By Peggy Robertson,2014-01-26 17:55
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    Advantages of Information Technology

    Today, information technology has penetrated almost every aspect of society. Personal computers, cell phones, fax machines,

    papers, emails and the internet have all become an integral part of

    our very culture. Some people may think that information

    technology is too overpowering and brings a lot of shadows to

    modern society. However, I believe that information technology

    brings more “sunshine to our life and its advantages are

    self-evident as follows.

    In the first place, it has brought about globalization. IT has not only brought the world closer together, but it has allowed the

    worlds economy to become a single interdependent system. This means that we can not only share information quickly and

    efficiently, but also bring down barriers of linguistic and geographic

    boundaries. The world has developed into a global village due to

    the help of information technology, allowing countries like Chile

    and Japan who are not only seperated by distance but also by

    language to share ideas and information with each other.

    In the next place, communication has become cheaper, quicker, and more efficient with the help of information technology. We are

    able to communicate with anyone around the global by simply

    text-messaging them or sending them an email for an almost for an

almost instantaneous response. The internet has also opened up

    face-to-face direct communication from different parts of the world

    thanks to video conferencing system. Besides, information

    technology is also conductive to bridge the cultural gap. It helps

    people from different cultures to communicate easily with one

    another, and allows efficient exchanges of views and ideas, thus

    increasing peoples cultural awareness and reducing their prejudice

    towards each other.

    Last but not least, IT has made it possible for businesses to be open 24x7 all over the global. This means that a business can be

    open anytime anywhere, making purchasees from different

    countries easier and more convenient. It also means a more

    convenient life for common people. For example, one can have

    his/her goods delievered right to his/her doorstep without having

    to move a single muscle.

    To sum up, IT has provided us with lots of convenience. By listing them, I dont intend in the least to say that there are no

    defects attached to information technology. Like all the other things

    in the world, information technology is not perfect either. It is a

    double-edged sword and how well it can serve human being

    depends on what we use it for and how we apply it.

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