to read the news release - ___ supports the Supreme Courts 9-0

By Sean Wood,2014-05-07 21:51
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to read the news release - ___ supports the Supreme Courts 9-0


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    NetCoalition Supports Targeted Supreme Court Decision in MGM v. Grokster

    Decision reaffirms landmark Sony Betamax Ruling

    Preserves ability of innovators to invent

NetCoalition supports the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in MGM v.

    Grokster. The Court announced a targeted approach, which protects the innovation,

    design, manufacture, routine support, and distribution of technologies while preserving

    the ability of copyright owners to protect their works by finding secondary copyright

    infringement for persons who actively induce infringement.

The Court’s decision was consistent with the neutral amicus brief filed by NetCoalition,

    the Digital Media Association, the Information Technology Association of America, and

    the Center for Democracy and Technology, which urged the Court to vacate the decision

    of the Ninth Circuit and remand the case to the lower court to determine whether

    Grokster et al. actively encouraged users to infringe copyrights using its technology.

“The Internet business community applauds this decision. It preserves the ability of

    innovators to continue to develop new technologies and services, while protecting

    copyright owners’ ability to protect its content from piracy,” said Markham C. Erickson,

    Executive Director and General Counsel of NetCoalition.

“This decision should pave the way for Internet companies and the entertainment industry

    to collaborate on new and exciting ways to lawfully distribute content to consumers,” said Erickson.

At this same time, NetCoalition expressed its expectation that lower courts will not apply

    the decision overbroadly. “Hopefully, lower courts will focus on 'purposeful, culpable

    expression and conduct' articulated by the Court and not accept the inevitable invitation

    by some plaintiffs’ attorneys to engage in litigation fishing expeditions that chill the

    development and distribution of new interactive Internet services and technologies,”

    cautioned Erickson.

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    NetCoalition serves as the public policy voice for some of the world’s most innovative Internet companies, including Yahoo!, Google, AskJeeves, CNET Networks, and Bloomberg.

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