like a regular party.) I am going to probably put in the orders separately so that each hostess can get the hostess special. When each person comes in, we will ask them who their hostess is and put that persons name on a slip of paper and put it in a

    bowl. The more people you get there the more chances for your name to get picked. I will do several drawings for the hostesses. A $15 booking coupon, ? priced item, hostess gift from me, etc. Several of the hostesses know each other so I will also give them the option of combining their parties, i.e. 2 hostesses do $500, if they combine, they would have $1,000 and their percentage would go up to 20%.

    34. A TASTE OF SOUTHERN LIVING (Julie Golla, from the Tiger Lilies Team) It’s a cookbook party. We are going to prepare recipes from several of the cookbooks and have a tasting party. I’m thinking about sending out recipes to each attendee and let them

    participate (there will be prizes) and of course everything will be served in Southern Living dishes and the tables will be decked out with all kinds of ideas.

    35. OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING - North Carolina style! (Cindi Flanagan, Star Director) I plan to use the Acanthus Votive Centerpiece for a condiment caddy for the table. The Conservatory for holding napkins, utensils, etc. Everything will be decorated with gingham ribbon or fabric. My centerpiece is going to be our triple candleholder. The two ends will hold a cantaloupe or melon hollowed out. Take miniature cookie cutters of stars and moons and cut the shapes into the two melons. Put votive candles in them for candlelight. The middle cantaloupe or melon hollowed out will hold flowers. My Editor’s Choice Urn is going to be tipped over on its side with a bowl half in, half out that can hold a salad.

    36. SUMMERTIME FAMILY TRADITIONS: (Tiffani Harris, Director) Last summer, I used the Summertime Family Traditions presentation several times. I would have the people write their favorite summer family traditions on the CCC cards and then I would pick them up at the end and read them off. I also used Suzanne Hollon’s idea to create a

    Family Traditions Top 10 and put a magnet on the back. I put my name and number on the bottom that they could use it as a reminder on their fridge to make some wonderful memories with their family that summer. I also included our lemonade recipe which is absolutely WONDERFUL if you have not tried it.

    37. PHONE SALE : (Lori Grimes, Two Star Director) Have an anniversary Phone Sale. One day only. Credit cards only. Call on specific day and receive 15% off your entire order. Draw one name for the Mystery Hostess. Book a party for the next month and receive ANY ITEM for ? price.

    38. SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY: (Maureen Rasmussen, Director) The hostess will create a guest list of her friends and the birthday girl’s friends. It will have to be a

    surprise to the birthday gal; she’ll think she is just going to a regular SL party. At the

    party I can decorate with a birthday theme, hostess can make a birthday cake and I can decorate the flower pots with sand and birthday candles. At the end of my presentation, I will light the candles and inform the birthday gal that she is the hostess for the night. How great is that? She gets to pick exactly what she wants to get for her birthday and everyone gets to shop for themselves and give the perfect gift at the same time! Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

    39. BEACH BASH OR LUAU PARTY: (Carmen Ryan, Director) Use a grass skirt to line the edge of your table. A solid color plastic lei fits perfectly around the Hospitality Collection Dinner Plate (use it as a charger). Fill the Hemingway Hurricane with a candle, shells, sand (or the Ultimate Bowl). Use a beach towel on the table as fabric for color. Use the small Bell Jar Candleholder to hold your plastic ware wrapped in colorful napkins and tied with raffia or cute ribbon. My daughter has a ponytail holder with flowers all the way around it. You could use it to decorate the outside base of the historic bell jar to wrap it with flowers to continue the theme.

40. GRANDMA’S SURVIVAL NIGHT: (Ashlynn Bourque, Director) This is for the

    grandchildren’ s summer visits. Must haves for Grandma: Cooking for Kids Cookbook,

    Red Sassy Stool, and you might even throw in the Prayer Bear for good measure for homesick kiddos!

41. SUMMERTIME REWARD SYSTEM: (Shannon Warner, Senior Director) As

    Moms, we all have “things” that we are working on with our children. Two summers ago,

    we were working on potty training, tying shoes, making our beds, etc. I took about 15 empty fill able acrylic balls (you can buy them from your craft store) and I filled each ball with a colorful piece of paper (hot pink, lime, yellow, and orange) and one small trinket or piece of candy. Each ball was tied up with the same color of ribbon (hot pink, lime, yellow, and orange). On the paper, I picked out 15 family night activities- i.e. “Movie Night”, “Family Night Sleepover in the Living Room”, “Chuck E. Cheese”, etc. I put all of the balls inside the Iron Art Conservatory with a large ribbon and a flower on top. I placed it in the center of our kitchen table. It looked like a giant gumball machine. On Sunday night, Madison and Savannah got to open one “gumball”. If they

    worked on their specific things all week, on Family Night (Friday night) we got to do the activity they selected. We had a blast that summer and made some progress on some life skills at the same time.

    42. SUMMER STOCK AND SAVE: (Lisa Pearson, Southern Magnolias team) Invite your customers to do their gift shopping early and offer to store the items for them until the time they are ready to be given. Keep their information in your planner to notify them a week or so in advance so they don’t forget! Offer an incentive like…if

    they place their order before Labor Day weekend they will get a surprise gift (you choose what!) when they retrieve their items from you.

43. BACKYARD BAREFOOT PARTY: (Suzanne Hollon, Star Director) Have

    everyone kick their shoes off at the door, have the show on the back porch, give backyard entertaining ideas and the door prize is a toe ring!

    44. PARK AND SHOP: (Shalini Pickett, Sassy Shamrocks Team) Do something casual at the park. Neighborhood kids and their moms are always at our local park. Kids can play while the Moms shop.

45. MOMMY AND ME COOKING SCHOOL: (Donna Williams, Director) I would

    invite mommies and kids to my house (ages 4 and above). I would pre-select the recipes

    from Cooking for Kids and then ask each Mom to bring an ingredient to contribute to my recipes. Of course, I would use our bake ware and might even incorporate some of our food products and mixes. My idea is to make this an interactive project for the moms and kids (and me!) to do together. I love the hand print cookies in the kid’s cookbook

    because they can copy their hand prints, bake them, and then decorate them however they would like. TIP FROM SHANNON : Have a Room Mother trace the hands of all the students in your child’s class. You bake the cookies and ice them. With white icing,

    write each child’s name across each hand. Add a note that says, “Thanks for touching

    our lives.” Give this to your teacher as an end of the year, Teacher Appreciation Gift.

    46.GARDEN CLUB MEETINGS: (Jennifer McCloskey, Bee-lievers Team) Call your local garden club and offer to give a class on decorating with fresh flowers, using Southern Living at Home items, of course!

    47. “PARTY IN A BEACH PAIL” (Meredith Harris, Sassy Shamrocks Team) Instead of making “Party in a Bags” around Easter, I made “Party in a Bucket!” I bough those $1

    plastic Easter buckets from Target and filled them with the paperwork and carrot shaped bag of Reese’s pieces. I put the $15 booking certificate in a small treat bag shaped like a bunny or a chick. They looked really cute. For summer, I thought I’d get some of the

    those plastic toy beach bucket sets, put my paperwork in them and tie the $15 booking certificate to the handle of the shovel. I’ll put some kind of summer treat in too. (Flower

    cookie on a stick?) TIP FROM SHANNON : Wal-Mart sells these beach pails for $1.

    48. BOY SCOUT THEORY: (Kristin Belcher, Star Director) Be sure to be well equipped with catalogs, flyers, and brochures when going on vacation. You never know when you might have an opportunity to put a flyer up on a bulletin board, leave a catalog, or share the opportunity. I have heard stories of consultants who have sponsored the person next to them on the plane!

    49. VISITING OUT OF TOWN FAMILY? (Michele Riddle, Star Director) We all visit our out-of-town relatives over the summer. So when you are planning your trip, call your relative and ask her to hostess a party. If she can’t or won’t, ask her to please refer you to

    one of her friends so that you can at least hold one party while you are gone. I do this every time I go visit my Dad, and my cousin knows that every summer she or some in the family is having a Southern Living At Home party-it’s a summertime tradition! Not only

    do I get to reconnect with all of my family at the show, but I also get to write off my trip as a business expense. Out of town shows are a great way to build your team across the country.

    50. SOUTHERN LIVING AT HOME TEA: (Lisa Little, Director) Enjoy the warm summer weather, spend an afternoon with girlfriends, sipping tea and viewing all the wonderful products offered by Southern Living at Home. This is a great way to get us California gals into the “southern spirit”. How about giving the hostess a few recipes out

    of our cookbooks to serve and use a few of our signature products to display them on. I think Tea sandwiches would look great on our Two Tiered Stand.

    51.RELEASE PARTY: (Michelle Wheelis, Sassy Shamrocks Team) For the new Fall Catalog, I am having a Movie Themed “Sneak Preview”-RELEASE PARTY for the

    release of the fall catalog. I am inviting all former hostesses and any recruits…I am

    sending invitations on Movie Reel Paper…There will be incentives to come see who won the OSCAR for best Hostesses Spring ’03…probably giving away OSCAR prize to the hostess f! rom the previous catalog that had the largest party…perhaps a Hospitality

    Bowl with popcorn and free movie tickets, etc. (TIP FROM SHANNON : This is such a great idea! There is an Oscar Night Menu in “Holidays and Celebrations” , a SL book we used to carry. Great menu ideas.)

52.PICNIC CENTERPIECE: (Francie Watson, Olga Yang’s team) In the Acanthus

    Votive Centerpiece, place the GP Siena Napkins, and Siena tumblers, and turn it into a picnic basket complete with hamburger and hot dog buns. Add ketchup and mustard bottles (the small refillable red and yellow bottles) in the votive holders.

    53. COOKIES AND CRAFTS (Heather Ciaramitaro, Director) Make some of our cookies from our cookbooks/some of our cookie cutters and have the kids decorate them while Moms shop. Have a sugar cookie mix as a door prize.

    54.ENTERTAIN! (Laura Creeden, Star Director) You are in the HOSPITALITY business, so why not ENTERTAIN??? ? Are you using your own products to decorate your home? I know I have! Invite neighbors, acquaintances, or your children’s friends and their parents over for a pool party, ice cream social, brunch, or backyard barbecue. They WILL ask where you got your beautiful accessories and you can tell them all about your FUN business, give them catalogs and BOOK PARTIES!!

55. IT’S THE AMERICAN WAY ! (Natalie Kirschner, Star Director) I will be

    having a Patriotic Party theme in both June and July. With each purchase of the Americana Wall Bucket, Americana Yard Stake, and/or God Bless America book, I am donating 100% of my profits to Operating Homefront here in California which is supporting families of our California troops overseas. Another great organization to support is the USO!

56. SUMMER “LOVIN’”, HAD ME A BLAST! (Rachel Rushton, Senior Director) The

    summer: It’s worth it to work it! I LOVE to see my hostesses eyes when I tell them how much they’ve earned for free and half price…I LOVE to call my customers to hear how much they’re enjoying their new purchases…I LOVE to share our business with others so they can consider how SLAH might fit into their life…I LOVE to help new consultants in

    their start up phase…I LOVE to watch the personal fulfillment and financial rewards that SLAH brings to their lives…I LOVE earning an income that has exceeded my wildest dreams and allowed me to do for our family and others more than I could ever possibly imagine. I LOVE what we do: why on earth would I want to miss a week, a month, much less an entire season of all this?!?

    57. MOM AND TEENAGER NIGHT OUT: (Hilleri Abel, Star Director) This would be with a close group of friends. Send invitations about 1 month before scheduled

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